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Making Money With Mobile Apps

Can you make $500 in a month?

A while back, I came across many similar questions on several sites online, Quora in particular. “Is it realistic to build an app and earn about $500 in a month from it?”

The responses that followed this question was not only misleading; it also wasn’t backed up with the right answers.

According to these respondents, it’s quite very easy to make $500 a month. They responded to the question the way it was asked. However, the response should have provided a solution to how to earn money by building an app, not how difficult it is. There’s a lot of difference.

Several years ago, when mobile app development was not very popular, I was opportune to have created a trivia app with the help of AppsGeyser.

I made a huge amount of money from it for over three years. And it was not difficult at all. Yes, it cost me so much time – several weeks of conceptualization, assets creation, and finally, a single day to upload it on Google Play Store.

How was this possible?

Simply with the help of Appsgeyser.  Appsgeyser is a mobile app creating platform that helps novice users to create an app without coding on the fly!

A few years ago, in the early days of mobile app development, I created a trivia app through AppsGeyser. For more than three years, I made thousands of dollars from it. Check it out here:

My trivia app was quite simplistic. I had to rely on AppsGeyser’s monetization feature for my app marketing skills.

In a nutshell, it handled the monetization of my app. It was a different world in 2011. I created one of the first trivia on the app store. Currently, everyone is trying to create an app. It’s like a trend that has been widely accepted and embraced. In the past, the competition was smaller; there were only a few known trivia app publishers. But when competition crept in after almost a year, it affected my sales drastically.

Timing Factor

It’s not so simple or difficult to publish your app on the app store at the right time. It’s possible that you’ll get the timing right. As for me, my intention for creating a trivia app wasn’t because I thought it’s the appropriate time to do it to earn money. I was fascinated with AppsGeyser and just desired to create an app for it. Trivia was a perfect choice.     


A point worth noting is repetition. If I had replicated my trivia app severally, I would have had more revenue from with effortlessly.

I created more trivia apps for Google Play.  I used various themes and considered what was trendy at that moment. I created Xmas-inspired trivia apps, sports apps, and others. It was time-consuming with AppsGeyser, however a bit simple, due to the platform’s easy to use interface.

I had thought that my ASO and app marketing skills were as excellent as they were in the past. Sadly, a few of my trivia apps failed woefully.

The first trivia app I created was a huge success, but its repetition was not easy.

Why is it so?

The answer is – Competition. Also, it’s quite different back then.

Currently, you can’t try to spam your app title with basic keywords. Also, a lot of app marketers in today’s world know the basics and rudiments of ASO. In the past, just a few know how to ASO.

The majority that responded to that Quora question built thriving apps that increased their revenue for about $500 or more in a month.

Does this translate to the fact that their skills and expertise are sufficient enough to prove that accomplishing their goal is very easy? The response is a resounding No! Because, just like me, they had just one of two successful apps. If it was that simple, why didn’t they make more investment in developing more apps?

If, for instance, you have about 200 apps, with each of them making $500 per month, you’ll make millions or more in a year.

In my own opinion, those responses were biased and unfounded. It’s true; they were trying to be positive and enthusiastic at the same time. However, the person who asked the question will definitely not get the full and glaring picture because he will not get the opinions of those who tried and failed and are not on Quora. App marketing can be successful, but it’s not always so easy.

So, How Do You Do It?

Simply, Do It!

As an app developer, you can earn money building apps; however, success cannot always be predictable. It depends on so many factors like ASO skills, your efforts, app marketing skills, patience, and diligence.

Regardless, simply take the step and do it!

Whether it will be a failure or success, you just can’t tell until you’ve tried. It’s pointless ruminating over your chances of succeeding. In real essence, it reduces your chances because it takes your time, physical and mental energy from the most important thing – your goal.

For me, my app success may be coincidental or lucky. However, it would have been impossible if I had not created an app through AppsGeyser.

If your mobile app is not a success, you can think of either making a new one or improving it. Keep trying until the story changes.

When the number of downloads, revenue, and sales increase. The surprising thing about app marketing is that it’s way easier to make an app that’s a success than to create another app that just very successful.

Success Is Possible!

According to reports, the App Store and Google Play users spent close to$39.7 billion on mobile apps and games in the first game of 2019.

No doubt, this is a booming business. Everyone prefers and uses free mobile applications.

The number of free app downloads is on the high side, and reports show that in the first half of 2019, downloads of free apps in Google Play increased by 16.4 percent and is about $41.9 billion.

The following tips will be of great help:

1. Use A Catchy App Name

The name of your newly developed app should be clear and catchy. It should leave an impression in the mind of first-timers and make them interested in the app. You can add keywords in the app name. Also, the name should correlate with what it does, not contradict it. And, the name must not be too long at most, 100 characters.

2. Use A Detailed App Description

The first few sentences should be a detailed and concise summary of what the app is all about. Failure to achieve this will hinder the success of the app.

3. Use Mesmerizing App Screenshots

Aside from the name and description, ensure that the use the best screenshot that’s unique and of high quality for your app.

You can add some text to the screenshot, describing what you do.


  • Not all apps will generate revenue.
  • You could get disappointed if you plan to build an app without a strategy. Just like every other business, you have to create a strategy and goal in mind before you embark on the journey of building your app.
  • Mobile users prefer to use apps over mobile sites.
  • You can make money with several strategies, which include In-App purchases, In-App. Ads, freemium, sponsorship, and email marketing.
Last Updated on June 14th, 2023