6 Ways to Make a Perfect Play Store App Description

Play Store App Description

Developing an Android app takes a lot of energy, effort, and time. Every app business wants to see all of its apps being on the top of the Play Store and getting an immense amount of downloads. Positive reviews also play a vital role in lifting an Android app up to the top. It seems like a complex task, but actually, it’s not.

With proper App Store Optimization (ASO) and marketing, you can accomplish your app success dreams. The quality of your app should be a great one to compete with other relevant apps on the market. If you have marketed your app well, but the quality of your app is not as sufficient as it should be, you will get no results.

Play Store App Description is one of the key elements of ASO and all the marketing campaigns. Having a great Play Store app description will boost up your app page up to the top of the Play Store. Let’s get straight into why it is important to have an attractive Play Store app description.

Why is a Compelling App Description Important?

The first things that the user sees when it opens up your app page on the Play Store are the title and app description. Both of them decide whether the user will download and use your app or not. The title usually consists of a couple of words, but the app description is the element that tells all about your app to the users.

If you have used a compelling and attractive Play Store app description that urges the users to download your app, it will be one of the most effective marketing strategies that get instant results. On the other hand, if your Play Store app description is dull and boring, the users are going to skip your app whenever it passes through the profile of your app.

An impact, once created, is difficult to modify in the future. Being said that if your app has got the attention of the user through a concise and compelling app description, not only that user but the others are also going to download and use it.

You have put a lot of effort throughout the app development process, and why not you promote it in every possible way! It’s time to make an impact and start getting instant downloads. Your marketing campaign primarily depends upon the representation of your app on the Play Store.

From wherever you urge the audience to download your app, the Play Store app page is the final destination where you will redirect them. They will have a quick glimpse of what your app offers by reading the Play Store app description. Most of the users decide within a minute whether to download your app or not.

Research shows that users have a very low attention span, and if you can get their attention at first glance, they will surely check out your app profile. The more users we can get to download and use our app, the more positive reviews and good app ratings we’ll get. That’s all you need to be on the top charts of the Google Play Store.

Ways to Make a Perfect Play Store App Description

Since the Play Store app description plays a vital role in the success of an app, having a perfect app description becomes necessary. There are a lot of factors that make the Play Store app description a great one. Surprisingly, AppsGeyser has come up with six proven ways to make a perfect Play Store app description for you. Let’s check these out!

1. Take the Most from First Few Sentences

Typically, a user has quite less time to checkout apps on the Play Store. At first, the things which grab the users from the app listings to the app pages are the app logo and the app title. If a user gets attracted by them, he/she will click to see more about the app, and the app page comes in.

You usually have a few chances to engage them with your app page, but when you do, it becomes your responsibility to show them what they are expecting from you. The first impact that you can create on them is through your app description. The key to a compelling Play Store app description is the first few sentences of your description.

The first few words should be eye-grabbing because some searches show only the first few words or sentences of an app to the users. It would be best if you not follow the traditional formats to write content that describes your app. People don’t have time to read a bunch of text on your Play Store app description.

Write these first few words concisely, and it would be best if you can test out these words and find out the best ones. Make sure to have a compelling sentence that grabs the attention of the audience at first glance. Do not write boring statements like if your app is an image editor, try not to write the first sentence like “Apps are all about usability and functionality. Our app is also a great one.”

Your first few words should define the main theme of your app, which means it should be defining what your app is all about. Try to maintain a respectful tone to get more attention from the audience. In general, a perfect Play Store app description comprises of a few compelling starting lines.

2. Use Keywords

Even if you have written a great and compelling app description for the audience, there are chances that your app may not get noticed by the Play Store. That’s because app stores usually work on different algorithms, and one of the most important parts of these algorithms are analyzing keywords.

Keywords come under the banner of App Store Optimization (ASO), which takes care of the app standings in the Play Store listings. To find keywords to integrate into your Play Store app description, you need to do comprehensive research. Finding out the niche-specific keywords can be tricky, but paying attention to the research part will give you ultimate results.

Integrating these selected keywords into your app description is also quite important. Your Play Store app description should not look like a robotic description which could only be ready by robots. Keywords should be integrated into a human-friendly and smooth way.

3. Insights

As the name suggests, the app description is used to describe an app. It should contain text which will elaborate on what your app really does and why a user should use it. Smoothly define your app so that the users can get a quick overview of your app. Try to bring all of the insights about your app to the audience.

While writing up the Play Store app description, you should take care of the friendly tone that you should adopt. Users are not here to read the text. It is recommended to engage them with a conversational writing style. The app title should also match what you are offering them in the app description.

4. Define App Features

Since app stores like the Play Store have tons of apps and all of these can also be considered as choices the user has. The audience is free to download any apps from it, and you cannot force them only to download and use your app. But, you can define your app as an outstanding one from the competition by explaining the unique features it brings.

You can only win the competition if your app brings some advanced features to your competitor apps. Expressing all of your app’s key features should be a primary element while writing the app description. Remember not to criticize other apps in any way. Use a polite language and convey the app features like you are the best in town.

5. Urge to Download

It might sound funny, but in actual, Play Store app descriptions with a Call to Action (CTA) proves to be a great competition winning strategy. You can urge the audience to download your app by writing down “download now” or “click to download” words or whatever you appropriate for your target audience.

There are massive chances that the users download your app if they see an urgency to download strategy. Make sure not to include these words at the start of your app description as it will impact negatively.

6. Time-Bound

Research shows that app descriptions with a time-bound offer urge the users to download your app quickly. You can place a time-bound offer like the users can download the free version of the app until a specific day. In this way, users will get an attention message from their brains and an urge to download your app as soon as possible.


Writing the perfect Play Store app description combines a lot of considerations. A great app description will not only make your app page looks perfect but also maintains an excellent download rate.

Follow these proven ways to get a great Play Store app description and let us know about your experience. Contact us through our page and follow our Facebook page to get instant updates!