How to Get the Most Out of Play Store SEO

Play Store SEO

When you have competition with thousands of apps on the app stores, how can you say that your app development process is completed? The rapid change in technology and competitor strategies have brought us to a point where we have to continuously manage our app even after its launch on the Play Store or other app stores.

When a user searches for a specific key term, let’s suppose a 2048 game, he/she would write that in the search box and there will be thousands of results after clicking the search button. How your 2048 game can be differentiated from other apps? Here comes the role of Play Store SEO.

It helps you get to the top of the search charts and make an impact on the users. As a user, you will definitely download and install an app that is in the top search results because their reputation is believed to be a good one. Let’s see why it is much important to implement App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies, which is a sub-branch of SEO in your apps.

How Can Play Store SEO be Effective?

When it comes to app stores for the Android platform, Google’s Play Store proves to be one of the most authentic ones. There are almost billions of users of this store because the Android platform alone holds about more than 85% of the mobile user’s market share.

Your app might be the best one in your category, but until it’s recognized by users, it worths nothing. If users are searching for similar types of apps like yours but cannot reach out to your app, there are some serious problems with the optimization strategies.

It will not be fruitful for you if you do not implement any SEO/ASO strategy because it is the only way through which your app is represented to the users. If the app store is encouraging your app itself by listing it to the top of the search results, you don’t need to worry about anything then.

The more you focus on the Play Store SEO, the more your app image will get increased. This is the way how app store algorithms work. You have to make sure that your SEO strategy is continuously monitored and managed to provide it a consistent position in the Play Store.

Things to Consider During Play Store SEO

There are a lot of Play Store SEO strategies on the internet, but the best one that works efficiently can only be implemented if you have a consistent eye on changes and user behaviors. AppsGeyser has come up with the most effective and proven ways to make your Play Store SEO process smoother. Let’s head out to these now!

1. App Title

The first impression that a user gets is by seeing the name of your app on the Play Store. It should be relevant to what your app is offering. What will you do with the downloads if the users are deleting your app just after the installation because the name of your app was not representing your app’s actual image?

Some of the consideration while choosing the title of your app are as follows:

  • Conciseness: You might be thinking if conciseness really comes under the banner of Play Store SEO! Yes, it indirectly impacts a lot on the Play Store SEO because the more short and concise your app title would be, the more you can get the audience’s attention. 
  • Relevance: The name of your app should be relevant to the nature of your app. If you have found a keyword that is performing well for the other apps, but your app is slightly different from them, you should not use those irrelevant keywords at all.
  • Keyword-Oriented: Keywords are the main key factors of doing effective Play Store SEO, which could also be called as Play Store ASO. It’s not about thinking a keyword and using it in your app; it revolves around proper keyword-analysis and research. You can also do keyword research through various tools, and your app name should be keyword-specific.

2. App Description

The description is the key to grabbing the user’s attention since it is the second impactful element after the app name that a user sees. You should be writing an app description concerning Play Store SEO. There are various factors to take care of while choosing the best app description for your app. These are as follows:

  • Clarity: When a user wants to know more about what your app is offering, he/she refers to the app description you have put in. It’s not about writing a ton of content in there that might get boring for them. Having clarity in whatever you are writing about your app is the first step to achieving great Play Store SEO results.
  • Express the Worthy Features: Your app features are the primary things through which a user can be attracted to your app. Write down these features but be clear and express them in a unique and interesting way. For example, if your app is about the conversion of currency rates, why would you even write about how currency was established in your app description!
  • Keyword-Specific: Since keywords are the key factors to your app’s success, each of your words should be aligned with the SEO keyword set. As the app description contains most of the text that is exposed to the audience as well as the app stores, you need to be sure about the smooth keyword-insertion for both.

3. Keyword-Orientation

Here comes the most vital aspect of the Play Store SEO – the keywords. App Store Optimization is about maintaining a top position of the app in the app store listings. There are various ways through which you can analyze the keywords for your app.

You can use Google AdWords and the Keyword Planner tool, which can be found in the AdWords dashboard. Google Trends also plays an important role when you focus on comparing different keywords and finding out the most appropriate one for your app.

Play Store SEO can only be successful if you choose the right set of keywords. Since there are thousands of options when you explore the relevant keywords, you should focus more on keywords with less competition. Long-Tail-Keywords proves to be ideal, especially if you are just starting out your app publishing process.

4. Overall Ratings and Reviews

Google Play Store closely observes the user ratings and reviews of an app and figures out the placement of it in the search results considering these factors as well. When you get continuously good reviews for your app by the users, your app ratings get increased along the way.

The same goes for the bad reviews, as it impacts badly on the overall ratings of your app. Search Engine Optimization works the same way in most of the app stores, and it is considered to be an essential element throughout the process. But how can you get good reviews and ratings?

Quality of your app is the key focus of most of the users, and providing them good user experience will lead you to good reviews. It helps app stores to evaluate you more efficiently as the real user experience is more authentic than other considerations.

5. App Reputation

Some people might say that the app’s reputation is nothing to do with the Play Store SEO, but it’s the opposite of the facts. Research shows that apps with a higher reputation and admiration by the users tend to have good Play Store standings.

The reason behind this factor is the trending nature of these apps with a higher reputation. There is no scale to judge the reputation of an app, but if your app is doing great when compared to your competitors, it’s believed to be having the highest reputation among your app category.

That’s why we are elaborating on the importance of having a good app reputation. You don’t have to put much effort into Play Store SEO when your app gets a big thumbs up from the users. It automatically gets shared that eventually leads to a good influence of your app on the users.

6. Track and Monitor

Play Store SEO is not a one-time process. You have to continuously track and monitor what is happening with your strategies. You might have to change your keyword set if you do not find a specific number of users downloading your app in a specific timeframe.

It all depends upon how much innovation you come up with the next time you give an app’s update. Changing the title and description can be a good move in most of the cases. Somehow, you have to completely get engaged in the monitoring process of your strategies.


Doing the Play Store SEO seems to be quite challenging, but it turns out to be quite simple if you focus on the nature of your app and the research. You should be continuously making efforts to place your app on the top charts of the Play Store.

Follow these ways to make your Play Store SEO process smoother and beneficial. Contact us if you get into any trouble through our website and follow our Facebook page to get instant updates!