How to make play store apps and earn money

Earn Money From Play Store

A huge potential is present in the Android mobile app development services for application development and earning money. However, keep this thing in mind that not every application that is present on the Play Store earns money. According to statistics, there are almost 3 million applications present on Google Play. There is huge competition present among different applications over the Play store. An application is required to contain a brilliant idea and must have a huge amount of target audience to be successful and earn revenue over the Play store. By using proper strategies, the applications not only earn revenue over the Play Store but the cost of maintenance and development of the application is also reduced.

In this article, you will learn how to monetize your AppsGeyser mobile app.

How to earn money from Google Play Store by making an Android App

Have you ever wondered why people use mobile phone applications? Whether you are looking for an app for personal trainers or an app to help you manage your money, the answer is the same. The simple answer to this question is that mobile phone applications offer a lot of conveniences and it is the sole reason why people use mobile phone applications. The people who use Android apps demand it to be quick, effective, and visually captivating. In order to learn how to earn application revenue, it is essential to learn about the ways in which payment is usually made in the Play Store.

How payments work in the Google Play Store?

The payment method works in the following ways in the Google Play Store.

  • In the case of paid android applications, the amount of money the application will make will be credited to the account within 30 days period.
  • The payment method of the Google play store is based on a 70:30 payment ratio. It means that for the money the application makes 70% of the money go to the application owner and 30% of the money will be kept by the Google play store.

 According to Statista, in 2020, global revenue from mobile apps increased to over 318 billion U.S. dollars. This is an increase of over 60 billion U.S. dollars compared to 2019. The Statista estimates that revenue across most segments will increase and reach around 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

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How much money do apps make per download

Free apps don’t get any money per download, the thing which matters here is the active users . Active users are who has the app installed in their mobile phone.

And coming to the earning, there are different monetization strategies, so we can approximately calculate how much money do apps make per download.

  • $0.002 – this is average revenue per 1 daily app usage that was created using AppsGeyser app maker.
  • For 1000 daily usages, this is $2 per day.
  • Generally 1 app download is at least 2 usages.
  • So 1000 downloads is $4.
  • The average revenue per app download is $0,004.

But 1000 users might bring different a revenue amount. Here is some of the factors that will impact your revenue regardless of how many downloads are:

  1. Category and content of the app
  2. Location of the users (1000 users from US vs 1000 users from India usually do not mean same CPM and revenue)
  3. Frequency and length of usages.

How much money can you make by publishing Android apps?

One of the important considerations by making an application earn is to correctly choose the platform for which you want to develop the application. Google Play store is one of the most remarkable platforms for publishing and distributing Android applications. It provides many benefits to the developers including different methods to measure the growth and performance of the application over Play Store. Some statistics say that Android developers usually earn around $5000 with their applications over the play store.

8 ways to earn money from Android applications on Google Play

A variety of different strategies are present for Android applications to make money. These different strategies are incorporated inside the Android application to get maximum revenue. Check out these strategies and apply them to your application. You can use one strategy or multiple strategies at the same time in your Android application to gain revenue. The details of these strategies are as follows:

  1. Using In-App purchasing

The majority of the gaming applications present over the Google Play Store involve using in-app purchasing. In-app purchasing is a very powerful option that is available for the developers to incorporate within their Android applications. The in-app purchasing option works in a way that some special features or functionalities are introduced in the application that requires money. To get access to the special features and functionalities the users use different kinds of payment methods to make the purchase and acquire their required items within the application. In this way, revenue is earned with applications. Ensure that the functionality that is present in in-app purchasing, improve customer satisfaction and involvement in the applications. One common example of In-App purchasing is the game Candy Crush. This game earns a revenue of around $800,000 a day with the help of in-app purchasing. 

  1. Using In-App Advertising

In-App advertising is another powerful option that can be used for earning money with android applications. Different companies are present that offer in-app purchasing. These companies use different models that are used for advertisement. One famous model is known as cost per click model for the advertisement. The partnered company usually requires a small commission from the advertisement. One rule of thumb for using in-app advertisement is to use relevant advertisements that conform to the content of your application.

