How to sell Android App and Generate Profit

How to sell Android App

We live in a world where Android applications are everywhere around us. There is hardly any company or business right now in the world that does not use mobile phone applications. Different companies and businesses use different kinds of Android applications to fulfill their needs. Efficient and proper Android applications are always in demand these days. We live in a world where the majority of people are not tech-savvy. Many people do not know how to create an efficient Android application. AppsGeyser is an effective platform that provides necessary templates for creating Android applications.  Creating an Android application from different templates is a very easy process. The user only has to drag and drop certain components and fill out the necessary fields. The user can even preview the application to see the desired results in action. After creating the desired application, the application can be sold to generate profit.

6 Tips to Sell Android App and Generate Profit

Many different options are available for selling an Android app and generating profit. A person can sell the Android application independently.  There are plenty of websites available over the Internet that can be used for selling Android applications and generating profit. Basically, an application can be sold in the following ways:

  1. Sell an Android app on Google Play store

Google Play store is one of the best application platforms currently. The community of Google play store is increasing day by day. Selling an application from Google play store is one of the direct methods of sending an application safely. Google Play store developer have the opportunity of publishing both free versions of the application as well as paid versions of the application. Keep in mind, if you are going to sell a paid version of the application, 0hen the application must provide a very high level of service and must meet the requirements of the target audience. If you created a paid version of an application and users like to use your application then congratulations! You have just unlocked a way for making a profit from the application. This method of creating profit is not very easy. For making a paid Android application, proper research has to be done for exploring the niche of the application and generating the best solution for the problem.

  1. In-app purchasing

In-app purchasing is mostly used for applications such as games and other applications that are created for the purpose of entertainment. In-app purchasing option is typically used among the free Android applications. The user will download a free version of the application and while using the application to improve the experience of the user, he can buy certain stuff and items within the application. The developers usually offer the basic functionality of the application for free and for the advanced utilities they offer in-app purchasing. This option of In-App purchasing can be used for any kind of android application.

  1. In-App advertisement

According to some statistics, 49% of the Android mobile phone applications contain an In-App advertisement. By using the option of in-app advertisement, a developer can publish his application over the play store without any cost. If a person uses a single line “this application contains no in-app purchases ” in the description of the Android application, then this line alone can lead to a huge number of downloads of the application. A few key factors should be kept in mind while using the in-app advertisement. These key factors are as follows:

  • Mobile advertisements should be used in moderation.
  • Advertisements should be displayed on the screen in proper size.
  • The advertisement should not impact the user experience in a negative way.
  • Developers should design the Android application in such a way that users should be given rewards for watching the advertisement. One typical example of this scenario is that imagine you are playing a time-based game and by watching the advertisement the time of playing the game increases. In this way, developers can get revenue from their applications at the same time.
  1. Create subscription model

Create your Android application in such a way that you provide more specific functionality to the subscribed users. Prompt your users to subscribe to your application for unlocking more benefits. Different kinds of benefits such as coupons, discounts, and different campaigns can be offered to the subscribed users for a minimum amount of fee.

  1. Find sponsorship for your android application

Many different benefits are associated with the sponsorship of an Android application. Sponsorship usually covers different aspects of the Android application. These aspects include the marketing, development, and design expenses of the Android application. As a result, sponsorship increases the revenue of the Android application.

  1. Sell the source code of your Android application.

This step involves using different websites that can be used for selling Android applications. Different Android source code marketplaces are present for selling the applications. Some of these Android source code marketplaces are as follows:

  • Sell my app:

This is one of the best android application source code marketplace. Different kinds of niches are present for Android applications. They offer a buyer source code protection for 14 days.


This website is also one of the best websites for selling the Android source code. The users will have to sign up to the website. the users will sync their account and their applications with In the next step, an application listing will be created for the users. The users will have to negotiate with different kinds of buyers for selling their applications. The users will complete the transfer process for the android application and they will get paid according to their demand.         

If anyone wants to sell his application via Play Store, he has to follow the following steps: 

  • In the first step, the person will buy a developer license from the Google play store. This step costs an amount of $25. This fee is one time and it gives access to a developer account.
  • In the next step, generate a signed APK version for your Android application. By creating the signed APK, the Play store listing is created. This step leads to the publication of the application over the play store.
  • The application will go live over the play store and now the user will market his application. Different kinds of marketing strategies should be utilized to get more active users for the application. The revenue generated by the application is directly proportional to the number of users of the application.

If a person selects the option of “Selling the source code of Android application separately”, Then the application in question must be unique and helpful for the users. For selling an Android application separately, it should address any important user problem and resolves it properly. A user will have to research potential buyers and certain people who require his application. By searching the potential employers, the application can be sold to third parties and profit can be generated from the application.   

What is it that you will be selling?

If anyone is going to sell the Android application, then he will sell the APK file of the application. APK File is a package file format that is used by the Android system. For making an APK file, any program of the android platform is first compiled and in the second step, it is packaged together in the form of an APK file. All the code of the program is stored inside the APK file. The standard extension for the APK file is .apk. Appsgeyser Offers different kinds of templates for creating Android applications. Any person can create different kinds of Android applications by using the Appsgeyser platform.  Appsgeyser Provides the users with the APK file of the application. The APK files can be sold by any user to generate profit from the application. By using the Appsgeyser platform, the template of the application remains the property of the Appsgeyser platform. The user will get the application’s APK file.


A variety of different options are present for selling an Android application and generating profit from it. One of the direct ways of selling an Android application is to publish it over the Google play store.  Different kinds of strategies such as in-app advertising, in-app purchasing, using a subscription model, and finding a sponsor for the Android application can greatly help in selling an application and generating profit. If a person is selling the Android application separately, then it means that the person is selling the APK file of the application. By using the Appsgeyser platform, A person can easily get the APK file of the project and sell it according to his requirements.    

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sell an Android App?

To make money from your Android app, you charge for downloads on Google Play, sell an advertising space, premium features, or sell your APK and source code.

Where can I sell my Android app?

Sell Android app on app markets like Google Play, Amazon App Store, Use special matketplaces for selling apps and source codes. The most popular ones are Fliptopia, Sell My App.

How to sell APK?

You can sell your APK and source code on special marketplaces like Fliptopia, Sell My App. Or use broker services like