How To Make An Android App – A Complete Guide For Beginners

Build An Android App For Beginners

These past few weeks, we have spent some time going through the basics of creating the foundation of building a successful app business. We have discussed elaborately the planning, which includes looking out for a good app idea, creating a business plan, coming up with a marketing strategy for the app.

One crucial are we have not talked about is how to build an Android app. It might come as a surprise to you why I have left this part out. In all sincerity, I have mentioned it in the past that is if your preparation. Is poor, your app might not be a success. The last stage of app creation is building your Android app, and it’s for your Android app to be a success in the market, you need to know the crucial steps in getting your foundation right.

How to Make Android Apps for Beginners?

Let’s briefly go through what you need to get right before you build your Android app.

There are essential steps you must take one at a time to achieve your goals as a successful app developer. The list below is the ideal guide to provide all the answers you need, especially if you are an inexperienced or new app developer.

1. Do a Survey

Have you taken out time to study the android app market and take note of what isn’t functioning properly? Research to know the type of apps in the market currently and how they are faring in the market field, and what you can do to make yours different. Think of what you can do differently. Don’t do what others are doing or have done. Find what is missing and think of how to make your app better.

2. Choose a Format

Do you already have in mod the style and format you’d like your app to look like and how more apps will be added to your app empire?

3. Know Your Target Audience

You should ask yourself who you’re creating a mobile app for. Before you proceed, draw a user portrait and pick the functionality users need, the duration of time they’ll be spending on your app.

When you have a mental picture of a target audience, it enables you to create an app suited to meet their needs. Even if your free app may have a substantial number of downloads from people, the thing is that only a few of your users will bring profit through clicking on ads or making in-app purchases. Lots of users will not spend a dime on your app. You will certainly not like it; however, that’s the way it is.

That’s why you need to set a goal to attract lots of users and do all you can to ensure that you succeed.

4. Research Your Competitors

If you intend to launch a mobile app, you need to do a competitor analysis.

Look through app stores and find similar apps. Look meticulously at what the competitors are offering, the type of designs they use, and their monetization methods. You need this information because it will guide you to know your competitor’s experiences and note their mistakes. This will help you make your app better and provide a quality service to your users. Remember that a better app translates to huge profits for you as the developer.

5. Choose a catchy name

The name that you choose for your app is very crucial. You should not be in a hurry to pick a name; you need to take your time to pick the perfect name. Because the name of the app is how people will perceive your business, ensure that the name is perfect for the brand image you are trying to project. It should be a simple, unique, and catchy name that’s easy to pronounce and remember. Avoid jargon or vulgar word.

Next is to choose a color scheme that’s good for your app. Put into consideration your target market, brand image, and brand color.

Finally, the app icon, background, splash screen, and app layout must be unique and properly inputted.

6. Have a solid business plan

Any application you are building will have a business goal. This implies that it solves a specific problem. Hence, you should choose a monetization strategy depending on your app’s business purpose.

For instance, if you want to create a nice music player with several sound adjustments. You should ask yourself if in-app purchases can be a productive profit-generating method? Of course not. You should rather go for ads or provide an ad-free version with a subscription.

Or if, for instance, you develop an educational app. You can choose to provide in-app purchases like access to additional functions or paid tips. Obviously, this type of apps can contain ads.

Ensure that you have a solid and well structures plan that you can always fall back on as you grow in the business. It’s good always to have a reference point and a tool that can always be a reminder.

Also, just like every other business, if you have a good plan, you have higher chances of attaining your goals, even if you are a beginner.

7. Market

Have you started networking or building your social network audience, and what marketing strategies have you put in place for your app?

8. Monetization

How do you intend to make money from your app and the business?

You need to have your plans mapped out strategically before you launch out. You must also be flexible enough to try out several ways, to know which will work for you.

How To Create Your First Android App if You Are a Beginner

  1. Go to the website;
  2. Click on CREATE APP NOW;
  3. Choose an app template suitable for your purposes’
  4. Fill in the details for the app on the first page of the app-making process;
  5. Click on CREATE APP;
  6. Create your AppsGeyser account.

After that you will be able to download your apk file and share your app with friends and other people. Don’t hesitate to publish it to your own choice Android app market.


Apps are just everywhere around us. Every big brand has a mobile app you can download. Apps have also been excellent good for business solutions all over the globe; even you use about 50 apps in your day-to-day life.  This huge demand for apps is on the increase, and it keeps getting higher every day.

Additionally, the purpose they serve is a motivation that should keep you started and going on your path to developing your app if you are a beginner. The guidelines in this article will serve as a guide to help you build a successful and thriving app business.

Last Updated on February 22nd, 2024