  1. Try to use a subscription model for the application

Using the subscription model inside the application proved very successful for many companies. The Netflix company is an example of a company based on a subscription model. Try to offer search content and material to the target audience that shows some real value. Try to make interesting content so that the users would like to spend more time on the application. By engaging the audience into using your application, you can get profit from your application. Therefore, using the subscription model for your application can prove a great way for making money from the application.

  1. Try to create an Android application that runs on multiple Android devices

Imagine that you have created an application and it only runs on mobile phones. Surely, you will miss the users that use applications over their desktops and tablets. One simple solution to increase the audience of your application is to make the application compatible with different Android devices. It is important that all users have access to all applications and have quick access even to information like unblock pirate bay. Create your application in such a way that its graphics and other assets are compatible with running on multiple Android devices regardless of their size, resolution, and versions.

  1. Finding a sponsor for your application

Using sponsorship for your Android application is also a clever way of getting money from apps. For using sponsorship, first, you have to find a company or a brand that is using a similar application like yours in the Android marketplace. After searching the company, You get their sponsorship, and customers for your company will increase.

  1. Freemium

This mode of monetization is very interesting. Freemium model includes the process in which different companies offer advanced versions of their mobile phone applications to the target audience. In this way, the users will spend an amount of money in exchange for the application. It is one of the most profitable and guaranteed ways of making money from apps. The basic idea behind this freemium is that the core premium features of the application are kept in lock and they are only unlocked for the people who want to spend real money on the features.

  1. Research your competitors

In the world of Android apps, different competitors are present in the Android marketplace. To make an application successful, it is necessary to research the competitive applications that will be in competition with your application on the Play Store. For getting successful among different competitors, it is necessary to make applications with captivating and unique features that are new for the target audience. Create such new features for your application that are very useful for the users and they engage the interest of the users in using the application. Doing proper research about the competitors and creating an application that stays ahead of the competition is a sure way of earning money from publishing app on the Play Store. 

  1. Invest your time in researching the profitable categories of the Android application

One of the most extremely important points of creating an application is to ensure that there is a requirement for that application in the market. If you create an application with no target audience, there is no way that such an application can be successful. Before creating an application, it is vital to invest time and do proper research in searching for the profitable niche of the android marketplace.  Some common categories of profitable Android applications are :

  • Social media applications,
    • Music-related applications,
    • Applications dedicated to entertainment purposes,
    • Games,
    • Business and finance applications.


Millions of Android applications are present over the Google Play Store. For earning money from the Play Store by making and publishing an Android app, it is important to create an application that has real worth. By researching proper competitive applications and profitable niches in the Android marketplace, a successful Android application can be created. Different strategies can be used for generating income from Android applications. These strategies include

  • In-app purchasing,
  • In-app advertisement,
  • Using the subscription model for the application,
  • Finding a great sponsor for the application,
  • Using the freemium version of the application,
  • Researching profitable niches for the Android application,
  • Creating Android applications that run on multiple Android devices. 

Now you know how to earn money from Google Play Store. We also have another article about moneymaking in the appcreation industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn from Android Apps?

There are several popular ways to monetize your Android app:  In-App purchasing,  In-App Advertising,  Subscription, Freemium, Sponsorship.

How to earn money by uploading app on Google Play Store?

You can earn money after uploading your app on Google Play Store by choosing one of the methods of monetization: show ads in your app with AdMob; charge users for app download; offer in-app purchases; charge monthly for access to your app; charge for premium features; find a sponsor and show their ads in your app.

What is the best way to earn money for Google Play Store?

In-app advertising is the most popular and profitable way to monetize apps. By showing banner ads and getting clicks, developers can easily make $1000 and more per month.

How to upload app on Play Store to earn money?

Create your app on AppsGeyser, it’s free. Then create Google Play Developer account. You’ll have to pay one-time fee of $25 to Google. After approving your account, you will get access to the console and will be able to upload your app.

How much money can I make from app on Goole Play Store?

Successful Android developers earn around $5000 with their Android apps on the Play Store.

How much money required to upload app on Play Store?

You need to pay one-time fee for the registration on Play Store – $25. After that you can upload any number of Android app,