How To Add an Unlimited Number of Members In Telegram Channel

How To Add an Unlimited Members In Telegram Channel

One of the hardest challenges  for any Telegram Channel is to add members. It takes time, effort, creativity, and business mindset to send the Telegram Channel to the moon. Without ads and the help of Telegram marketing services, getting the first 1000 members can take a year. Which is not a great way to start Telegram business.

But the times, when everyone had to start from scratch and fight for members are over. Over time channel holders, marketing specialists and Telegram pros elaborated a few ways to invite members to channels and groups in the shortest time possible. We won’t explore ads, cross-promo, and other basic marketing tools and tips for your Telegram promotion. Instead, we will look at the technical sideways of adding members to Telegram channel. If you do not want to spend time on this, then buy real users from us:


How To Add First Members In Telegram Channel or Group?

Luckily for every channel owner, Telegram allows adding first Telegram members manually. Though there are some big restrictions: you can add only your contacts (friends, family, etc) and you can’t add more than 200 users.

Manually Adding Telegram members

Adding Telegram members is easy – add them from your contact list. You just have to have the phone contact of the person on your phone. Then open Channel info > Add Members > Select contacts. After confirming your actions, these people will be subscribed to your channel. Sure some of them may leave right away or with time. 

You can add only 200 members in your channel. Please, keep in mind, that the total number of members doesn’t exceed 200. If you already have 100 members (they joined through links, not by your invitation), you can manually add only 100 more members. If you have already have more than 200 members, then we’re sorry. This function is not available for you. 

Adding members manually is a great way to start your channel. It will be easier to get organic users if you already have at least 200 members, rather than 10-15 members. 

Only in about 10-20 minutes, you can have the first 200 users in the channel. If you don’t have 200 contacts on Telegram, then create them. Add friends or family of your friends, etc. Just be careful by not over spamming your friends, they might not be grateful after all. 

Apart from being a great way to set up a Telegram Channel, this method imposes some questions, like how to add more than 200 members?

How To Add More Than 200 Members In Telegram Channel?

Unfortunately, there is no other manual way to add Telegram Channel members. But you can use services with complex software and systems behind Telegram Channel and Group promotion. We’ll look at two top ways to add an unlimited number of subscribers: bots (fake members) and real members.

Add Fake Telegram Members

This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to add any number of members. And by any, we mean ANY. If you need 100k members in less than a week, then let it be. However, fake members are not real users and won’t ever replace them. They just help to create an illusion of a popular Telegram channel. Bots (fake members) are robot-generated users with the appearance of real people – with profile photos, first and last names, usernames. But behind beautiful appearance, there is nothing. The bots don’t provide any activity in channels – no views, no clicks, no votes, no direct messages. Another big problem behind bots is that Telegram cleans channels from these members. No need to be surprised if after adding 100k fake members, you will lose all of them in a week. 

How are fake members added to Telegram channels or groups? 

There is auto-adder software that generates users and adds them to channels and groups. Usually, the software is not available to the audience. Nevertheless, channel owners can buy fake members through online services and special Telegram bots. The price is usually cheap – less than $5 for 1,000 members. Or maybe you can get lucky and buy a working software from some developer. As we said before, the delivery speed can amaze you – you can easily get 100k members just in one day! There are no limits for adding fake members in channels, but you should be careful. 

So, if you want a quick and cheap start for your Telegram channel and don’t have any worries about losing members, then you should consider this method. At least after getting an illusion of a popular channel, you can attracr organic members.

Buy Real Telegram Members

Real members are the main alternative to fake members. This method of adding members combines the opportunity to add an unlimited number of Telegram users, competitive prices and fast speed of delivery. The only difference from bots – these are people. They might not be as active as organic users, but they still can generate views and engage with content. If you added real members, I will most likely see their presence in the future. For the higher quality, you need to pay more. The price for real members ranges from $10 to $40 per 1,000 users.


One of the most well-liked and effective ways to promote Telegram’s businesses is by purchasing Channels and Group members. You can quickly grow your channel, draw in thousands of Telegram users, win over users’ trust, boost sales, and create a community of real Telegram users. Increasing the membership of a Telegram Channel or Group can help it grow organically. It is more likely that new organic users will join the more members you have. Our approach enables the gradual and secure addition of new members. It could take anywhere from a few hours t a few days to add 1,000 new Telegram subscribers.

