Create a Quiz Android App – How to Make a Quiz App for Free

Make a Quiz App for Free

Nowadays, Android is one of the most popular mobile phone application development platform. Android apps are so popular nowadays that among every hundred people, 76 people would be using Android applications on their mobile phones. Several factors are present that made Android application development so popular among developers. The Google play store’s process of publishing the Android app is very simple regarding the application acceptance. Android applications are independent of the hardware. Therefore, by designing the Android apps, hardware will not a concern for the developers.

AppsGeyser is an Android application development platform. Our platform provides numerous templates to the users. Users can use different templates to design the app of their dreams. Templates make it very easy for the users to create applications even if they are not very tech-savvy. This platform also provides templates for creating quiz app.  Quiz based apps are considered the most famous category of applications on the Google play store. They are very important regarding the learning and knowledge of the users belonging to any age group.

Why Quiz Apps Are Important?

Different types of quizzes and tests are very important in the learning process. By using the quiz based applications, different benefits are present for the instructor and the user that is taking the exam.  In the old days, for participating in different types of quizzes, the students had to take long exams that lasted a few hours. It was a hectic process for both the instructors and the students. Moreover, after giving the exams the students had to wait for a few days for the results. The instructors also had to check the papers manually and this process was tedious.

With the advancement in technology, specifically in the field of Android apps opened new opportunities for students to learn and polish their skills. Developers created innovative quiz apps that can be used by both the instructors and the students to simplify the process of quizzes and tests. In this way, Android application development supported the process of e-learning and it became beneficial for everybody who uses the Android quiz apps.

Some of the Quiz App benefits are as follows:

  1. Simpler aducational processs

By using quiz apps, all the users have to do is to download and install the application over their mobile phones. In this way, the students can give their tests through simple clicks. The process of result creation also became very simple by using the Android quiz apps. All the answers are predefined in the application.

  1. Creating unique quizzes according to the requirements

The latest Android apps give many customizable options to the users for creating different kinds of quizzes. A user can randomly create different questions and answers.  The questions and answers can be in any format such as am secures, written text, true and false, etc. Android apps can be used for making a huge repository of the quizzes.

  1. Instant results and grading system

By using Android apps quizzes, the students do not have to wait for long periods for their results. By using digital quizzes, the students can get their results instantly after submitting the quizzes. Feedback is also immediate for the users after submitting their results. Feedback provides necessary instructions to the participants regarding their tests and their progress.

  1. Opportunity to provide thorough analysis quickly

By using Android apps for quizzes and e-learning, the progress can be viewed for individual users by providing different test scores and in-depth reports. In Android quiz apps, the progress analysis is created instantly and it helps in maintaining the progress of the students regarding the curriculum.

Apsgeyser is an Android Application Development platform that provides different templates for tapp creation. By using this platform, you can easily create the quiz application of your choice in few simple steps. All you have to do is to sign up to this platform and use the template of your choice. After selecting the desired template, you can start making the quiz apps right away. Follow the following steps for creating an Android quiz app by using AppsGeyser platform:

Create a Quiz Android App

How to make a Quiz app by using Appsgeyser Platform:    

  1. Go to the “create quiz app template” in the “Appsgeyser” platform.
  2. Provide the game background in the template.
  3. Add the category name of the quiz.
  4. Attach images.
  5. Select the question type. The questions can be in the form of text questions, image questions, scratch questions, and four images.
  6. Select multiple variants for the answer, true/false type of answers, answers that are built from letters, and answers that are in the form of four images.
  7. Add the list of questions.
Make Quiz Questions
  1. Write the question text, the correct answers, and incorrect answers.
  2. Customize the app: you can add text color, button color, incorrect text, correct answer sound, incorrect answer sound, music background, and any font of your choice.
Customize Quiz Android App
  1. Add the application name along with the icon.
Create Quiz App Android
  1. On creating the app, you will be asked to create your account in AppsGeyser.
  2. You can preview your application by using the preview option.

Publishing Quiz Android App

After creating your quiz application by using Appsgeyser App Creator, you will get a timeframe of three days to publish it directly over the Google play store and save it. This counter will provide you three days to think about your application and improve it in any way that you like.

You need to put your app on the Google play store for your target audience to install it over their mobile phones. AppsGeyser will help you throughout the process of publishing your apps over Google Play store from creation to distribution.

AppsGeyser  provides the opportunity to directly publish your Android app on the Google Play store. A good app is of no value if you cannot distribute it properly over an Android marketplace. Therefore, the Appsgeyser makes this very easy for you to distribute and publish your application over Google Play store with a click of a button.  Alternative marketplaces are also available on this platform to directly publish your app. You can use the marketplace of your choice. We support publishing the application on Amazon app store, Aptoide, Slideme, and GetJar. If you are using AppsGeyser to publish your application over other platforms rather than play store,  then the publisher registration is free of cost and your application will face less competition in the market.

AppsGeyser also provides a QR code for you to download your quiz application. Just by the quick click of a button. One key feature that this platform provides is the opportunity for you to redirect your users to your app directly. This platform provides a unique HTML code that you can embed in your personal websites and blogs. In this way, you will give the option to the users to download your app directly from your website. In this way, you can increase the distribution of the application among your target audience and you can put your app over your personal websites without any extra effort.


One of the most famous categories of Android applications present over the Google play store features quiz apps. Quiz based apps are famous among e-learning platforms. Users all over the world enjoy downloading quiz-based applications to increase their knowledge about relative subjects. Hundreds of quiz based applications are present over the Internet.

If you are not tech-savvy, and you don’t know how to create an Android quiz-based app, then don’t worry. Appsgeyser Platform makes it very easy for the users to create quiz apps for Android. The users simply have to create their accounts on Appsgeyser. After creating the count, the user will select a quiz template for their app. By following the different customizable options present on the screen, the user can simply create an Android app according to his requirements. The user will download the APK file of the Android application over his device. A user can also preview the Android app after creating it. This platform provides a unique opportunity to publish the Android application over the play store with a single click. Alternatively, a user can also publish his app over multiple different platforms such as Amazon App Store, Aptoide, SlideMe, and Getjar, etc. You will also get a QR Code for your Android app to download it directly over the target device. You can also distribute your quiz application over your personal and business websites by embedding the link to your app provided by the platform. In this way, you can create any quiz application to suit your requirements.