Tips to Update App on Google Play Console

Update App on Google Play Console

Luckily, it’s time to celebrate because you have launched your app on the Google Play Store. You would be proud of yourself as you have gone through all the challenges and successfully published the app in the store. But wait! This is not just the end. To achieve what you have thought of, it’s just the first step towards success.

Apps do need proper management after their launch. As you already know, technology is growing rapidly. There are a lot of innovations coming every day. If you want to compete with others and make your app business a successful one, you need to update your apps with the latest trends as well.

Since this is a vast topic to discuss upon, AppsGeyser is here to help you out in this as well. We have come up with some proven tips to update app on Google Play Console and make your app a trending one. Let’s first see why it’s that important.

Why Updating Your App is Important?

Our experts on this topic have done a lot of research. Updating your app is as important as developing your app. App trends can change from time to time, and there is always room for improvement in apps too. Some of the apps should be updated due to technological changes and some due to the bad reviews by the users.

For example, if your app has been developed in the Java language and things have been changed a lot, it’s Kotlin that came in. Other competitive apps on the market are updating themselves with the features provided by the Kotlin language. It’s the need of the hour to change your app according to the latest technological enhancements as well.

Trends could also be the primary reason for app updates. User trends are always changing with time. For example, if this month your audience is preferring messenger apps with video calling feature, there are chances for them to like these apps with voice messages option the next month. Audience trends can significantly impact the worth of apps, and apps should be changed according to the trends.

The app crashes could also be a strong reason to update app on Google Play Console. Crashes are always harmful to user experience as well as app ratings on the app stores. Everybody hates app crashes because it just wastes their valuable time while they could be in an urgency to use the app and do some tasks.

If you miss an opportunity of updating your app on the app store, there are strong chances for your competitors to compete with you and get more users. Everyone wants a successful app business, but the person that continuously works on its apps wins the competition. So, try to update app on Google Play Console as much as needed.

Tips to Update App on Google Play Console

You would probably be familiar with the Google Play Console. It is like the control tower of all of your apps hosted on the Google Play Store. Updating your app seems a simple process, but it involves some serious considerations. Don’t worry! AppsGeyser is here to provide you all the practical information you need to know about getting started and earning real success.

Our app experts, with experience of over a decade in the app development world, have come up with some useful tips to update app on Google Play Console. These tips will not only help you with understanding what updates you should consider but also the impacts of all these updates on your users. Without any delay, let’s start our journey of learning these proven tips straightaway.

1. App Name

App name is the primary thing through which a user can observe that your primary has really been updated. If your app name is not a unique one or not representing what the app actually does, things will not work out in the right way. There are other essential considerations involved when it comes to placing the most appropriate app name.

You might have heard of App Store Optimization (ASO) in which you select some keywords for your app marketing. Usually, these keywords are mixed up with the content of your app and especially on the app stores. App name is the first thing that the app store suppose Google Plat Store observes and evaluates if it actually fits into the category of a great app.

From a user’s observation to the app store preferences, your app name is like a key to the success of your app on the app market. Try to research on app names and give your app the most appropriate and trendy name. Your app name should be updated, preferably with updates, but you should need to analyze some factors beforehand like not changing your app name entirely if it’s a trending one.

2. App Description

Your app description is the second consideration that the users, as well as the app stores, observe. It should include the researched keywords to improve your position in your app market standings. There must not be any gaps between what you are actually selling and what your app description is describing.

Uniqueness and conciseness should be the main properties of your app description. Try not to include boring words or making them dull. Update it by describing what you have added and what’s removed – if necessary. Most of the time, users don’t care about what you have removed from your app.

Try to focus on the context of your app description. It should be representing the true and valuable information to your users. This is one of the most valuable tips to update app on Google Play Console as app descriptions actually define the apps. Users usually figure out the quality and reliability of your app by going through your app description.

3. App Features

Features are the most crucial elements of an app because these are the building blocks of an app. Usually, mobile apps compete with each other based on features. The more useful and efficient features your app has, the more it will gain popularity and ultimately will win the competition.

The features of your apps should be up to date with the latest trends on the market. For example, if your app is a photo editor and there is a trend of using a special effect on photos around, you should grab the opportunity of adding that to your app as well. It would be best if you add those essential features before everybody else does.

People love to see new features with innovative ideas, and if you provide them what they want, you will definitely get them to admire your app business. Another critical factor is that you should remove outdated features from your app as these features can represent your irresponsibility or non-friendly behavior towards users.

You should observe if any of your app features is getting bad reviews and try to eliminate them from your new app version as well. Research technological and market changes and try to adopt these changes as smoothly as possible. If you regularly update your app with the latest features, not only users but the app stores will also appreciate your efforts.

4. App Crashes

App crashes should never happen, and if users are reporting about your app crashes, it should be an alarming situation for you. App updates are the only solution to these app crashes. Analyzing your app before you update app on Google Play Console is a vital step.  If a user is reporting an app crash, you should politely respond to that at first.

Try to maintain a list of all the app crashes that your app users have experienced. Work on those crashes and try to fix them as soon as possible because if you delay the process, your competitors will have the advantage of grabbing your user-base. It would be best if you value the users, which reports you the app crashes.

Typically, app crashes happen if you haven’t given appropriate time to the testing phase and left some bugs/coding errors in the development phase. Although you can never make an app 100% error-free, the chances of getting it crashed become significantly low if you adapt the best app development practices.

Your newer app versions should be free of app crashes, and you can get back to the users who faced them earlier confidently. Luckily, there is a way to cop up with all of these issues, and that’s the availability of the AppsGeyser platform. Through AppsGeyser, you can get all the insights from an app idea until the management of your app on the Play Store.

We have been helping app businesses for more than a decade and have a solution to almost all of your app development problems. You can skip all of these issues by using our free app templates, which are pre-tested and fully-featured. It seems like magic, and indeed to some extent, it is.

Just reach out to us by telling how you usually update app on Google Play Console? Follow our social media channels to get the latest updates on app development. If you are facing any problem during your experience of using our app templates, let us know!

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023