This is a significant and novel approach to marketing that makes use of automation and a large Telegram network. This is the primary alternative o the fake members, and it is also the finest one.

Additionally, you can add an infinite number of Real Members to Telegram channels here. The main distinction between real individuals and bot users is that although they might not be as active as unique or organic users, they can still interact with information and express their opinions based on their interests. The cost of real members is greater than that of fake members. Real subscribers will have both members ho have set profile pictures and those who do not.

How are real members added to Telegram channels? 

Behind real members, there is a more complex system to add Telegram members. Usually, it includes the network of Telegram-alike apps on app markets with auto-add or auto-subscription option.

Let’s make it simple: developers own multiple Telegram apps on markets with thousands of users. Once new users install one of the apps, he is auto-added to multiple Telegram channels. He may or may not leave with time or drop the app in general. But unlike bots, real members won’t be ever deleted from the channel by Telegram.

Although the speed of delivery might be lower, than with bots. You won’t get 100k members in one day. But with a gradual promotion, you can get to 100k members within a few months.


The vast majority of articles will state that the only way to increase the number of Telegram members and subscribers to your channel is to spend a significant amount of money to purchase both fake and real Telegram subscribers. However, by conducting in-depth study, we were able to uncover various strategies outside simply spending your money.


Using the manual approach will require a significant investment of your time. Therefore, it is recommended that you make use of the tool in order to add members in a timely manner while simultaneously saving some time.

Do you have any experience with the Telegram tool?

Full features of Telegram Automation Software:

  • Scrape members from another group
  • Add members to your group
  • Auto message online users
  • Upload avatar in bulk
  • Search and add users by username, name from Global Result
  • Post to thousands of groups
  • Bulk check account login status
  • Manual control accounts
  • One time login and generate cookies/Profile
  • Multi-threads
  • Support proxy from many sources
  • Ran om delay
  • Fully control Blacklist & Whitelist users


Using multiple Telegram accounts, it is possible to add more than 200 new members.

There is software available, such as TexSender, that gives you the ability to use numerous Telegram accounts (in rotation) so that you can add more than 200 people to a channel or group that you administer.

When using TexSender, all you have to do is import the list of members (usernames list) that you want to add, and then click the box labeled Start Invite. After that, you’ll have the option of selecting any or all of your Telegram accounts to use for this activity. You have the option to add up to 50 people to your channel or group with each account that you join. This means that if you add 20 accounts, you will have the ability to add a maximum of 1000 members.

You can use the Group Scraper module to extract members from other groups, such as the group that your competitors use, if you do not have a list of members or usernames to add to your chanel or gr up and do not want to manually add them.


The great thing about Telegram channels that there is no actual limit for your members. We know plenty of channels with more than 3 mln users, and we assume, it’s not the limit. By using one of our methods for adding members, you can easily start your Telegram business. Of course, you can skip both methods and go all-in for advertising in channels, on Facebook, and cross-promotion. But none of these ways will bring you a fast boost of the channel. Moreover, it may take months before you start understanding how to promote channels efficiently. 

How to Add an Unlimited Number of Real Telegram Members?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many members can I add in Telegram Channel?

You add manually only 200 members to your Telegram channel. To get more members, you need to promote your channel.

How to add Telegram members in Telegram channel?

You can add manually 200 members from your contact list. Or you can promote your channel on social media, catalogs, other channels. If you have money, you can invest into adding fake or real Telegram members. Use our adder of Telegram members, follow the link.

How to add fake members in Telegram Channel?

There are many online services for adding fake members in Telegram channels. They provide low-quality users in a short time.

How to add unlimited members in Telegram Channel?

To add an unlimited number of members in Telegram Channel you need to buy fake members or to buy real members. Both services allow to get even 1 mln channel members.

How to add more than 200 members to Telegram Channel?

You can add fake members with special software or bots, buy real Telegram members, or promote your channel with traditional methods: advertising, cross-promo, etc.

How many members can be added in Telegram Group?

There is a limit of 200,000 members in Telegram groups. Unlike Telegram channels, you can’t have an unlimited number of users in your group.

Is there Software to auto add Telegram members for free?

Yes, there is, but no guarantees, you can get banned.

How to add members in Telegram group?

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