10 Reason Why You Should Create A Facebook Page For Your App Business

Facebook Page For App Business

The increase in the rate at which people use platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, is on the increase on daily bases. It is quite important that one move along with the flow. Creating a Facebook page for your business is very important for your business to be successful. As Facebook keeps trending above all other social media platforms, it is vital that if you want to let the world get to see your business or app business, you should open a Facebook page. Facebook as a social media platform comes with ease for its user, very accessible to different people around the world. Facebook is a great engagement tool, it gives its users important links for google searches. The more the businesses post on their Facebook pages or social sites the higher links they receive in online google searches.

According to research conducted, there are over 2 Billion people that have an account with Facebook. This led to the reason why top organizations secured themselves a place on Facebook. In recent years, Facebook has exceeded the google website; as the site that generates the highest traffic in the world – over seven hundred billion (700 billion) minutes per month on the Facebook platform. So, it is logical for us to say that your app business should be on a platform like Facebook in other for you to reach a larger audience. You can head over to Growthoid to know about it.

In this article, we have organized 10 standard reasons why you should take your business to Facebook. Stay with us as we take you through the Benefits of Facebook.

10 Reasons to Have a Facebook Page for Your Business

  1. Facebook Is The Most Popular Social Media Platform

Using Facebook for business comes with plethora benefits. One of the first importance of this platform is that it beats other social media platforms with the number of its users. You as a business owner would not want to miss the opportunity of taking your business out there for millions/billions of people to see. Importantly, why Facebook is good or better than its contemporaries is because of the number of users it generates. Imagine not taking your business to Facebook or not creating a business Facebook page for your brand, you will lose reaching millions of users who would like to interact with your company or app business. As it stands now, Facebook has billions of users (2.5 Billion users) who log in on the Facebook platform a month. With all these figures, it is logical for me to assert that taking your business on Facebook is very important – just with a business Facebook page, you are global!

  1. More Audience Through Likes/Conversation

 Be informed that Facebook works in such a way that if a friend of yours comment or likes your post, it is most likely that friends of your friend who liked your post will also see the post in their newsfeed. This will help you reach larger audience. Imagine have a 2k likes on your post, this will generate thousands of Facebook users seeing your post. Engage your followers with the right content.

Facebook for companies connect with their users through their post or engagement. This will allow you meet more people and see what they feel about your brand. Sometimes, some users will prefer to reach your brand on Facebook or through any of your social media handle, to voice out their reservation. Customer’s relationship is very important. Keep the conversation going!

  1. The Share Function Is Very Important

Overtime you must have seen some Facebook post generating over three to five thousand shares, this is very common with those News Agencies like; BBC News, Fox News, these business Facebook pages usually have lots of likes and shares.

It works like this, a user likes your post, and he wants to let people or friends to see the post, the person would click on the share button and share it on his or her page. This increases you audience as a business enterprise.

  1.  Connect And Explore

Facebook page for business does not work like your personal page. The difference here is that you want to reach people who are interested in your brand and gain more users to patronize you, on the other hand, your personally Facebook page is on the fun of it; post how you feel, meet friends and share gossips.

Facebook pages for business allows you to connect with your community every day; reminding them of your app business. Although, not all Facebook pages make exploit as they try to reach larger audience. To reach larger audience, you should post every day, generate random competitions that attracts bonuses or cash, this would bring more users on board.

  1. Your Visibility Is On Increase

While Facebook is good and welcoming for business pages, it is not just because of the traffic it generates. Recently, Facebook has updated its settings that business Facebook page can now comment on other pages; be in other conversations and interact with new audience. This feature will allow your page to appear other Facebook post, whilst increasing your visibility.

  1. Using Your Facebook Business manager, Perfectly

This Facebook tool will allow you manage your business Facebook page, perfectly. This tool is very effective in helping you monitor, manage, and schedule post for update. Also, the Facebook manager for business can help you monitor the activities of your users across your business Facebook page and all ad accounts, while keeping every notification at hand.

  1. Easy Customer Service

The Facebook’s messenger customers’ service now made it easy for Facebook pages or business to reply their consumers questions pertaining to their products and services. This customer’s service allows Facebook business to reply their users instantly. Be informed that this service had improved its tool, in other to meet its users wants within a short period of time. unlike the old process that involve business users to reply customers one after the other. The rate at which people make enquiries on Facebook is very high as time progresses. The 53% of consumer who made enquiries now rises to 72% if the enquiry is in form of a complaint. The made it pertinent for innovation.

  1. Target Your Audience

Using Facebook for business, does not mean every user is interested in your business Facebook page. It is important to note that structuring your Facebook page/post to a specific audience will generate huge result by aiming your ad to a specific audience. If you run a business that sells female wears, it is very important to narrow down your ad to a particular female audience. Your lack of specificity will generate more likes, but it would not generate the right audience for your business page.

  1. Brand Loyalty

It is of utmost importance that you gain your customer’s loyalty. Your Facebook page can do great things by helping you build customer loyalty. The Facebook for companies should always provide its users with valuable contents, this would increase the customers loyalty. If those who are following your page sees that your business Facebook page is very active, they would definitely do business with you. A good content will gain your followers trust. A poorly run business Facebook page will make people lose interest in your brand.

  1. Know How Things Work

It is important for you to stay ahead in your game. Don’t be left out. You have to explore those competitors who are in your niche, for you to see how things work better. This will give you an insight into how things are done. The Facebook function that allow Facebook business owners to spy on their competitors will make you know what are the things your competitors are doing. Add several pages to watch how they run their activities. Facebook will help you suggest pages based on the competition in your area of business. Be free to explore those pages! One of the benefits that ‘spy on competitors’ offers is that it keeps you on your toes. If you notice that a page has more engagement than your business Facebook page, it would allow you innovate ways to improve your own engagement, also, you get to learn what your competitors are doing right that you are not doing right!


Feel free to explore other benefits of using Facebook as you start using some of our ideas in this article. If you already have Facebook pages, explore some of the benefits we discussed in the body of this article to improve your Facebook business page.