4 Most Common Concerns About Making an Android App

Today I am following on from the post that I uploaded yesterday about the most common questions asked by our potential app makers.  I am going to focus on the most common concerns new app makers face when they decide to create their first Android app.

1. Competition

Oh yeah, we all know a little competition is healthy, but the competition that you face in the app world is immense. What happens if there are a range of apps that are similar to your app? Competition is not something to back down from, in fact if there are other apps similar to your app then you know that there is interest in this app type and you are not wasting your time with your app, all you need to do is ensure that you market your app effectively.

2. Reputation

You have the best idea ever, but will app users trust you if you only have one app in the app store? The answer is no, they probably won’t trust so, so we strongly suggest that you build a network of apps to build your app making reputation before launching your killer app. Not only will you have a loyal fan base built by then, you will also have learnt from your other apps about your audience and will limit mistakes that first time app makers generally make.

3. Cost

This is one constant concern that all app makers have, that there will be additional costs that might pop up, added costs that you simply don’t have the budget for. What is great with app making platforms like AppsGeyser, is that you don’t need to have a budget, app making with AppsGeyser is totally free and because you are given your APK you can choose to upload your app to any Android app store. There are a range of Android app stores available that do not charge you to publish your app.

4. Technical knowledge

Many people stress that they don’t have the technical skills to be able to create and publish an Android app, well this is no problem with AppsGeyser. As long as you know how to click on a button and type then you will succeed in making an Android app. Even if you get stuck during any part of this process you can always contact a member of the team who will happily take you through the process step by step.