6 Ways to Improve App Retention Rate

6 Ways to Improve App Retention Rate

Poor app retention rate? Most of the app makers go through this phase after making their app but not maintaining it. AppsGeyser app makers get excited when they make their first app from the amazing free templates but maintaining the app is the most crucial part.

Your job is not done just by making an app and distributing it among friends and followers. We’ve stressed enough in past articles the importance of updating an app, and adding exciting features is as important as the first step.

App developers make this biggest mistake to think that their app will run on its own now. Why would it run on its own? Your app retention rate is going to decrease drastically if you don’t offer people the uniqueness.

What is App Retention Rate?

App retention rate provides the percentage of users using an app a certain number of days after installing it. Thisapp retention rate is very important to the app maker, who needs to identify how many users are using his app and how the app is performing among users every day.

It is calculated by users using one session per day and divided by installs in a given cohort. This is how you get to know your app retention rate. A higher app retention rate shows that your app is successful. Users are engaged in your app a lot, which is increasing your app monetization.

Does the app retention rate also help in understanding why you have a poor retention rate? This must be due to many reasons because you are not maintaining your app, and you don’t know what user demands from your app.

You can understand:

  • Performance of your app
  • Users percentage using the app
  • How to improve a user’s lifetime value

Why Retention Rate is Important for You

The app retention rate gives insight into the user’s usage of your app. You can check the app retention rate over a 30-day period. The main aim should be not to let the retention rate drop.

It is good to increase your app engagement and make users interested in your app to past the retain date. The app retention rate also gives you insight into why users are disengaged from your app. You can increase your app retention rate by identifying the reason why users are uninstalling the app.

The retention rate benchmark also changes depending upon the app vertical. Users use some apps for a short period, and when their goal is achieved, they uninstall the app. In this case, the retention rate can decrease after seven days, but it is not of major concern.

How to Improve Retention Rate

We have many ways through which you can increase your app retention rate. Do you need to ask the question to yourself why users will keep using my app after installing it? The app retention rate is important for the success of your app.

The main question is that your app interactive? Is your app fulfilling the demand of the user? Are you having many un-installs after developing your app? You don’t need to worry anymore.

Here are some tips you can follow to improve your app retention rate and get rid of poor retention rate:

1. Identify Obstructions in your App

To make a user experience better, you need to be competitive in the market. Identify your app bottlenecks; identify where your app is lagging back. Maybe your app is slowing down, taking users a lot of time, which ends in frustration.

For example, if you have a game app, your app might be taking a lot of time loading to new levels. There could be many bugs with your app, which creates frustration for users.

You need to balance your app retention by trying your app yourself and keep asking the user about their experience. This will help you identify where the app is causing blockage and resulting in a poor retention rate.

2.  Send Notifications

You need to update your audience about new upgrades in-app. Let the audience know that you have updated a new app and added new features. You can upload a new APK.

Changes like this will let the user know automatically that you have updated an app. You can update users by making changes in the URL. You can send push notifications to the user. AppsGeyser offers you free three notifications to your first 100 app users.

3. Update the Content

The biggest key in getting more engagements on your app is to make fresh content and update it on your app regularly. It will let the user attach to your app for a longer time. Learn the tricks to engage the user in your app. Add new features, update existing features, try to bring innovation in your app.

For example,

If you have a game app, then you should introduce a new level in your game. Add new features in your game so that users can hook up on your app for a longer time. Change the characters of the game, add a new feature of clothes.

Make it interesting. People don’t want to come back to the same thing every day. If you have a YouTube channel app, then you have an edge in making your users stick to your app for a longer time. You can curate new content every day. Make a new video, engage your users with interesting topics.

4. Enhance Onboarding your App

Make sure that your users can use the app by optimizing the onboarding experience. You can increase the app retention rate from the start.

5. Connect with Audiences

Make a connection with your audience so they can reach you. Make yourself available so they can build a relationship of trust and loyalty with you. Make sure to link social media platforms with the app so users can inform you about app performance.

Gain the trust, so before giving a bad review on your app, the user will try to connect with you and inform you of any drawbacks. This builds a relationship with your user. Interaction with the user is an integral part of maintaining your app an improving the retention rate. This is one of the most important techniques to improve your retention rate and maintain it.

6. Deals

Who doesn’t love giveaways, deals, and gifts? The number one chance of increasing the retention rate is to give back to the users. Users love when app developers give a voucher, coupons, and giveaway.

Make your users updated that you have launched a deal or voucher for them. Let them avail of this offer from the app, so users return to the app. This also improves your app retention rate.

Increasing your retention rate will increase your chances of more engagement on your app, more quality content on your app, increased monetization, higher revenue, and loyal customers. You can have all these perks of increased retention rates.

Some mobile apps go through decreased retention rates, which affect their conversion rate and engagement of users with the app. The poor retention rate is a very bad signal. You cannot afford to have a poor retention rate. If you do, try to improve your retention rate with the above tips.

Building retention requires your honesty with yourself. You need to question yourself why your brand app is dropping off? Where are you making a mistake? Is your content not engaging enough? What can you do to engage customers on your app?

These questions have a very simple user approach if you think like a user, not as a developer. What do you want to see in-app? Which app on your phone always got you hooked up? Try to answer these questions to yourself first and then execute the process of the high retention rate.

Is Building an App Retention Rate Hard?

No, not at all. If you are completely focusing on your app and trying new ways to engage the users into the app then it is not hard, but if you have forgotten after making an app that you need to maintain it too. Then, you are in a big problem.

You need to understand the point that the market is very competitive now, and every app builder is in a race to get the best ranking and more downloads. If you have a poor retention rate, it means that you are not doing something correctly.

It is important to know that your task is not just limited to the market and launching an app. You need to invest your time and money to get a balanced conversion.