How Much Money Can You Earn From a Free App on Google Play Store?

how much money do android app developers make

In the past few years, the mobile industry has leapt forward. Due to the increase in the smartphone industry, the demand for mobile applications has also increased.

Currently, more and more people are completing online courses and becoming developers. Then, many of those new developers are trying their luck by publishing their application on Google Play Store. Some experienced developers are making thousands and even millions of dollars each month as app revenue.

Because of rapid growth, many new people want to enter this industry. People want to enter the app business and believe that developing apps and making money go hand in hand without the sweat and tears of starting a business from scratch.

The App development industry demands hard work, but it pays a lot if you do it correctly. In this article, we will look at the importance of understanding app platforms to choose which app platform you should consider.

You will learn whether you should create an Android app, an iOS app, or a Microsoft app. Some newcomers also want to know how much money do Android app developers make. In this post, we will also tell you about app revenue and mobile app advertising revenue.

App Revenue on Different App Platforms

Each of the app platforms, including Apple, Microsoft, and Android, delivers the news of their marketplaces in different ways, which sometimes confuses the app developers and causes false interpretations of which market is best to enter.

Apple suggests that they have 1.25 million apps in the app store, with over 50 billion downloads. Apple has also reported that the developers have earned over $5 billion in the last year through these apps.

Google presents its figures. Google explains how many app makers were responsible for the 800,000 apps in their markets, showing how much each app maker will make on average.

They are not clear on the figure that app makers received, but it is estimated to be around $900 million splits between the 150,000 developers.

With the statistics that Apple gives, we cannot estimate the average amount each app developer receives. We do not know how many app developers are responsible for the 1.25 million apps on iOS.

Microsoft has been more conservative on their statistics. Microsoft has recently claimed that there are around 160,000 apps in their store created by 45,000 developers.

It is unclear what their download rate is, but they believe that each Microsoft user downloads 54 apps on average, putting their download count at 650 million to date. It is not clear how much each app developer makes, on average, from these figures.

Exact App Revenue

It is challenging to know the exact app revenue of an individual platform using the provided figures. We cannot say which platform is most suitable for app makers.

Android does ensure that they have the most precise set of statistics allowing us to understand the Android market in more detail. It is one reason why choosing the Android app development route is the most sensible one to take.

A company that is clear and open with statistics enables the app maker to make informed decisions about their business and business planning.

Future of Mobile App Industry

The mobile app industry’s future is going to be great. Many new developers are entering the field because of its growth and app revenue.

According to a report, there are over 5.2 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and this number is increasing day by day. In the past year, there were around 102 million new mobile users worldwide.

These numbers show that the growth of unique mobile users is increasing by 2 percent each year. Developers are launching many new apps every day to fulfil the demand of these users.

Developers are earning more revenue than ever before. Another report states that the combined worth of both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store was around $54.7 billion back in 2018.

This growth was 15.2% better than in the year 2017. So, the mobile app industry is an excellent opportunity for people who want to earn money. Different means are present using that you can enter the mobile app industry and start generating money.

4 Popular Methods that Android Developers Use for App Monetization

There are different ways, which application owners use to monetize their apps and earn money. Here you will find some of the most famous app monetization methods that can help you generate more money.

  • Mobile App Advertising Revenue
  • Upgrade to Remove Ads
  • In-App Purchases
  • Sponsorships

1. Mobile App Advertising Revenue

The advertising revenue is one of the best ways that app developers use to make money through their applications. The in-app ad-revenue is quite suitable if the app has high traffic. Free apps use this model to grow their business.

Following are three types of ad revenue that app developers use.

  • Cost per Thousand Impression (CPM): In the CPM model, the developers get paid based on app impressions. More impressions mean more revenue.
  • Cost per Action (CPC): In CPA, the user needs to perform some action to help the app owner earn money.
  • Cost per Click (CPA): If the user clicks on the advertisement present in the app, the owner will earn some cash in return.

There are multiple advertisement networks, which you can use to show ads on your mobile application. Google Ads, AdMob, and InMobi are some of the popular networks that you can try.

As compared to other ad networks, these ad networks will pay you more. To earn more revenue, make sure to get more traffic on your application.

2. Upgrade to Remove Ads

Ads are sometimes annoying, and people do not want to see such ads. Some of the ads are time-consuming that destroy the user experience.

Thus, try cashing in on the opportunity by offering an “upgrade to remove ads” option. You can create an upgraded paid version of your mobile app with no ads.

Make sure to develop a free version of your app that you can offer to people who do not want to pay for the application. Remember to enable ads in such a free version of your mobile application.

3. In-App Purchases

Another excellent means to grow your app revenue is by adding some in-app purchases. Many developers in the app industry only prefer in-app purchases because it is a great source of income.

As per the reports, in-app purchases generate around 40 to 50 percent of the total revenue made by apps worldwide. In-app purchases are ideal for free apps.

You can add an in-app marketplace where users can buy items present within the application. You can use different techniques to make the users ready for in-app purchases.

4. Sponsorships

Sponsorships are another method that most android developers use to earn from their free app. Once you generate more traffic on your mobile application, brands will approach you for sponsorships.

Besides, you can also collaborate with a popular business to grow your download rates and grow your business. Brands know the power of mobile marketing due to they are always in search of a good opportunity.

Most brands will demand you to promote their products or services, and in return, you will get good money. I hope you like the article. If you want to create an app without learning to program, then make sure to try AppsGeyser.