7 Ways To Choose The Right Android App Name

Choose The Right Android App Name

If you want to make your Android app successful among the target audience, then you cannot ignore the importance of the correct name for an Android app. Many times, developers invest their time and resources in completing the functionality of the Android app and they do not give consideration to the name of the app. This factor cannot be ignored for making an app successful. Sometimes, if the name of the Android app is not right, then it will affect the success of the app.

It can be considered that the name of an android app plays a key role in attracting the user and audience for the app. An app whose name is not appropriate will not become successful in the Android marketplace. Name is the influential factor for an Android app. The first thing that the users view regarding an Android app is the name of the Android app. If the name of the Android app is offensive or uninteresting, such an app will simply be rejected by the users. Selecting the name of an Android app is not an easy task. Also, it is very difficult to select a name for an Android app that completely conforms to the functionality of the app. Moreover, as there are millions of apps on the play store, it becomes increasingly difficult to name the app properly. As Android apps are published daily on the play store therefore, the competition of naming the app correctly also increased. But don’t worry, by following some simple ways that will be mentioned in this article, you can select the right name for your Android app. Keep reading this article for getting great insights into how you can correctly name your Android app.

7 ways to choose the right Android app name

First, as an Android app developer, you should focus on the features of the app that you are going to provide to the users. It is a general rule that your app name should show the functionality of the app. Therefore, proper research should be done for selecting the features and functionality of the app. After finalizing the features and product functionality, you can invest your time in researching names for the app and select the one that best conforms to the description of the app. Selecting a proper name for an Android app requires time. Do not hurry for naming the app. If you correctly name your app, then it will surely increase the traffic and attract the users. Down below is the list of some helpful tips that you can use for naming your Android app and making it successful on the play store.

  1. Think from the user perspective

Before naming your app, consider yourself as a user of the app and think about the expectations of the app from the user’s perspective. In this way, you can get insight into what the user wants from your app and what kind of a name would the user want. You must have insights about your target audience and their requirements. This will help you to name your Android app properly.

  1. Brainstorm different ideas

Before finalizing the name for the app, you should select five different names for the apps so that you can discuss the prospects of all of them with your colleagues. First of all, select a primary name and then check whether the name is used by other apps or not. Similarly, you can also check whether the name is the right fit with the functionality of the app or not. Among the five names that you selected, select the one that is capable of becoming popular among the target audience. By using different suggestions of the app, you will have different samples and you can select the best sample that will best meet your requirements. Also, consider the feedback of your friends and colleagues regarding naming the app. Some times, other people can give you a better opinion about how your Android app should be named.

  1. You must follow the Google Play rules and terms

If you want to publish your Android app on the Google play store, then you should follow specific rules and regulations regarding the naming of the app. Without following the rules, you can never get the approval of your app from the play store. Therefore, your app name should conform to the regulations provided by the Google play store for it to be published on it correctly. One latest update provided by the Google play store is that the number of characters for the name of an app should be between 50 characters. Moreover, now the users don’t have the ability to add descriptions in the app name as now the app name characters are limited to 50 only. You should get the restriction of 50 characters in your mind for the app name. A good app name can be less than 50 characters but it should never cross the limit of 50 characters. Your Android app name should be consistent and coherent.

  1. Use different keywords

Sometimes, as a developer, you will find that selecting a one-word title for your Android name is difficult. It becomes tedious for the developers to conform to the functionality of the app in the one-word name of the app. You should search for proper keywords before naming your app and use them for explaining the functionality of your app in the name. By using compound words, you can incorporate the keyboard for the app along with the functionality of the app in the single app name. By using a combination of different words along with keywords, you can create a successful Android name for the app that will become successful in the Android app market in the future.

  1. Visualize your business before naming an app

Many developers do not rely on a single app that is published on the play store. Rather, developers usually release multiple apps on the play store at a single time. One important consideration for the developers is that they should visualize their business before naming an app. All the apps that are released on the play store should conform with your business name. You should realize that your business is a complete package and all the apps that you will release and publish on the play store must be in connection with it. In this way, you will first visualize your brand and it’s functionality before naming your Android app. Always keep your target audience in your mind. You should keep your focus on the main Functionality that is provided by your business and then all the app names will relate to your business and the functionality that is provided to the target audience.

  1. Try to create a memorable app name

Normally, people tend to forget about general names. Therefore, as a developer you should focus on choosing a name that will be memorable and the audience will not forget it easily. The name of an app should be different and unique and it should prompt the user to click on it and download the app. The name of the app should be captivating so that people are prompted to search for the app with the help of its name in the search bar of the play store.

  1. Take your time for selecting a proper Android app name

As a developer, many times the main focus of creating an app goes in the development processes rather than naming it properly. Sometimes the success of an app can be affected by the app name. If you want to make an Android app successful, you have to keep an eye on all the nitty-gritty details and all the aspects of the app. Do not ignore the name of the Android app and always select the name properly by doing proper research and investing some time for researching different app names. 


An Android app name is the first name that is viewed by the audience in the play store. If a developer wants to create a successful Android app, then the importance of the correct name of the app cannot be ignored. A variety of different tips are present for making the android app successful. You should view the Android app from the user’s perspective before naming it. You can add different keywords in the app name. The app name must follow the naming rules and regulations provided by Google Play store. Brainstorm different names before selecting the right one for the app. The app name should be memorable, and it should be finalized after doing proper research. In this way, by using these helpful tips you can select a correct name for your Android app and make it successful in the Android Market.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023