10 Unique Benefits of Telegram Channel Marketing – Digital Marketing Strategy

Telegram Marketing

Telegram has become one of the fastest-growing social platforms, messengers and digital marketing tools in the past few years. With some unique features like channeles, groups, free stickers, cloud storage, secret chats, self-destructive messages, and privacy, it has found millions of users all over the world. Telegram stays the only social platform for users to keep their data private from big corporations and government structures. Pavel Durov, Telegram founder and CEO, claims Telegram will bever be sold, unlike what happened to WhatsApp and Facebook in 2014. 

If you doubt about Telegram popularity, we let the numbers speak for themselves.

Telegram Statistics:

  • Over 400 mln monthly active users;
  • Telegram strategy aims to get 1 bln users by 2022;
  • 1,5 mln users join Telegram every day;
  • 70 bln messages are sent through Telegram every day;
  • There are over 800,000 active bots created in Telegram;
  • General audience of Telegram channels – 80 bln members, they generate 30 bln views of posts.

The dynamic of Telegram growth from March 2014 to April 2020: 

Statistic: Number of monthly active Telegram users worldwide from March 2014 to April 2020 (in millions) | Statista

Telegram is on the 5th place among messengers by the number of active users:

Statistic: Most popular global mobile messenger apps as of July 2020, based on number of monthly active users (in millions) | Statista

With an increased interest of users to Telegram, a lot of businesses and bloggers moved there to outreach new audiences. Telegram Marketing has become one of the most prominent tools for mobile and digital marketing. You should also check out some additional digital marketing statistics to see what trends should be followed.

 What is Telegram Marketing?

Telegram Marketing is a way to get and engage new customers by creating communities in Telegram – channels and groups, advertising in communities, making bots, and maintaining communications with users.

What problems can Telegram Marketing solve?

  • building a community with user interaction;
  • building a news feed to broadcast;
  • share the rich content in a new format;
  • automate some of your processes;
  • and so much more.

Telegram channels and groups are the main tools of Telegram Marketing Strategy. They help to interact with users on the messenger on different levels. While Telegram channels are the great option to broadcast content – news, product overviews, testimonials, useful content, groups are great for engaging with users – communicating with them directly.

What is Telegram Channel?

Telegram channels are the groups for sharing and broadcasting your content. It’s similar to Facebook Group, but it’s not interactive. Subscribers can read, forward content, participate in votes, but they can’t comment on them. Channel owners can share texts, images, videos, audio files, documents, external links. One of the benefits of Telegram channels – there is no limit for the number of members that can join channels. For example, in WhatsApp Groups there is a limit for 200 followers. On Telegram, you can easily have billions of followers. The top Telegram channels already have 4-5 mln users.

What is Telegram Group?

Telegram groups are group chats where each member can send messages, videos, images, files. It’s a great tool to answer questions from customers, get feedback, and encourage user-generated content.

As a part of the digital Telegram Marketing most businesses use two- or three- sided approach. They create Telegram channels to share content, groups to engage with customers and bots to automate communication and sales process.

Most popular niches for Telegram channels and groups

  • blogs;
  • business;
  • sales;
  • movies and music;
  • news;
  • cryptocurrencies.

10 Benefits of Telegram Channel Marketing

Telegram Channel marketing is still a fresh and growing branch of the mobile and digital marketing. But it already has its benefits among other social medias and messenger platforms.

  1. Global shift of the mobile market to messengers

Chatting with friends or colleagues, voice and video calling, exchanging files, engaging with companies, sending money, buying products and services, scheduling appointments just in 1 app is getting more and more casual for mobile users. Most countries are likely to follow the path of China and WeChat. And Telegram may lead this journey since it’s the most flexible among messengers.

  1. Fastest growing messenger app

Telegram has been growing very quickly in the past 5 years. In 5-10 years from now, it can easily replace WhatsApp. That opens new doors to Telegram marketing.

  1. Unlimited audience in Telegram channels

While WhatsApp keeps the first place among messengers, their groups are far from the user- and business-friendly. They impose limits for members – 200 per group. With average outreach of 10%, WhatsApp is not the best choice to bring your business there. Telegram channels don’t have any limits. You can easily access 5 or 10 mln audiences. 

  1. Higher engagement rate

The average view rate for the Telegram channel is 20%, while Instagram indicates an average outreach rate of 3% and Facebook – 4%. Telegram is one of the best and freshest points of touch with potential customers.

  1. Free bot automation 

On the Telegram basis, users can easily create bots and spread them for free. WhatsApp still doesn’t have a properly working solution for bots. While Telegram is a free and open-source, bots took one of the most important parts of it (there are already more than 800,000 active bots). 

Business can profit from their bots by:

  • sending reminders;
  • communicating with users;
  • scheduling appointments;
  • broadcasting;
  • selling products and services.
  1. Advertising solutions for businesses  

Such a fast growth of messenger has opened opportunities to promote and adverise business on the Telegram itself. You can buy Telegram members for your channel or group, get free or paid advertising on other channels, cross-promote, publish links of special Telegram catalogs. There are multilple online services and software to manage Telegram Marketing as well.

  1. User segmentation

You can target age, interests, countries while promoting your business on Telegram. If you need a tech-savvy audience, you can advertise your services or products in IT-related Telegram channels and groups.

  1. Branded stickers

Telegram allows anybody to create free stickers. For businesses, it’s an opportunity to promote themselves by creating branded stickers and sharing them on channels and groups. The better quality of stickers, the higher chances for them to go viral. Such a sticker maketing strategy might have the most viral effect among all tools.

  1. Comprehensive statistics 

Telegram gives free access to the channel’s performance in Statistics. Each business owner can track Telegram metrics: growth rate, engagement rate, muted and unmuted notifications, views by source, source of new followers, the language of members, and much more. 

  1. Privacy guarantees

In the age when private data can be easily hacked or leaked, Telegram provides one of the secured technologies and doesn’t give access to chats to anyone – not to big corporations, not to government structures. Most mobile users already experienced this problem on Instagram and Facebook, VK.

These are the main reasons to consider Telegram Marketing as a big part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

How to Start Telegram Channel Marketing?

There are multiple ways to start Telegram Channel marketing and advertise channels and groups. We’ll split them into two groups: free and paid

Free methods include manual adding of the first 200 members, cross-promotion, publication in Telegram catalogs, promotion of forums, and Quora.

Paid methods include: Facebook ads, paid advertising in other Telegram channels, influencer marketing, buying Telegram members.

One of the easiest ways to activate marketing strategy on Telegram is to buy members. This way business can assure to get first 1,000-100,000 followers in a short time without extra efforts. There are multiple service eCommerce solution providers to buy members.

Buy Telegram Members

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telegram Channel Marketing?

Telegram Channel Marketing is a way to get new customers by creating communities on Telegram, sharing content, advertising, making bots, and maintaining constant dialogue with users.

How can Telegram Channel Marketing help me?

With Telegram Channel Marketing you can build communities, interact with your clients, broadcast news and content, automate sales processes, increase sales, grow customer loyalty, etc.

What are benefits of the Digital Telegram Marketing?

1. Global shift of the mobile market to messengers;
2. Fastest growing messenger app;
3. Unlimited audience in Telegram channels;
4. Higher engagement rate;
5. Free bot automation;
6. Advertising solutions for businesses;
7. User segmentation;
8. Branded stickers;
9. Comprehensive statistics;
10. Privacy guarantees.

What tools are there for Telegram Marketing?

1. Telegram channels to broadcast content;
2. Telegram groups to engage with users;
3. Telegram bots to automate processes.



Last Updated on December 15th, 2023