How to Get Sport Betting Members for Telegram Channel or Group?

telegram betting channel members

When you create a betting Telegram channel, you face a few challenges. Wether how to provide good tips or how to increase premium sales, and others. But the main challenge is to grow the number of subscribers in your channel.


If you Google, you can see that there are over 50k channels about betting odds and tips. The most popular categories there are soccer, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, hockey and even fantasy sport.

How to Create Successful Sport Betting Channels on Telegram?

  1. Research your competitors

Before diving into promotion, you need to see what other channels do. You should research your competitors: names, descriptions, content, size, engagement rate, promotional methods.

To do research you should use Put in the search field the name of the betting channel you want to explore or the keyword to see the list of channels. For example, put in search ‘soccer betting’. You will be introduced to a few hundreds of channels. You can choose any of them to see more information. Look at these graphs:

  • Subscribers graph (how the number of members is growing or decreasing),
  • Forwards & channel mentions (where and how often their content is shared on other channels),
  • Mentions of the channel (in what channels do they promote their services),
  • Engagement rates,
  • Posts statistics, etc.

Use the insights in your Telegram channel promotion.

  1. Make the unique name

You should research your betting competitors and look at what names they have. You will be surprised at how similar they are. “Premium fixed tips”, “VIP fixed matches”, “Cricket betting tips”… Does it sound familiar? Try to stand out from your competitors, come up with something creative and unique. But don’t forget to use keywords in your name. Keywords show users what your channel is about, and make your channel searchable. There are some examples of popular keywords:

  • general – tips, odds, sport, bets, match, sportbook, etc;
  • sports types – soccer, football, cricket, hockey, basketball, tennis, etc;
  • leagues – NHL, NFL, NBA, FIFA, UEFA, IPL, EPL, etc;
  • famous betting websites – Betway, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Unibet, Bet9ja, 22Bet, etc.

It’s enough to have around 3 specific keywords in your channel name. But they should be relevant to your content. Don’t name your Telegram channel with soccer and football tips if you post about cricket or tennis.

  1. Design the logo

You should try to think outside the box. Most people just Google the free image and set it as a channel profile picture without any editing. Use online photo editors like Canva and create something more unique. Put the name of your betting channel on the logo. Make it clean and simple. Look for an inspirationg among your competitors or betting and gambling sites. There are some examples of betting and gambling logos:

boomaker telegram channel

  1. Post shareable and interesting content

Provide free tips, share your techniques, and interesting insights in bets and sports. Don’t over spam by GIFs and messages. When people receive more than 10 notifications from one channel a day, they tend to mute it. Once your channel is muted, only 20-40% of people may return to you.

If you sell premium accounts and tips, you should never add fake screenshots of chat and reviews from “clients”. If you post such content, do it genuinely from real clients with real reviews. Posting fake reviews may seem for you like a good idea to gain trust from users. But people are not stupid, they see the lies.

Consider another way of betting channel monetization. We talk about joining referral programs on popular bookmaker websites and posting referral links. You will get a money reward for website registrations and bets from your users.

Now when your betting or gambling Telegram channel is ready, let’s see how you can grow it and gain new members.

how to get betting members?

How to Get Telegram Members for your Betting Channel or Group?

Initially you can promote your betting Telegram channel both ways: paid and free ones. Let’s look at each method closer.

Free Ways to Promote Betting / Gambling Telegram Channel

There are 4 main ways to increase betting Telegram subscribers:

  1. Add manually the first 200 members

You can add up to 200 members from your contacts. It’s free and easy. Usually you can do it while creating your Telegram channel or group or going back to settings of it. Once you have more than 200 members in your channel, this option won’t be available for you.

  1. Publish your channel on catalog websites

Post your link on catalogs like Tgstat, telegram, Telegram List. It can provide you 10-20 new members a week. Most catalogues have folders and special categories for Telegram channels about sports, betting, gambling. The only disadvantage is that you’ll face the huge competition. The average catalogue has at least 100 channels and groups in your niche.

  1. Post your link on Social media and forums

Join betting communities and invite users to subscribe to your channel. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora to promote your betting channel. Post under questions, discussions your link. If you make spamming as your daily routine, it can bring you 10-50 new members a week on average. Until you get banned from these communities. Noone likes spammers.

