6 Tips to Create the Perfect Android App Description

create description for android app

The importance of keywords is one step to ensuring that your app is found organically within the GooglePlay market, however, this is only one step in getting your app downloaded. Once potential users have found your app you need to get them to download it and this can sometimes be where app makers come unstuck, by not investing time in writing a decent app description.

The title and description of your app may seem an obviously important part of uploading your app to GooglePlay, but many app makers do not realize the importance of getting this step perfected, a good Android app description can be the make or break for an app maker.

Why do you need a description for your Android app?

There are two reasons why writing a good app description is so vital to your app’s potential success:

1. App optimization – In order to get your app found you need to ensure that your keywords are embedded into your title and your description. This will help organic searches find your app, afterall, it won’t be downloaded if it hasn’t been found.

2. Sale – Your app may be free to your audience, but you still need to ‘sell’ your app to the audience. Your product is your app and it is the description that will either persuade someone to download the app or to click and download your competitor’s app. Remember those first two sentences are what will grab the attention of your potential user.

how to write app description

Before jumping into writing an app description, you should think of things that may interest your users.

Google Play splits the app description into 2 types:

  1. Short Description – a short preview with a limited number of characters – 80.The short description is designed to give an instant glimpse at your app. You need to use it to show the most crucial information about your app. The main goal here is to drive an interest in your users to learn more about the app. Put the most relevant keywords here.
  2. Full Description – a field for a long description with a limit of characters of 4000.
    The full description is to inform users all about important app functionalities, features and benefits. It also should include keywords.

So, how do you write a perfect Android App description?

6 Tips to Create Perfect Android App Description:

  1. Use the first few words to grab attention.

In some searches only the first few words will show, therefore it is vital that the first few words are eye-grabbing. Use your short description at 100% max capacities to attract attentions of Android users.

  1. Use relevant keywords.

As we have mentioned before, ASO is the key to app success. Your app keywords should appear within the first sentence and along the text of full description, this will enhance your audiences believe that the app really is about what they are searching for. All keywords should be relevant to your app and its main idea.

  1. Give insights.

Make your description real, it must honestly reflect what the app does. Include all your main features, functionality as well as a general app overview. Tell people how your app can help them and how can they benefit from it, what problems can it solve, etc. Split your text into paragraphes, so it will be visually easier for users to read. Noone likes plain text.

  1. Boast about your features.

That’s right, you have some great features, flaunt them. App users what to know why your app is better than other apps on the market. Remember to never criticize another app though as this is unethical and will only cause you harm, therefore be careful with your wording.

It’s better if you make a list of features with a short or no description at all. Don’t add not important features and don’t make descriptions too long. The optimal number of features to show is 4-7.

  1. Create a Call to action.

You must state the obvious and demand that the potential app user that is reading the description downloads the app. Stating the obvious, download now, or click to download does in fact encourage potential users to download the app. You need a call to action!

  1. Add a Time Bound.

Have you ever said, oh I’ll do it tomorrow? Yes, well so have your potential app users, therefore it is important to keep your description time-bound. Let users know that this free version of the app is only available for a specific time only if you intend to create a premium version of the app

6 mistakes you shouldn’t make while writing an Android app description:

  1. Don’t use irrelevant keywords – you risk that people won’t find your app.
  2. Don’t use keywords too much – it can seriously harm your search optimization.
  3. Don’t list of keywords without proper sentences – your description should be readable, all keywords should be smoothly inserted in text that makes sence.
  4. Don’t lie to users – don’t promise fearures and functionality you don’t have.
  5. Don’t copy-paste descriptions of competitors’ apps – you text should be unique to make it searchable.
  6. Don’t make grammar mistakes – one small mistake in a word can cost you a loose of search traffic.

Ensuring that once people are on your app download page actually do download your app is mainly down to the description you use, if you decide to write about features that don’t exist or make your app sound different to what it actually does, you are setting yourself up to fail. Apps that are downloaded and then deleted are ranked low, the uninstall ratio is a key element to app success or app failure.

Good Luck on your Android app description mission – Let us know how it goes.