Building A Clothing Store Application: Free Tutorial for Android

How to Build A Clothing Store App

With the fast rate at which people are taking their business to online applications, it is now very imperative that, as someone who sells clothing or fashion wears who wants to satisfy all customers who use a smartphone – android or iPhone. Creating a simple clothing app should be your priority in other to reach larger audience. This is one of the easiest way to reach buyers without putting them through the stress of coming to your store to select which wear they would like to purchase.

Before diving deep, it is very important to know what an online clothing app or online shopping app are all about. These are applications that allow customers to browse through series of products or services that your app renders, like; clothing, fashion ideas, shopping apps that covers a varieties of wears for different genders or both at a time, and also allow your customers to buy and drop comment after purchasing your product.

Before starting an online fashion app or fashion business as a whole, you should meet people of like minds, that is, people who are into the same business as you intended. The major reason for this is that you would know those areas you should improve your fashion business and be better with your idea app. Another germane point you should consider before venturing into clothing app is that you should already have your own fashion audience. Without having an audience who wants or who would appreciate you for taking your fashion world into an application, it would be meaningless because it is the existing audience that would help you kickstart your fashion app into a worldwide fashion app. There are plethora of Diy app builder websites that allows you to make your application, right from your comfort zone. It doesn’t require you to have a B.Sc. degree in computer science before you can use a Diy app builder. Some of these Diy websites are available to users with most of their features free to their users.

 If you are a business owner, you should know by now that the best way of satisfying your customers needs is through communication. It is the bedrock of any customer relationship. Reach out to your customers based on their needs. Make sure you also alert them of your discount and promotion codes – nowadays, most online shopping app allows their users to have access to coupons code, this is very good way to attract more users to your app.

So, importantly, you should be able to provide answers to questions like:

  • Who are my audience?
  • What difference am I adding to the fashion world?
  • How can I achieve this difference?
  • How can I satisfy my clients; new and existing clients?
  • What age group am I starting with?

Be informed that the fashion is a very big world with many competitors who are always in search ways to meet their users want and excel above their equals. The clothing world is very age specific with their audience, so it important you start with a particular age group or you could also run your fashion app store for any age, if luck finds you. Consider doing an in-depth research, and get all the top fashion trends that people purchase more; websites like Pinterest, clothing magazines, will help you know the top trends you should display in your application. Also, you can conduct a simple survey, that requires you meeting those prospective users, asking them how they feel about purchasing things online and how often do they buy fashion wears online. Doing this would allow you know those areas you should come in, even before developing your mobile fashion application.

We have organized some steps you should follow when creating or designing your clothing app or fashion app, these steps should help you attain the best design and make your fashion shop app a dream come into reality.

Steps To Follow When Creating Your Clothing App

  1. Go For The Best Layout

It is of utmost importance that you go for the best design layout that would inspire users to use your fashion app. If you gave your users a good interface that allows them to navigate easily and purchase their wears without having to suffer through complex or annoying interface, this would increase the rate of those that use your application, whilst increasing your users’ retention.

  1. Create Payment Platforms

Your online store app should be able allow your users remit payment online, and should also allow you as the owner to receive payments with ease, either to your local bank or to your PayPal account.

  1. You Should Publish Your Application

After designing your clothing app and putting all the required features that would make your application function well, you should proceed to publishing your online store app on Google Play or on the App Store platform.

There are still a lot to know after these three steps highlighted above you should be aware of when it comes to mobile shopping app development.

A Fashion App That Would Attract More Users

Since we are concerned about making a very good clothing app that would meet the needs of our users, it is also very important that we look at ways we can meet our users’ needs before and after purchasing from our application.

  1. Standard Review Section

Style your fashion shopping app in such a way that users would be able to read reviews before buying any of your wears or designs. Doing this would make your prospective customers get an actual review of those who had purchased your product. Might motivate them positively or negatively. It is important you are real!

  1. Communicate With Customers Who Had Product In Their Cart But Didn’t complete Their purchase

You can’t avoid situation like this, so make sure your cart section allows your customers to purchase multiple items, also make it in such a way that you have access to those customers that shopped many items on their cart but haven’t proceed to the payment section.

  1. Standard Payment Options

It is of great necessity that your shop app allows multiple payment platforms, this would make your customers to be able to use their preferred payment option to pay for product after purchasing them. One thing this would help you achieve is the convenience for your users and yourself, whilst increasing your those who uses your fashion app because of your many available payment options. Making your online store app a worldwide app depends on the way you apply your ideas, rightly.

  1. Standard Filters

This is very important when creating your shopping application, make sure your filters, allows your users to be able to search for wears based on: colors, size, gender or price range. This will ease the process of them looking for a particular item for a very long time. Remember convenience over inconvenience.

  1. Take Your Application To The Social Media

Is very important for you to create for yourself a social media reputation that would allow users to know that your store has a mobile application that functions round the clock. You should be aware that the social media is one of the most efficient ways to market your product in this present world.

  1. Stay Unique

Staying unique is very important for your brand generally. Even popular/top brands that already secured a place for themselves, above their equals, always maintain the standard of continuous innovation. You must learn to stay ahead of your competitors, do not give room to be trampled upon, your online clothing application should stay ahead of the curve, always! You lead while others follow.


To creating an app online isn’t the most important thing, the first skill or knowledge you should acquire is creating a standard application that has everything you offer properly spread out to your users. Be free to learn and unlearn as you create your app online with Diy or without. Creativity doesn’t end!