7 Reasons Why you Should Make an App for Offline Business

why make app for local business

There are at least 7 reasons why every business owner should make a mobile app for the offline business (local or small). Since mobile apps have become the essential part of the consumer and daily life, the industry is still growing:

  • there are more than 2,5 million apps on Google Play;
  • 204 billion times apps were downloaded in 2019;
  • one person on average has 40 apps on a mobile phone;
  • users look at their phone screens at least 50 times a day;
  • people use their phone for 3,5 hours a day. It’s twice more than the time people spend watching tv;
  • 80% of users made purchases using their mobile devices.

The on-going growth of indicators of people’s engagement with mobile apps shows the value of apps to their users. Mobile apps tend to solve consumer problems: you can get a taxi in one touch and two minutes, learn how to bake an apple pie without buying books or opening web-browser, find the shortest route from home to work just by choosing two points on the map, find the right bank account for college students and open a bank account without going to a bank, etc. In return for solving their problems, these users are ready to pay with money, time, and loyalty. It makes offline businesses question if they should and why they should make an app.

Missing out creating and app means missing our opportunities for offline business growth, even if your business is small and local. Do you still have doubts? 

So Why Make an App for Your Local Offline Business? 

  1. Increase profits and sales

The mobile app is another tool for digital and direct marketing you can use for your local offline business. When app users are just one touch away from you and your products, it becomes easier to grow your sales. Use push-notifications to remind about your products and services, share new information and updates, announce promotional and special offers, etc. You can keep constant communication with your clients and make sure they come back to buy more.

Moreover, you can monetize your app with ads. Only by joining AdMob and make your users see ads, you can double your incomes.

  1. Improve customer experience

The possibility of purchase increases if you provide a great customer experience. The mobile app is a good channel for the interaction of customers with your products and services. Customers can buy what they want or access the information within 2 clicks on their smartphone screens. Don’t forget, the happier the customers are, the better sales you have. Additionally, the mobile app is a good tool to get feedback from your customers, whether you get it from app reviews or app analytics. The mobile app is a chance of instant contact and engagement with your company.

  1. Increase visibility

Most offline businesses are presented just on Google or social media, while there is another huge online platform to meet billions of new users and clients. Yes, we talk about app markets. Mobile apps are good to reach out to new audiences, like young progressive people. The more visibility in the digital era you provide, the higher chance to get new clients.

  1. Stand out from competitors

Despite the high popularity of apps, 80% of local offline businesses still neglect the idea to go to the mobile market.  People still think that app development requires huge investments, but in fact, you can make your app for free. There a lot of online app builders that offer such a possibility. So going to the mobile market while your competitors are still hesitating can boost your sales even more. And if your competitors act faster and make mobile apps before you, you risk losing the market share.

  1. Grow customer engagement and loyalty

90% of the Internet space is full of irrelevant information and ads. Therefore, it is easy to lose an impact on your customers. Once people leave your website or Facebook / Instagram profile, you don’t know if they ever come back or save your link. You need to have more tools to keep your clients close to you and your local business. Your apps can complement your website or Facebook Page. Short lifehack: if you get incoming organic traffic on your website, then add a popup with a link to your mobile app. It’s a fast way to gain downloads for your new app and at the same time keep clients. You can offer bonuses and discounts in return to drive installs even higher.

  1. Build a brand for your company

It can create a positive image of your local business if you go mobile. Their better image = the higher chances to get new clients. People appreciate when companies try to follow trends and listen to their needs. Mobile apps offer clients a simple way to get information, buy and use products / services with just a touch of their fingers. If you have a recognizable brand, people will 50% more likely to share your products and services with their friends.

  1. Expand your Geography

The mobile app is a chance to expand the boundaries of your offline business and go bigger. Do you provide services only in Tampa, Florida or Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your business and make some offers for more towns and cities inside your State or Province.

With the constant drive of mobile traffic, businesses should consider their mobile strategy today. Especially if you already provide online services or products. You may not lose too much today in a year it might be late to go mobile.

Is It Expensive to Make an App for Offline Business?

No. Sure it can cost $1.000-$10.000, but why do you want to pay a few thousands of dollars for app development, when you can do it for free? To test if the mobile app works for a local business it’s enough to build a mobile app with App Builder. It doesn’t require money or any programming skills. AppsGeyser offers a free opportunity to build an Android app for offline business.

How to Make an App for Offline Business for Free?

  1. Click on “Make an App for Free
  2. Choose App Template for your Local Offline Business Category
    You can convert into a mobile app: website, affiliate link, Facebook Business Page, Blog, PDF document, etc.
  3. Fill the forms to add content and features without coding
  4. Select a name for the mobile app, choose an icon
  5. Publish your app on Google Play
Last Updated on December 15th, 2023