How to Promote Your Android App using Social Networks

Promote Your Android App using Social Networks

Online social presence is becoming more and more necessaire for any business, whether it’s an offline store or mobile application. It’s even getting hard for any business to survive without having some form of Social networking. For customers it is one of the main sources of information, it allows the audience a quick and easy insight into the real people behind a business. Social networking also allows customers to have a voice as well as seeing how well the business knows their industry. 

Social media is the most popular marketing tool for promoting mobile apps. But marketing your Android app on social media requires a lot of effort: your content should be catchy, engaging, relevant, and, of course, shareable. At the same time, it is the best tool to show users your authenticity and value of your product (app). Showing the benefits and expertise can build a whole community around your app and boost your app installs.

There are many different social media tools that you should consider in your social media marketing campaign. Let’s take a brief look at each of the top social networking sites and why they may best suit the needs of your business.

What Social Media do you need for a mobile app?

  • Facebook

For sure, the most popular and the most successful social networking for businesses is Facebook. It has over 2,5 billion users. Facebook Pages help companies to build an audience prior to launch and gain loyal followers. Updates on Facebook should not include sales of products, but industry knowledge and useful content (how-to’s, insights, etc), humor. You should allow interaction with potential customers, encourage user-generated content. 

  • Instagram

The second popular Social Network with over 1 billion users is Instagram. Instagram business profile, branded hashtags, constant content publication are the 3 keys to your successful marketing launch. Instagram offers a solid variety of content ideas: videos, images, texts, carousel posts, stories with polls, and questions to engage with the audience, or you can repost user-generated content to your feed. Try to encourage your audience to use your hashtags and notify their contact in friends in your posts to check out the updates you have. 

  • TikTok

It’s amazing how fast TikTok grows, today it has more than 800 mln, active users. This social network allows users to create and share 15-second videos. It has everything Social media has – followers, likes, comments, and hashtags. While it’s a bit harder to make valuable or funny video content, the great news is that videos on TikTok can easily go viral. You can also integrate your Instagram profile with TikTok. One successful video can bring you over 1k followers on Instagram. For businesses, it gives an opportunity for organic advertising and showing off your products or services. Start a #challenge for your subscribers and enjoy the viral effect. 

  • Telegram

This is not really a social media, Telegram is a messenger. What is so different about Telegram? High engagement rate. That’s right. It’s even higher than on Instagram. One of the fastest-growing messengers already has almost 1 bln users and half of them are active users of Telegram channels and Group. Users can enjoy personal messaging while scrolling through updates of their favorite communities. The same rules of useful, engaging, and shareable content apply here too. Besides, Telegram is great for a local promotion, most users are from Russia, India, African countries, Iran, Indonesia, and some more Asian and South American countries. So if you target these markets, this is a must option for your growth.

  • Twitter

Twitter is the micro-blogging social networking site with 400 mln users. The unique thing is that Twitter allows only 280 character messages (can be shorter, but not longer). Users can follow relevant business contacts. This tool is highly effective for spreading your latest news and getting your brand name known. Use hashtags to get you noticed within the search. 

  • YouTube

Youtube doesn’t need any introduction, it’s the largest video-streaming platform and social network and the best tool to spread the video content. Many businesses use videos to explain a product or service that they have, making it quick and easy for the audience to follow. You Tube must be used however in conjunction with another social media outlet in order to bring people to the video. Many videos go viral, which means they are shared around social networking sites, this is what every marketer would love to happen to their video, a marketers dream.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest with 300 mln users is the best image management and sharing network that allow people and businesses to be visually showcased. Businesses can share images of their products (of screenshots of apps, for example), show behind the scenes images. You can create boards for different topics and collect relevant pictures. The great thing that images from Pinterest also can go viral or found on Google Search.

  • Blogs

Although not technically a social network, blogging allows the business to write content for customers. For example, we use our blog on AppsGeyser to keep you up to date on industry trends, tips on how to profit even more and create successful Android apps.

These are the most useful social networks you should put your attention to. The best strategy is to have more than 3-4 social media accounts for your app marketing. Here are some ideas on how to boost your social pages: 

How to promote apps on Social Media?

1. Paid Ads on Social Media

Facebook and Instagram ads, Youtube ads, sponsored posts are an effective way to get followers and new users for your app. These ads can drive up to 50% installs and 100% boost of your visibility. The big benefit of these ads that you can target your audience with 90% accuracy. 

2. Get a post from Influencer 

Research the most popular influencers (people with a big amount of followers) in your niche. Make some connections, ask for a sponsored publication to drive. The benefit of this method is the high engagement rate. Up to 40% of TikTok followers who have seen your ads might actually install your app. Instagram is another effective social platform for influencers

3. Encourage User-Generated Content 

User-generated content can show the real value of your app. 90% of social media users listen to recommendations of other people. Use contests, challenges to encourage user-generated content. 

4. Run Contests 

The contest can easily go viral and attract the attention of new users in the shortest period of time. People love the idea of getting something for free, that’s why they will likely download your app. Offer Free stuff in Exchange for App Downloads

5. Useful and Engaging Content

Last but not least, you need to create only useful and engaging content. You should show the value of your app, answer the questions, and solve users’ problems. For example, if you have a recipe book app, then you can use social media to teach your audience cooking, baking, nutrition. Research your competitors to get ideas for app marketing.