What Type Of Content Do You Need For Mobile App?

Content For Mobile App

Many factors are present inside an Android application that are responsible for making an Android app successful on the Android marketplace. For an Android application, you simply cannot ignore the importance of the content of an application. The content of an app can be considered an integral part of the app. Whenever a user clicks on your Android app and installs it over the target device, content is the only thing that is viewed by the user. Imagine that you have created an awesome application after a great idea and you publish it on the play store. Now, if the user downloads it on the phone and the content is not wonderful, then your application will be simply uninstalled from the user’s phone. This is a great disappointment, right? If you are planning on creating great Android apps, then you should focus on the content of the application. Now you must be thinking how can I create great content for my Android app? Keep reading this article for getting into detail about how you can capture the user’s attention by providing awesome content for your Android application.

In this article, I will guide you about how you can write the content of your application in such a way that it will increase the retention rate of the user and the usage ratio of your Android app will also increase greatly. You must follow some simple guidelines for displaying the content of the app. You can add the content inside your Android application in two ways:

  1. Write the content by yourself

By this method, you will be responsible for writing all the content of your application by yourself. This is one of the simplest methods for writing the content but this method requires time and resources. You need to brainstorm the content first and then you will incorporate your ideas in the form of content inside the Android app.

  1. Use Appsgeyser’s platform readymade templates

This method can be considered as a shortcut. If you are not tech-savvy, then you can use ready-made templates for filling out the content inside The Android app. The Appsgeyser Platform supports the creation of Android apps and they provide different forms for entry of the content to be displayed inside the Android app. This platform is only responsible for providing different fields to be filled out by the end-users for filling out the content inside the Android app. What a user types inside the fields is entirely up to the user himself.

If you are going to develop Android apps, then I would recommend that you should use the Appsgeyser templates. Using a template for creating Android apps saves a lot of time for the developers. As a developer, your duty will not only be the creation of the app, but you will also be responsible for publishing it and maintaining it in the future. All the processes of Android application creation require a lot of time. Therefore, if you are willing to work as a developer, you should use quick templates for getting a head start in the Android application creation process. Moreover, by using different fields inside the Appsgeyser’s templates, you will get an idea of what to write. This platform provides different placeholders to give you an idea about how you should write the content. In this way, this platform provides help to the developers by giving them a quick start for writing quick and efficient content. The content of the application if conforms to the placeholders will automatically grab the audience’s attention and in this way, the application will become successful in the long run.

What type of content do you need for mobile app?

Now you must be wondering what type of content do you need for your Android mobile app? One rule of thumb is that the content of your application must be unique and it should never be copied from other applications. If you think that by copying material from other similar applications, you can get your app published on the play store then you are wrong. Google play store policies regarding the copyright of other applications are very strict. Therefore, if you try to publish a copied content then your application will automatically be banned from the Google play store. An application that will violate the copyrights of other applications will never pass the review process that is essential before the publication of an application on the Google play store. Therefore, you must invest some time in brainstorming proper content ideas and then incorporate them inside the Android app. Some helpful tips regarding the content of an Android application are as follows:

  1. Use of existing website content:

Many times, Android applications are created after the creation of business websites. Your business website can be used as a great resource for the content of the Android app. The content of the Android app must conform to the content of the Android website. In this way, you can easily create the content of your Android app as you will already have an idea of the content from your business website.

  1. Using content from a blog for your Android app:

If you are running a successful blog before the creation of your Android app, then your blog content can serve as a great resource for the Android app content. Blogs are usually read by clients before the creation of the Android apps. Generally, as the target audience reads the blogs first and after that, the traffic is shifted towards the Android app. In this way, there is a link between the traffic of the blog and the users of the Android apps. The blog and the Android app must conform to each other regarding the content.

  1. Incorporate your brand inside the content:

If you are thinking about writing just plain content for your app that will provide information to the users, then you are wrong. A content that does not show its brand properly is of no use inside an Android app. Think of it in this way, that if you will write this plain information content inside your Android app then how the users will know about your company or business. You should market your brand properly inside your Android app content. This is the only way by which the users will build trust and loyalty with your brand. It is a great marketing strategy to incorporate the brand into the Android app. You can incorporate your brand inside an Android app in the form of a picture, icon, and your trademark. By using this simple tip to incorporate your brand inside the Android app, you can get a huge target audience and your application will become successful in no time. 

  1. Create an offline version as well as only in the version of your Android app content:

Sometimes, the users of the Android platform do not have access to an active Internet connection. Therefore, to fulfill the needs of content for offline users, you should create two versions of your Android app content. The first version of your Android app should be available to the users when they are online. You can also use different kinds of push notifications when a user is online to keep them up to date with the latest developments. For the offline versions, you will create static content. Make sure that you regularly update the offline content so that the users who use your application while offline see updated content at all times.  

  1. Use the power of social media to keep your users up to date:

Nowadays, the most powerful tool that can be used for proper marketing of the Android app is social media. You can keep your audience regularly updated about the new advancements regarding your Android app by using social media. You should post different latest developments in the form of new headlines etc to keep your audience up to date. In this way, you can get the trust of the customers as they will know that you regularly update your Android app from time to time. Social media should be used for increasing the target audience and increasing the user retention rate for an Android app.


If you want to create a successful Android app, then you cannot ignore the importance of concise and coherent content for the Android app. Never ignore the content of an Android app as it is the only thing that is viewed by the end-users. It is entirely up to you as a developer, that whether you like to create the content of Android app from scratch or whether you use templates provided by different platforms such as Appsgeyser for writing the content. Using templates for writing the content of your Android app is beneficial as it will save you a lot of time. The content of your application must be unique, and it should never be copied from other resources. You can write your application content from a business website and your business blog.