How to Make an App Like Airbnb for Free?

Make an App Like Airbnb

As the gig economy grows in popularity, people are coming up with innovative ways of making money. One of the latest trends is people sharing their apartments with tourists for some extra cash. And, going by the statistics, people are making a kill out of this idea. One of the popular applications for booking this type of accommodation is Airbnb.

Read further to find out how to make an app like Airbnb, how an app like Airbnb works, and how much does it cost to develop an app like Airbnb.

What is Airbnb?

As you’ll find out from the horse’s mouth, Airbnb is the home of a community that loves to share. Users don’t just come here to share their space, but also passions and interests. On one end, there’s a user who has some space in their apartment to share. They register, create a profile, and give details about their house. On the other end, a traveler is looking for accommodation. They also join this app and go through different accommodations available to book their desired choice. It’s that simple.

Still, you aren’t sure whether it’s a great idea to create an app like Airbnb?

Airbnb started back in 2008. As the first app to offer a shared accommodation booking service, it has gained alot of competition from Vrbo, HouseTrip, FlipKey, Casamundo, and Luxury Retreats, among others.

However, the app still boasts a membership of over 150 million users worldwide. The average rent per night is $185.00, and users stay approximately 4.3 nights. So far, the company has registered over 500 million residents, and it has seven million-plus listings from 220 countries around the world. Also, at least six guests check into an Airbnb space every second. Before Covid-19, Airbnb value was at $38.

Now, in January 2020, 50% of Airnbn’s website traffic came from mobile devices. This statistic tells you that users would love to access such a service on the go. Therefore, it becomes a great idea to develop an app that anyone can book their stay from a smartphone easily.

How to make an app like Airbnb

There are a few steps necessary for coming up with such an app.

  1. Design a business plan: Put your idea onto paper. This way, you get a chance to write down your goals and the critical steps you should take to accomplish them.
  2. Put a team together: Your project will require various specialists. These include back-end and front-end developers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, etc. Based on your budget, you may opt for an in-house team composed of all these professionals. Or., you may outsource part or all of these services.
  3. Design a user-friendly UI/UX interface: You need an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  4. Include various features: At this stage, you can start with basic features. Then, get feedback from prospective users and decide what you can add.
  5. Test the app: This process eliminates bugs and ensures that the users are getting an exceptional experience.
  6. Release and plan for regular updates.

Airbnb features

To create a functional app like Airbnb, you must understand it’s main features. The app comprises two parts: it has an interface for the guest and another for the host.


  • Requests – this is where the landlord will view all the applications by prospective residents. They should be able to accept and reject a bid on this screen.
  • GPS – this feature enables clients to view the surrounding of an apartment. It shows nearby cafes, exciting sights, and others.
  • Notifications – with this feature, the landlord can receive instant updates such as new requests, payments, and canceled requests.
  • Accommodations – here, the landlord can post an ad about their space. It should allow the user to give a thorough description of the rental, including the apartment type, capacity, photos, and price per night.


Here are the must-have features for the guest side of an Airbnb-like app:

  • Registration – the first step to using most apps is the signup process. This part should at least ask users to give their email and password to create an account. Consider adding a Terms and Policy statement and a button for a user to tick before signing up.
  • Profile – both the guests and hosts need an option to create and edit their details. In this feature, they add their information such as names, sex, age, and others.
  • Login – you should strive to create a quick login process where users can use existing profiles such as their Google account, email, or social media account. Make the app user-friendly by adding the option to retrieve a password if it’s lost.
  • Search – this feature is vital as it enables users to see available houses and their details, set dates for their trips, and indicate the number of people traveling. After they find a suitable apartment, they should be able to send a request.
  • Payments – the critical aspect of this feature is to provide several options for paying. Users want to experience a secure and safe payment process, as well.
  • Order – this is where the guest requests to occupy a listing. Before they can book, they choose the house and confirm if it’s available for their selected dates.
  • Favorites – this will enable users to save properties they liked for the future. It saves a guest their time when they are ready to book.
  • Chat – it provides a medium of communication between the guest and host. Consider enabling the sharing of photos and videos through this feature.

Of course, there are advanced features in today’s accommodation booking apps like Airbnb. But with the above, you should create a minimum viable product with a sure chance in the market.

How much will it cost to build an app like Airbnb?

Various aspects will determine the cost of making an app like Airbnb. The technical features and the team you choose to work with will affect the price. For instance, hiring an in-house team can cost more than working with freelance talents. The salaries for these professionals will also depend on where they are. The price of a developer in India is different from a professional with similar qualifications but in the UK. So, looking at the various factors, creating such an app might cost between $96,320 and $156,800.

How to make an app like Airbnb for free

Now that you know how to build an app like Airbnb, probably your next big concern the cost. If you think the estimated cost above is too high, here is some good news for you. You can still create your app and test your idea for free. This is by finding an appropriate app builder for your chosen platform. Essentially, app builders provide ready-to-use technology for making mobile apps. They enable you to create a prototype and test your idea for free, even if you don’t have any programming skills.

One way of creating an app like Airbnb for free is by using this URL App Builder by AppsGeyser. It’s a template that you can use to convert any existing website into an app. You don’t even need any coding skills. What’s more, the URL template gives you an Android app with numerous features. Your new app will have push notifications, payment features, social media tabs, and others. 

To create an Android app using your website link:

  1. Click the link to open the AppsGeyser template.
  2. Copy and paste your website’s link on to the open dialogue.
  3. Insert the desired social media tabs
  4. Put a name for the app.
  5. Upload or select an icon.
  6. Include a brief description of your app – talk about its features and remember to use relevant keywords,
  7. Localize your app – use the language your target audience will understand.
  8. Click the preview section on your right to see how the app works.

If satisfied, you can proceed. You’ll have your application ready in no time.

The above steps will not take more than five minutes. And you’ll have an Android app as the prototype—something you can use to test whether your idea is viable. You’ll have a free app for users. But since it has monetization functions, you can earn some money through adverts on the free app. 

Click here now to make an app like Airbnb for free.