To Publish on Google Play, Or Not?

Have you thought of all the problems, consequences, and issues that you’re going to face before you publish your Android app in? If the answer is no, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Even though many marketers are aware of other app stores aside from Google Play Store, many don’t know the PROS of using these other app stores. There are lots of app developers who initially choose to publish their app on Google Play.

Why Google Play?

Google Play is one of the largest and biggest app stores to date. It has millions of apps on the store and remains to be the most popular store for Android apps and games. Its success is due to the fact that all Android phones come pre-installed with Google Play. This gives consumers instant access to Google Play apps.  

Being in a huge marketplace can be a problem though. Given the scope of competition on Google Play, there’s also a bigger chance that your app will be lost in rankings or won’t be known at all.  Here’s another fact: the success rate for an app on Google Play Store is very low, but you can overcome this by marketing to other app stores to test before you submit it to Google Play.

I’ll give you an example. The Angry Birds game did not debut on Google Play. It was first launched on GetJar. The reasons behind this is that; firstly Google Play does not have a Worldwide audience by that time and secondly, GetJar is great in promoting free apps.

Angry Birds became popular on Getjar and through various user feedback and game updates,  it was a smart move to market it to a wider marketplace which is Google Play Store.

Alternative App Stores

The number of alternative app stores is popping up and they are increasing. It may not be a good scenario for consumers, but for developers, these additional platforms can provide them with more solid foundations. And, if used correctly, these alternative markets can increase the opportunities for their app success. Below are the alternative app stores that I personally recommend to app developers.

Itunes (Apple App Store):  The Apple App Store has more than one million apps and games for your iOS devices. It’s also a great market for your apps. However, the app development here is quite different, so you’d probably end up starting from scratch if you really want to go to this route.

Amazon App Store: Amazon is a goo choice also — this app store can be used as an advertising tool. It also has a review process that encourages developers to submit high-quality apps.

SlideMe:  This is also a popular app store as it has a large user base. However, it has lesser number of apps compared to Google Play and the apps review process is not as stringent as Amazon’s.

GetJar: this app market only allows an free apps. People go to this site for free stuff and, as Angry Birds has proven, GetJar can be used for testing the market and to build an audience before launching an app to Google Play.

Competition in the app store world is tough and it continues to grow. These days, there’s no guaranteed success in app marketing. That’s why you should do your best in developing and marketing your app. Again, knowing where to publish it is a good start.

I would love to hear about your experiences with alternative app markets. Leave your comments below.