How To Gather App Customers Reviews Effectively

App Reviews & Feedback

If there is one thing that cannot be denied, it is that customer reviews are one of the most integral things to gain when you are in the business of creating apps to generate revenue. When you get app reviews, you gain quite a lot of insight into what your customers require from your business and your app. However, wouldn’t it be much more expedient if you could get direct answers concerning your business or app from your customers?

If so, customer feedback is truly what you need. When you get app store reviews you can gain an understanding of why customers are using a particular feature on your app more times than another feature. When you get app reviews, you are able to understand why your user base stops using your app, or even the reason why your app gets uninstalled.

When you take the time to compare the app feedback or reviews with the metrics you see in your analytics, you are then able to get a complete overview of the entire situation. It is at this point that the information is used to discover how to solve the issues that have arisen using the appropriate solutions. It is extremely important to note and leverage your customer’s perception given that the information is likely to be well accorded. When you get app reviews, you gain critical information that can be used to help mold your road to success.

Before analyzing what your userbase’s feedback is, you might want to ponder what your motive for seeking it is first. Attempt to ascertain what it is you would have to do in order to improve your user experience. What are you going to correct when you get app store reviews? Also, are you going to use the feedback and customer reviews appropriately when you get them?

While these might seem like a number of questions you do not have the answer to, we are going to help you answer them by breaking down 4 basic methods of how to get app reviews that can actually be used.

Usability Testing

This method used to get app reviews relies on you being able to watch someone use the app. When this happens, you are able to see what it is that draws them in, the features that grab their attention and the section of the app’s user interface that leaves their mind boggled. This sort of information can be invaluable.

The great thing to know is that there are a few services that enable you to do just that. With these services, you can seamlessly define tasks you would want an individual to complete, have random users complete the task, and then get a video recording of the whole process. While this might sound great and whatnot, it is important to note that this sort of service might set you back a couple of thousands. You will also require the help of a research company and that might add some more to the cost.

These types of services are more suited to new applications. If you recently created an app then a great way to get app reviews is to have you watch it being used. This process can enable you to detect a few of the major issues right then and there, thereby increasing the app’s new user acquiring rate.

When you utilize usability testing correctly, it can provide a massive benefit for you in the long term, given that you already have users that have trialed the app.

Well-Structured Surveys

Customarily speaking, when it comes down to a brand being able to get app reviews, surveys tended to be the major go-to method. This is down to the fact that setting up surveys is quite seamless, sending out is not a hassle and they scale up easily and can be analyzed. These benefits are clearly evident given that it can be one of the most efficient methods to get app store reviews so long as you’re able to carefully create simple, specific, and direct surveys. When creating surveys, you should only ask the questions that you require, only the questions that can help you get to your end game. 

It is important to remember to keep your questions to a minimum. Additionally, you should refrain from asking unnecessary questions; your questions should be concise, however, leave room for a few open-ended questions. When you ask questions, ask them one by one, as doing it any other way could prove burdensome for the respondents.

Furthermore, you should be extremely careful not to wholly rely on surveys. When you pay too much credence to surveys, you lose the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the motives that power the responses your user base provides. This means that surveys should be seen as just the start.

Visibility on Social Media

For quite a long time, social media has proven itself to be one of the most passive yet real-time outlets for the masses. This method requires you to do some social listening to get app reviews. What is even more surprising, is that it can be used as a more serious way to get app store reviews. Messages, direct comments or even mentions on any social media platform can be quite useful for your business and your app, so long as you are responsibly and properly utilizing the social media platforms. A great benefit of this method is that you can seamlessly and almost instantaneously update your userbase on the latest happening on your app and the business around it. Having quite a large following on numerous social media platforms can prove to be a vital asset. See more about the following hacks on Twesocial reviews.

Contact Information

The most seamless way to collect accurate and impartial customer feedback is via email. Via email, you are able to gain vital feedback, especially when you consider that almost everybody makes use of email in one form or another. Additionally, you can also expect that your follow up emails are a great way to get organized feedback. This is down to the fact that most users tend to sign up for apps using their emails, and they are quite a lot of things they would be curious about, be it new features, how the app works, help if they are struggling with something on the app, or if they would love to talk to the app developer concerning the features they like.

You could choose to send emails to every one of your users. Your emails must be personal as that can make them more receptive to your interaction. Additionally, it can cause them to be more open and tell you the things you would like to know concerning their user experience on your app. You can also use this medium to begin an interesting interaction with your app’s target audience. A note of warning, however, you should always endeavor to immediately reply to the emails of your customers. Failure to do so could cause them to cease interacting with you, causing you to lose a valuable source of information.


The truth is, your userbase are your customers and they want the best. They want to get their money’s worth and it should be your mission to give them exactly that. Take the time to explore new ways to get app reviews that could be used to better the user experience of your customers.