4 Ways to Make an Engaging Android App Name

Make an Engaging Android App Name

Since the world has become digital, we see a lot of information in every corner on these digital platforms. There are almost countless apps on the app stores today, with each one having its own functionality and purpose. As a user, when you search around for finding the best app for your needs, the first thing you see is the Android app’s name.

That’s because an Android app name can tell us a lot about the app, even if we haven’t installed it. The first thing we can figure out by observing the app name is the genre or type of the type. Since there are different types of apps such as games, utility, entertainment, and others, your Android app name proves to be a vital aspect while representing the app itself.

Defining an Android app name can be a challenging task, but with proper analysis, you can have an outstanding name. Finding the ways to have an admirable app name is no trickier, thanks to the AppsGeyser, which always tries to help you out throughout your app development business.

How Can an Appealing App Name Make a Difference?

Name is the first thing through which we can evaluate the impact or purpose of an app. For example, if you have a game, and you name it as a traditional app, it’s not going to work effectively. Your entire marketing success depends upon your Android app name.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of having a great Android app name below.

  • Identity Impact: Identification is the first thing that can be carried out through an Android app name. There could be thousands of apps related to your genre; for example, your app is an online music player app. There will be thousands of online music playing apps on the app stores, but the impact that your app name should create must be unique and a remarkable one. When you define a great name for your app, your app identity becomes a brand.
  • Business Branding: Under the banner of your app business, each of your apps will be representative of nature and quality, which your entire app business provides. Thus, each of your Android app names should also be allocated according to the business aspects as well. If you define a good app name, users will like your business and share it as a brand of quality and consistency.
  • Differentiate from Other Apps: It’s not about differentiating your app from the other apps because the name of your app is different, it’s about the image that your app creates in the user’s mind. They automatically get lured to your app product line because of the uniqueness and value you provide to them.
  • Increased Downloads: Eventually, a significant increase in your app downloads could be seen when your Android app name is attractive and engaging. Many people who are not daily app store users will love to see new things on the store and try out different combinations of names. You will surely get a satisfied number of app users when you make the first great impression.
  • Effective Marketing: Being one of the toughest tasks, app marketing becomes quite easier when you name your app an admirable one. Since app marketing involves business branding and awareness, the Android app name proves to be a vital part of the campaigns. The effectiveness of marketing revolves primarily around it.

You would have seen how much perks it comes with if your Android app name is a good one. We can elaborate on its importance through an example. Suppose you have an Android app name of “Quick Money,” it doesn’t show either your app is about sending or receiving money or just calculating it.

The first thing that a user sees on the Play Store is the name of your app that makes it even more important to consider it as a vital aspect of your app. There may be other apps having more quality than your app, but the unique app name of yours will change the entire course of the competition.

Ways to Make an Engaging Android App Name

Now we are going to enlist the proven ways to make an engaging and fruitful Android app name. It doesn’t seem to be a difficult task, but its impact on your overall app business is a lot more than other factors. Let’s see the ways to make a remarkable app name.

1. Use Keyword-Oriented App Name

There are always huge chances that your app remains hidden from the searches for a long time, and even no one else could find it if you haven’t implemented proper strategies. App Store Optimization (ASO) proves to be one of the essential processes to consider.

You can use various tools to make your Android app name keyword-oriented. Google AdWords is one of the valuable tools commonly used to strengthen the ASO process. Although there are plenty of other paid tools available to figure out the best keyword set for your Android app, AdWords and Google Trends can be quite fruitful if you are looking for free tools.

Since Google Play Store is the most popular app store of the Android platform, many ASO strategies revolve around it. The complex algorithms of the app stores can only be turned into your favor if you use the name of your Android app according to the ASO selected keywords.

You should analyze the impact of different keywords by exploring the tools as well as examining them in real-time. Your Android app name could be changeable; therefore, you can test the compatibility of your app name by changing it. But remember not to manipulate your Android app name frequently because it will negatively impact your app’s reputation.

2. Practice, Focus and Analyze

You need to be prepared to republish your app for several times because sometimes it becomes a demand from the users and other times, the technology. You might have to undo the publishing process of your app to make it revitalized and according to the latest trends.

Some people prefer updating apps on the app stores, although it’s a good option, there are some limitations to it. Analyzing your Android app name’s performance will be the key factor of your app success. You can localize the name if your app is for a specific region. For example, if you have developed an app for French people, you can name it in French.

3. Relevance

There are very mighty rewards for naming your app while considering the factor of relevance in the first place. Going with the flow will not be suitable for you while choosing your Android app name. For example, if an app “Big Dogs” has crossed the line of a million downloads and you are just crazy to somehow copy it as your app name, it’s not going to work, especially if your app is about cats.

If you somehow managed to get downloads with an irrelevant app name, you will soon realize that users are deleting your app largely. It’s not the matter of a single Android app; it’s about your entire app business branding. They will probably never download any app under the banner of your app business name.

4. Competition

There is always some competition on keywords being used for the app names. You need to analyze your competitor’s ones for the sake of getting an idea. Make sure you are not using your competitor’s keyword list because it might increase the chances of their apps being displayed on the Play Store in the first place.

Somehow, it’s the game of keywords. If you use healthy keywords with low previous usability, there are chances of getting high traffic. For analyzing which keyword has how much competition, you can explore through Google AdWords as well as Google Trends.

Some Useful Tips

Making a great Android app name consists of various tasks that we have mentioned above. There are some tips and tricks from the research team of AppsGeyser. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Try with more than one name: Having a list of appropriate names will help you choose the most appropriate one in the future. As the first steps of your app publishing are just for the sake of analysis and trial, you can see a comparable difference if you already arrange a list of these names.
  • Make sure the compliance: There are different rules and regulations for defining an Android app name by every app store. For Google Play Store, there are some standards to follow as well, for example, not to use any abusive words in your app name, etc.
  • Look for the compound words: Having compound word app names becomes easy to remember as well as impactful. Try to enlist some of them your suggested names.


Android app name is one of the most influential aspects of app success. If you name your app with an analytical and critical approach, there is no way you can be hit by other competitors. Do you want to learn more about these topics? Follow our Facebook page to get instant updates or just contact us through our website if you have any queries.

Last Updated on November 24th, 2022