How Free Android App Templates Can Benefit You

It’s been a while that developers are getting much exposure to app templates and themes. Code Canyon, Themeforest, and AppsGeyser are the forerunners of this race but these are not the only ones. You can get several other templates and theme providers as well. If we look a few years back, we will see that before this template business was highly focused only on websites and WordPress templates. But with every second, things are getting transformed into something better. In recent years we have witnessed a tremendous increase in apps in Play Store and Google. So with this ever-growing world of apps, it has become imperative for the app developers to work smartly and not hardly. When developers were looking for the best modular way of app development which costs them less time and money, at that time app templates were introduced.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of Android devices and developer communities, Android commercial applications have also introduced themselves as a growing market. So this is not a very surprising fact that demands for Android templates are growing stronger too. A template for your app is the basis of your app which will contain all the coding. What you need to do is to select a single template from your Android app templates and put your content in it. As a developer you may know for UI development you need to spend dollars, right? This is a very crucial phase where mostly the new developers end up spending a huge sum of time and money. The thing is when you can get your feature off the shelf in the form of a template, then what is the point of designing it from a scratch? Last but not the least, the greatest advantage of using a good app template is its standard features as well as its code structure. Good template’s code is written with proper standards and it is also bug-free. What else a developer can ask for?

In today’s article, we are presenting you some of the best app making templates provided by AppsGeyser platform. Here are a few app templates and their detail:

20 Free App Templates for Android

  1. Website — This template is used to Form a link to your existing website and change it into an app.
  2. Browser — Turn your Android app into a mobile browser to search external content from within your app. You can insert the link of your website as a bookmark. It will help the users to find it easily.
  3. YouTube – Create an application from your channel on YouTube and spread it among your subscribers.
  4. TV — Create a TV app from your favorite TV channels or streams.
  5. Wallpaper — Use this to make a background app for your Android. Get your HD images shared with the mobile world. This shows an album of your images that can be used as a wallpaper.
  6. Page —Create an offline app from offline content. HTML app tool allows you to make an app using visual HTML. It can be a page for a local taxi, cafe, or school to present high-quality products to people.
  7. HTML — Use your HTML knowledge to create a website app that can be available to users offline.
  8. Web App — Use your existing HTML code to create a mobile version of Websites online. Upload your existing Web App to convert it into an Android app.
  9. RSS — Create a selection of news for your Android users. Just insert the RSS link into the app. Try to select news gathered by a single theme or in a local language for an audience
  10. 2048 Game — Use your images to make a game. This is one of the most challenging games ever. As it uses numbers instead of pictures so the users will stick longer to see the images you gave used.
  11. Coloring Game — Let your audience color in the images. Upload black and white images to let your users add colors on their mobile phones.
  12. Magic Ball — This is a modern version of a classical game Arkanoid. Where you need to destroy the blocks by bouncing a ball into them.
  13. Spin the Bottle — Most popular game among teenagers. In this game one person spins the bottle and to whom the bottle points when it stops spinning has to do some dare.
  14. Fishing — Kids play this game with great interest where they use a fishing pole to catch the fish.
  15. Facebook — Turn your Facebook page into an app in an instant. Create your feed from the Facebook page.
  16. Messenger – Got bored of Whatsapp, want something new? Try to make your personal messenger styled app
  17. Quiz — Create a list of questions and make a trivia quiz game app for Android. You can question your audience on any subject and give them a chance to prove themselves.
  18. Book Reader —You can easily create a book reader application by this template.With Book Reader, Template an application can be created by the user’s book library. This template supports epub and pdf formats.
  19. Photo Editor Application— This template can be used to create the photo editor of your choice. Nowadays, there is a huge trend for creating different photography-related applications. Majority of the Android users like to download the photo editing applications in the Android platform and enjoy them on their mobile phones. This template offers a built-in gallery and full-scale editing capabilities. A user can select various icons and designs.
  20. Guide Application—This template can be used for effectively organizing information. Create great tutorials by using this template and guide your target audience on any topic of your choice.

Create Android Apps with Free Templates

Collective experience of the majority of app development agencies says that the android app development is a repetitive process with nothing new. This is very much relevant in today’s situation where startups are found building ‘uber for something’ or often an ‘Instagram of something’. So this surely calls for some modularized app development process. App templates are pre-existing structures that reduce the time of a developer for app creation. For Android app developers, templates reduce much hassle which is otherwise required for marketing apps. Also, it can save your money, reduce your team size, take little time to market and give your app a bug-free development. All these advantages of app templates can get you engaging and long-lasting consumers.

With such a huge number of free app making templates to select from, it is sometimes hard to decide which template you should go for. So you can test a few templates and check which one of them fits best with your needs and audience’s demands. Here is another advice, make sure when you are making some great app network, try to use a minimum of free app making templates. This article includes several great templates provided by AppsGeyser with which you can kick off your career in app development.