ASO: How to Use ASOdesk for Keyword Research Process

We all need traffic for our Android apps and that’s why ranking for our specific keywords it’s a vital part of our strategy.

As Part of our process to optimize apps we need to use at some stage ASO tools, the best ASO tool we have found it’s and today we want to talk about how you can use it to optimize your ASO process, or even better do market research.

We like ASOdesk for a few reasons

  • we can trial it free
  • has accurate info for Google Play
  • easy to do Keyword Analysis
  • Easy to find long tail keywords for Google Play

So how do we start the process?

1st Step:

  • Define what the app does, in this example we will try to analyze an app that offers free videos to Kids. 
ASOdesk for Keyword Research

Understand what the App does:

To start we need to have a clear understanding what our apps does –  what is our message to our audience?
Usually the content and words we use to describe our app give us some clues of what type of keywords we can use to start the keyword research process. In this example, we use keywords that describe the app like:


These are what we call SEED keywords and seed keywords are going to give us different options later on to come up with LONG TAIL KEYWORDS

here are 2 videos to understand what a Seed Keyword is vs a long tail keyword

Seed Keywords:

And Longtail keywords

Once we have the seed keywords we can now use them to come up with suggestions , and these suggestions are provided automatically by in a smart way.

Next Step

Go to

Login to your account. If you don’t have one, you need to create since you cannot use this tool without logging in.

Once you logged in, click “Add Application” button.


Afterwards, type the App Title in the search bar and select the right app. Then click add application.

Make App for Free

Once you add the app, you will now see the whole dashboard. There are already some suggested keywords that are automatically included once the app is added.

ASODesk for App Keyword Research

To add more keyword combinations, add your seed keywords on the list. Click “Add Keywords” located at the top right of the dashboard and add them separated by comma.


Next Step

To add more keyword combinations, click the “Keyword Suggestions” tab.


Click the “save all” button so you can add all the suggested keywords in your app. Make sure to click “save all” all over again until all those keywords are no longer there. That means they are already added on the “statistics” tab.

Once the combinations are added, you can now select your set of “Long tail keywords”. This means that you need to get those keyword combinations that you can use as your app’s keywords. Don’t forget that these keywords will be used later on inside your description for your app. That’s why ASOdesk is sucha  great help, we save time when doing the ASO process / keyword research. 


So what are you looking for….
Mainly we are using for keywords that include:

  • High users per day and potneitla Long Competition

In the next posts we will go in more advanced training to understand how using the right keywords in your description can help you with your app store optimization strategy in Google Play.