Telegram Channel or Group for Business: What is the Difference?

difference between telegram channel and telegram group

Whether you are new or old to Telegram, you might get into questioning about the difference of Telegram channels vs Telegram groups. Both channels and groups have very similar features, but they solve different problems for business and content creators.

What is the difference between Telegram Channel and Group?

Channels are made to broadcast your content, groups are to communicate with your users.

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Telegram Channel

Telegram channel is a tool to broadcast your content to people – to share news, updates, thoughts, insights, and any other content with your audience. In these terms, channel are similar to blogs or Facebook Pages. Channels can be created around specific themes like investing, sport, local news, or around your business brand.

Technical features: Telegram Channel has a name, description, profile picture, and link. Only admin or owner can post content on the channel. People who joined the channel can only read content and share it with friends. Each new post in Telegram channel is followed by instant push-notifications. It’s a unique and direct way to engage with the audience.

On your channel you can share text, media content (you can share images, gifs, video, audios, links, etc), polls, pin messages (the message that will be seen on the top of your channel content list, usually it’s some welcome message to new members), add first 200 members from your contact list.

Although any channel can have an unlimited number of members, you can add manually only 200 members. To gain more members you need to promote your channel. The most successful channels have over 1 mln users.

There are two types of Telegram channels: public and private

  • Public Channels are open to everyone. They are searchable – on Telegram or Google by keywords in the name. These channels have a simple type of link, for example, or can be even accessed by channel username @promochnl.
  • Private Channels can be accessed by special invitation link only. This link usually has /joinchat/ part in it and unique combinations of letters and numbers, for example, The link can be shared by admins, other members, or found on the web or somewhere else.
    Private Channels are great if you want to monetize your content. For example, if you have your main channel where you share free content, you can create another channel – a private one, where you will publish only premium content. You can charge users for joining a private channel and getting more valuable information. To avoid frauds and scammers, you can change the invitation link any time one in less than 1 minute. 

Create a Telegram Channel for Business

Telegram Channel is the best when you want to share content with the audience in a form of blog or micro-blog. It can be created on a certain theme – sport, shopping, trading, or it can be attached to your brand or company. Telegram offers an easy way to spread any content you want, all you need is to have your phone and content ideas. Another benefit of the Telegram channel over other social media and blogs – it offers a higher engagement rate (thanks to push-notifications and a high rate of user retention).

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Telegram Group

Telegram groups are chat groups. It means every user can chat, send messages, share content and media files with you and other users, and even add other members (their friends, for example). The role of group admins is to moderate conversations: encourage people for chatting, ban users, delete messages, change group info, etc.

Groups can be created for family or friends chats, as well as for specific business topics – crypto, trading, fitness, products and services and any other. Groups can grow up to 200,000 members. Unlike channels, anyone can add their contacts (friends, etc) to any Telegram group.

Telegram groups can be public and private. Public groups are searchable and open for everyone, private ones require invitation link.

Create a Telegram Group for Business

Telegram groups are the best option if you want to interact with your audience. You can engage with people into conversations, learn what they think about your business, get feedback, exchange new ideas, etc.

what is better telegam channel or telegram group

Telegram Channel vs Group – What to choose?

If you want to get the most profit from Telegram, you should have both – Telegram Channel and Telegram Group. They should be interlinked and complete each other. 

How to promote Telegram Channel or Group?

It doesn’t matter if you choose Telegram Channel or Telegram Group, you might get into a situation when you don’t know how to promote them and get new members.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to promote channels or groups is to buy real members. There are online services that provide real members for Telegram Channels and Groups. Getting members with services you save you a lot of time and money. For example, getting 1000 new subscribers may take from 1 hour to 3 days only. And these will be real users, who engage with content. Telegram followers can be targeted by any country. If your business channel or group is for users from Nigeria or the USA, you can target strictly the countries you need. Another benefit of such promotion is the guarantee that if you pay for 10,000 members, you will get 10,000 members.