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Android app making isn’t a simple task. From a comprehensive app idea to the final deliverable, there are a lot of steps involved in app making. Everything is taken under consideration before actually starting an app development process.

If a proper plan is followed, there are no hurdles in having a successful app business. Since the app business is different from other businesses, you’ll need to have a positive attitude towards your goals. Generating revenue will be more straightforward when users found your apps valuable and user-friendly.

Making these quality-oriented and user-friendly apps can only happen if your approach is aligned with your business perspectives. If you are only thinking about the money, it is going to be quite challenging for you because the audience wants value. You can earn a lot of revenue at a specific time after the launch of your dream app.

Why is Android App Making Plan Important?

Planning is the very first phase in Software Engineering because a complete plan always leads you towards ultimate success. If you don’t have a plan while making an app, there are more chances of it being failed. Planning is not only that how you will make the app, but it also includes proper risk analysis and project management.

A pre-defined goal with a specific approach will help you gain quality in your app, and that is what the audience demands. Android app making business even requires more planning and research than other businesses. You may successfully develop your app and even launch it on the Google Play Store, but there are chances of it being degraded by the users or app crashes.

There are some benefits to app planning as follows:

  • Development time gets reduced
  • App with comparatively fewer bugs
  • Updating the app becomes easier
  • Low crashes and better app management

Steps to Make a Successful App

Android app making consists of various steps. We have come up with some proven steps for you. AppsGeyser, with an experience of more than a decade in app development, has comprehensively researched on the topic. We know which problems you might face during the android app making process.

Therefore, we have tried not to miss anything in the process and provide you the complete list. A successful app is not just an app with high pricing but with high downloads and user engagement. Providing quality should be your primary focus throughout these processes. Let’s move on to these steps to make your app truly successful.

1.  The Idea

The app idea is an essential element of an app, as well as the fundamental one. It should be a versatile one that can define a goal properly and can be made through a plan. Your app idea is the first creative thing that comes into your mind.

You could have thought of supporting a blog through the android app or create a wholly new way to use an android device. Having a solid idea that has realistic approaches towards its completion, such as defining how much time it will require to make the app is necessary.

It could be said as the very first brick while constructing a tall building. If you have made the foundations strong, then most likely, it will never fall off. The same goes for your app. The idea is like the first brick in your process.

In this phase, you sharpen your idea and define its boundaries. It could also be called the phase of defining the scope of your app. If you can define a good android app scope, your goal will start becoming clearer. We, at AppsGeyser, have helped a lot of app business owners to define and work on their idea through which they became successful.

2. The Content and Functionality

Providing functionalities or useful information is why the apps are made for. You should define what type of content your app will have. Functionalities vary from apps to apps, as well as the content. In this phase, you need to take notes on what functionalities the app will have and how we are going to achieve these functionalities.

Your design considerations also take place here as functionality and content are directly aligned to it. How the app will behave with specific user interaction is also considered in this part. All of these functionalities are determined by wearing the user’s shoes.

In addition, a comprehensive market analysis of which functionalities similar apps are providing could be beneficial. You need to put some features at least more than your competitors to stand out from the crowd. When users see your app with various additional features, they will definitely start using your app.

3. Creating Different Versions

You can create an HTML version of your app by adding content and basic functionalities to aid the actual app development process. After all, having a prototype is what is required to see how the app will behave. The goal here is to use a mobile app template that can provide us a pre-built structure.

App business can get a boost in its app development process if you decide to create an HTML version of the app at first. Because of the simple structure of the HTML code, your app boundaries can be easily defined through it. Though you cannot clearly add all the functionalities through the HTML code, the major parts of the app can be conversion ready.

4. App Conversion

Converting the HTML code into an android app is one of the easiest tasks in app development. Thanks to the easy to use templates of AppsGeyser. It makes it easy to take your website or HTML code and convert it into your dream app within just a few minutes.

In this phase, the app is created in real terms after a long wait during the entire android app making process. All of the design parameters are followed, and your app idea is brought towards reality. Normally, android apps are not easy to develop even complex apps take a long time to be successfully launched. Surprisingly, there are a lot of templates provided by AppsGeyser to support you in your app development process.

The app conversion process normally takes a couple of hours if it’s a small one. If your app is complex, then from a few days to even months can consist of this process only. So, before moving towards the app conversion process, make sure that you have done all the testing of the code from your side.

5. App Distribution

After a successful app development process, it’s time to celebrate what you have achieved, but wait! There are some most important steps to complete first before the actual celebrations. One of them is distributing your apk across various platforms or promoting it and publicizing it.

Your app is just nothing if it hasn’t been reached to the public, and it’s the phase to do the job. Planning is involved in it as well because, without a proper plan, your distribution cannot be much effective. If you market your app well and distribute it to the right audience, you have already won the competition.

You can place your app on the Google Play Store or any other store or both. Placing your app on the app stores is also an art that should be used to grow your app business. Marketing comes in here as well. An effective distribution and marketing plan makes an app successful.

6. Monetization

Now that’s the phase where you can actually earn revenue through your app. Though you should consider the monetization factors when the app is in the development phase because after distribution, some users don’t like to update their apps. There are many ways to monetize your app.

From app advertisements to in-app purchases, your app can start generating ultimate revenue for you. In fact, monetization plays a vital role in the android app making process because it is the source of a real benefit that you can get from your app.

Some app types can be placed with a price on the app stores. Apps with business promotions and online stores should always be free ones. You should consider if there is a need to monetize your app because your app may be generating revenue for you through real purchases of items such as online groceries. In that case, you just don’t need to monetize it.

7. Improving Distribution and Support

Luckily, there are a lot of techniques that AppsGeyser can provide you in this process as well. Improving your distribution is an immense task to some extent. You should always plan to approach more and more audiences by the time.

Users love their questions and concerns to be answered quickly and in a well-mannered way. App support is an essential part that focuses on providing the app with more value and quality throughout time. An app can only be successful if there is an active app distribution and support plan involved.

From working on your idea until launching your dream app and provide support to it, these are a lot of challenging tasks. Proper planning and expertise are required to fulfill your app business goals. Luckily, AppsGeyser has taken care of all of these considerations for you in our app development system. Please feel free to ask anything, and we will love to know about your experience after practicing our android app making guidelines.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023