Guide to Re-engage Users with Your Android App: Mobile App Engagement

Mobile App Engagement Tips

App marketing comes with a plethora of processes, one of the most crucial of them all is maintaining your users and actively re-engaging users with your app. Often time, when users used an app for the first time, they most times do not actively use the app unlike the first reason they installed the app on their device. Your mobile app depreciation can be as a result of many reasons, which will be tackled and appropriate measures will be explained in the later body of this article.

In the process of trying to engage users with your app, it is very important one understands what app abandonment is all about. From the word ‘abandonment’ it means to leave or to desert, but in respect to ‘app abandonment,’ it is calculated as the number of active users that abandon the app after using it for the first time. Even with the rise in technological advancement in our world, it is saddening to know that there are significant numbers of users who abandon apps after its first use.

This is a social-technological problem that requires immediate solution; digital marketers and business owners top up their skills in bringing users to be more active on their app than usual. This led digital marketers and business owners to practice what is known as ‘App or users’ retention’ – this can be briefly explained as the ability of organizations or establishment to retain more active users on their app for a period of time. User retention is set as users that return to the app more than ten times after downloading.

How Can You Re-Engage Users Who Have Abandon Your App After Their First Use?

In this section, we will be looking into ways or strategies to increase your mobile app engagement. We have put in place some necessary requirements, steps that would help you re-engage users that have abandoned your mobile app after their first use.

  1. Email Users/ Send Alert

This is one of the most accessible ways to reach your app users. Once your user signed up for your mobile app, you have the access to their mail address in other to communicate with them, this should be used conscientiously because it is like a road that leads to bringing your app users who are for some reasons not using the app very well back to the app. Most business establishments or digital marketers do not know or recognize the power of reaching your users through a well written mail that would attract your users to use your app consistently.

You must maintain the detailed list of your user’s email address from the onset and composing the right and the most attractive mail that would lure lost users back to your app. This engagement strategy works well with the right mail. You can abduct using mail marketing tools like MailChimp, this would allow you effectively reach your users in their numbers.

  1. Be Active On Other Social Media Platforms

Another strategy to increase your app engagement is your active presence in different social media platforms, it is no more news that the media attracts lots of people through the years, so, in other to maintain or gain more active members on your own app, it is therefore, logical for you also to be active on some other social media platforms. You are competing with a plethora of other brands who are constantly in search of ways to make their brands better, these competitors might gain upper hand if your brand does not keep them on their toes. ‘always be on your users’ mind’ when your users open their media platform, they should be able to see an update from their favorite app, this would unconsciously place your brand on their mind, encourage your app users to engage in with your social media accounts.

You can engage users on your page by creating random competitions or challenges in other to attract more users to your page. You can buy TikTok followers for more engagement to your page. The psychology behind your active presence on social media is that it would place your app on the mind of your users.

  1. Notification

Creating an app alert to your users through the app is one of the most widely used strategy to re-engage users with an app. This still works perfectly, when you create a simple push notification, as a reminder to your lost app users that your mobile app still functions. If you notice that your user retention rate has depreciated in time, your can composes a specific, simple notification to your users that would draw their interest back to your app. You can gear them back to use your app by offering a kind of reward that would call them back to action.

It is very germane that you thought well and put in place the best notification message that would call your users. You should be very careful with the way you use this because too many notifications can be bothersome to your users which might lead to them deleting your app out of their device.

  1. Constant Updating

It is of utmost importance that you update your app even if your app is performing well. First, you have to make sure your app has a very easy and attractive interface that would call your users’ attention. One important thing one needs to note is that your app interface and design go a long way to determine how people will use your app. People will obviously use an app with better interface and best user experience than any other app with a difficult and not attractive interface. Importantly, your UX/UI designers knows better when it comes to app design and layout. Make sure you settle for the best when choosing a design.

So also, make use of analytics tools to know which area you need to improve the underperformance of your application. This would also allow you know those areas in your application that requires fixing and improvement. Have a fix date for your system updates. You might carry this out every month or very two months, this would create a kind of feeling that your app is trying to meet up with the global standard whilst providing your users with the best application service.

  1. Seek For Feedbacks

It is of utmost importance that you seek your customer’s feedbacks. This will allow you know those areas that require improvement on your app. A customer’s review would allow you know what your users wants, how to reach and satisfy their expectations.  Sometimes, a customer’s honest review goes a long way in improving your creativity. A single feedback can open door to wonderful ideals in satisfying your users.

The slightest feedback from your customers should be taken seriously. Sometimes, your app might not work in a particular kind of device, it is your users’ feedback that would allow you be aware of this problem, thereby a solution would be provided. When you take your users’ review seriously, it means you value and appreciate them for using and creating time to send a feedback concerning your application. Your users’ satisfaction should be your priority.

  1. Help Center/ Customer Care

Your mobile app engagement is dependent on how you make your application accessible to everyone who makes use of your application. It is pertinent you make readily available a 24 hours standby customer’s service that would hastily provide your users with any kind of solution to any problem, some of these problems can be resolved, immediately. Although, this is dependent on the kind of application and to what purpose is your application serving. Your app engagement will reach the peak when you make your app accessible and user friendly. A user should be able to reach your help section and find some frequently asked question concerning the app, this will boost their interest in knowing the sort of application they have on their device.


Everything discussed in this section are ways you could increase your mobile app engagement. A bulk of them is on how you make your application accessible and friendly with your users. Always remember to be very creative with your ideals, your creativity will stand you out among your contemporaries.