Make eBook App for Android in 5 Minutes

Make eBook App for Android

Every perspective of living has changed since the technology age has come. From mindsets to physical activities, people have gone digital in almost every task. The same goes for the books as let’s not going too far, 19th century has been a great admirer of book readers.

Technology has changed our book-reading habits because it has brought us our favorite books right into our hands with a single tap on the screen. Yes! Users love to read eBooks because it saves them a lot of time and efforts.

If you make an eBook app for Android, the users will surely get a lot of benefits as well as the convenience of reading their favorite stuff through their handheld devices. There is enormous scope in having an eBook app for Android, and we are going to give you the essential tools and all required information to make you successful in this journey.

How Can an eBook App Make a Difference?

People are now more connected to mobile devices than ever before. The gap that mobile devices fill cannot be ignored because the small screens of these devices replace even some great innovations like the television and other gadgets.

People start their day with an alarm clock on their smartphones, and then its usage only ends when they get into sleep. Reading books is also an essential part of most people, from students to book lovers. There is a huge potential in developing an eBook app because they have replaced the paper books widely.

When it comes to the youth, they are more interested in eBooks than buying bulky paper books, which are difficult to carry as well as hard to read during a journey. People are more familiar with handling an eBook than finding some page numbers from the paper books.

There is a lot of stuff that can be targeted when you make eBook app for Android. Since the Android platform is widely used in the world of smartphones, it will be best if you target that potential group of people. There is not as much competition in developing an eBook app for Android as in the other categories.

You can target a specific audience group or a specific genre of books to make your eBook app more valuable for the users. People will love localized eBooks or their favorite books in a single app if you target them specifically. It is recommended to do so because it will have a huge impact on the audiences.

For example, if you make an eBook app for kids, you can place fiction books there and market it accordingly. There is no way that your app will get ignored. Placing your app in many app stores as you can also play a significant part in your app’s success.

What is the Significance of the eBook App Template?

Developing an eBook app for Android is a challenge because there are a lot of factors to consider during your development and design processes. Having a pre-defined app template will get you through the hard part and will provide you efficient results within a limited time.

AppsGeyser always offers quality-oriented templates with proven results. Our research experts comprehensively test every app template from every perspective. When these apps are placed on the app stores, positive reviews are always observed.

There are considerable concepts in an eBook app, but thankfully, everything is covered in this template to enable you to make eBook app for Android within 5 minutes. Let’s get straight into the insights about the quality-rich template and start making your app.

Steps to Make eBook App for Android

Developing an eBook app has not been much easier before this template, thanks to the versatility and quality of this app template. You can magically make eBook app for Android in less than 5 minutes. Let’s start our app development process.

1. Explore the Template

At first, you need to browse through the template’s link. After that, you will see a similar screen to the following image.

open ebook template

As you can observe, a clean user interface will come up there with handy features. On the right side, there is a mobile screen that will help you get a real-time preview of your app in a running state. You can always make changes in the app settings and see these modifications by clicking on the Refresh Preview button on the top.

On the right side, you will find the template’s description, which will help you out in understanding the structure of the template. Just go through it and click on the Next button to move on towards the second step.

2. Connect Resources

This is the time to connect all the resources to your eBook app for Android. To maximize usability, it is recommended to use various books and have a large library of similar books. You will see a screen similar to the following.

choose ebook resources

In case you don’t have the files of these books, you can check out the links given just after the app settings text. Surprisingly, you can download your favorite books for free from these links. After downloading the books, it’s time to get into the actual procedure.

As you can see, there is a Book Library title on the top of the first text box. You can integrate as many books as you want, but at first, let’s upload the first one to kick start the process. Enter the book title in the text box while remembering that it should not be too much longer.

Surprisingly, you can upload the file of the book using three options. The first one is using an Epub file format, which is popularly known to be used in the eBooks. You can upload that file through the Upload File button easily.

Usually, eBooks come with the PDF format, and AppsGeyser is here as always with state of the art integration facility of PDF eBook file format. If you don’t want to upload the books in Epub format, you can switch the tab of the PDF one easily and upload the desired file.

Remember not to upload a file exceeding the 20MBs file size limits as it will be challenging for the users as well as the mobile devices to browse through these bulky books. If you don’t have a physical file of the book on your computer, you can also link to the online resource by choosing the third Set PDF URL option.

3. Customize the Theme

You can enter as many books as you want in your eBook app for Android by simply clicking on adding more options at the bottom of the last book item. You can visualize it in the image as follows.

upload ebook files

After adding the content, you are all set to design the looks of your app. Let’s check out what will come when you scroll through the book, adding part. You will see a similar screen as below.

customize the app

As you can see, there are numerous color options to choose from. At first, you need to select the primary theme of your app, which further contains three sub-colors. Although you can change the sub-colors as well after selecting a primary theme color, it is recommended to use the default ones.

Each of these theme options is designed by adhering to all the design standards and guidelines. You can control changing the colors of the app menus, tabs, and other controls. You can click on the Custom button to add some customization to the theme. Click on the Next button after setting up the theme.

4. Name the App

All of your hard work has been done because it’s just the second last step. You will see a similar screen like below after deciding your app theme.

name your ebook app

As you can see, you have to write the name of your eBook app for Android. It will be best if you make a short and concise name for your app because long names might not attract the audiences. The name of your app is one of the essential aspects of the overall success of your app. After writing down the app name, click on the Next button to move on.

5. Select the App Icon

Luckily, selecting an app icon is the final step in making an ideal eBook app for Android. You will have two options while selecting the icon shown as follows.

upload the icon for ebook app

You can either choose the default icon provided to you for free or use a custom one by uploading it. Finally, you are all set to download your APK file and upload it to the Play Store.

click on create to make an ebook app

Click on the CREATE button to start the amazing journey of your app business success.


If you make eBook app for Android, there are a lot of business opportunities for you. Our free and easy to use templates help you earning that success within minutes. Develop your’s now and tell us about your experience through our Facebook page. Contact us through our website if you got into any trouble without any hesitation!