  1. Cross-promote your channel

You can ask similar Telegram channels to exchange ads with you. To be able to do a cross-promotion you need to have at least 2000 members in your betting channel. If you choose right with what channel to collaborate, you can make up to 100-150 new subscribers in a short time. But the conversion rate here is really low and to get 100-150 members you need to put some efforts.

There are 5 main ways to increase betting Telegram subscribers:

  1. Pay for advertising in Telegram channels

It’s one of the most popular ways to grow Telegram channels. You need to find a big channel where you can find your potential audience. Promoting your channel in other sport betting channels might not be a good idea, it won’t bring you many members. If you have a channel with cricket tips, you can look among local sport news, indian lifestyle or even fantasy football channels. You can collect a few prices from different Telegram channels and then choose one to advertise in. Tip: when deciding where to post your ads, look at the number of members and ratio of subscribers/views. If only 10% of members look through the channel, you should not advertise there. Another tip to get a channel for advertising: use to find channels where your competitors promote. Channel advertising can bring you from 0 to 1000 members at once. There are no guarantees to get even 100 betting subscribers. You can be lucky or not lucky enough.

  1. Pay a blogger for a post or video

You can find an influencer in a sphere related to bets and sport and ask him to post your betting Telegram channel link. Influencer marketing becomes one of the most demanded, that’s why you can face a high rate. Some influencers cost more than $1,000.

  1. Advertise on Facebook or Instagram

Facebook offers an amazing opportunity for audience targeting in your promotion. You can promote your betting Telegram channel only to males over 20 years old. You can target specific interests like sport, soccer, basketball, cricket, money making, etc.
No other tools have wide settings to target people. The only risk here is to spend a lot of money without getting members. It takes months of practice to understand how Facebook ads work.

  1. Buy bots

Bots are a great way to boost your channel in less than one day. Bots though are not real users. They will help you to increase the number of members in your sport betting channel. But these are not your clients. And most likely in a couple of months Telegram will delete them from your channel, so be careful. Bots are still a good choice if you need to make your subscribers number more appealing to new users. 80% of people most likely to join the channel if it has at least 1000 members.

  1. Buy real members

Buying members will allow you to boost your channel in a short time (1-7 days), but these are real people. Some of them may become your clients for premium betting tips. Another pro of this method: Telegram doesn’t delete such subscribers. If members leave, it means they are not interested in the content of your channel.

Yes, you can’t target by interest like on Facebook ads, but you can target by geo-location. You can buy subscribers from specific countries like Nigeria, Kenya, India, Ghana, Spain, Russia, or any other. For now, it’s the fastest and most reliable way to gain real members.



You need to write a marketing strategy for your Telegram betting channel. You shouldn’t choose only one method of promotion. The best strategy is to combine at least 2-4 ways. We advise you to follow this scheme:

  • add manually your first 200 subscribers;
  • add your channel to catalogs;
  • buy real members;
  • promote your community on other channels (paid or cross promo).



Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a betting Telegram Channel?

Open Telegram menu tab, click on “Create Channel’. Type the name of the channel, use keywords related to your future content (soccer, hockey, betting website, etc), make a description of the channel, upload a colorful logo, add members from your contact list. Research your competitors for ideas of the name, description, logo and content.

How to get members for Telegram betting channel?

1. Buy real Telegram members;
2. Buy Telegram bots;
3. Paid post on other Telegram channels;
4. Paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram;
5. Influencer marketing;
6. Cross-promotion.

How to get betting Telegram members for free?

1. Add manually 200 members from the contact list;
2. Add the channel on Telegram catalogs websites;
3. Share the channel link of social media and forums;
4. Cross-promote.

How to buy betting members for Telegram?

To buy members for betting Telegram channels, click on the button “Get Telegram members”, start the official bot, choose packages and the payment method, leave your request and wait for a manager to contact you.

What are the best betting Telegram channels?

There top 5 betting Telegram channels are @fixedexpert, @Cricket_Betting_Fixed_Report_Tip, @TOSS_PREDICTION_cricket_baazigar, @ukfixedmatchservice, @fixeddrawsexperts111.

How to get gambling Telegram members?

You can buy real Telegram members, get paid posts in other Telegram channels; get advertising on Facebook and Instagram; use influencer’s help, cross-promote.

How to advertise a betting Telegram channel?

Add manually the first 200 members, publish your channel on catalogs, share links on social media and forums, cross-promote, pay for advertising in Telegram channels, get influencer’s post or video, advertise on Facebook, buy bots, buy Telegram members.



Last Updated on December 15th, 2023