Amazon App Store: Should You Publish your Android App Or Not?

Amazon App Store

One concern of new app developers is choosing the right Android app store to publish their new app.

Some days ago, we discussed this intriguing topic of the specific Android app store you should use when you want to publish your app. It’s true that Google Play continues to take the lead and remains one of the well known Android app stores. Because it’s automatically available on all Android devices, and it is known as the best app store. It has unconsciously become a habit that’s hard to break.

The question is, why should you think of publishing on another store if Google Play is what everyone opts for and uses?

The answer is not far-fetched, Google Play is over congested as we speak, and it’s now becoming difficult to get your app known or giving it the attention it deserves.

If you are a new app maker or just an app maker that doesn’t have a large audience yet, your goal should be to your name and brand widely known, For instance, the story of the Angry Birds. The game is now fetching thousands of millions for the developer and has lots of followers. It got launched on a not so popular Android app store known as GetJar.

What Is the Amazon App Store?

The Amazon App store is very much available on all Amazon Fire devices like Kindle Fire and Fire Stick. It’s almost the same service as Google Play Store and has Android apps for devices. The difference is that Amazon App Store does not need Google’s Framework for installation.

As much as the Amazon App store is a part of the fire devices, it’s not necessarily limited to just those. It involves some work. However, you can install the app on virtually all Android devices.

But the process requires that you turn on the ability to install apps from unknown sources, which is usually not recommended by Google at all cost.

Recently, the Amazon App store had a redesign and incorporated Amazon Coins. This new virtual currency is a replacement method of acquiring an app for a discount at a free cost. The users will get a coin by completing free tasks or buying them with money.

What makes Amazon Android App Store Different? Why Choose it?

The reasons why Amazon is suddenly becoming a favorite alternative Android app store are countless. From thorough research, my AppAnnie took note of the following points.

  • Amazon kindle fire allows people to have quick access to Amazon store on their mobile store. With this, they will probably shop using the store.
  • Amazon has gained more popularity. Hence, there’s stability and reliability in services in the shopping aspect of the marketplace.  It’s now going to generate more interest in the section app department.
  • It’s a relatively simple process to import the Amazon app store if you have developed your Android app and APK.
  • Though the Amazon App store is relatively new to the app scene, it launched in March 2011. However, growth is remarkable.
  • Because fewer apps are available on it and the review process is quite strict, competition is less. Therefore, making only good and quality apps readily available in the app store.

 While it’s might look like a better option because it’s easy on the Google  Play store. However, an app review process is a yardstick to provide quality service for customers.  There is no chance of getting your app lost amongst spammers and low-quality apps.

  • You have a high chance of generating more revenue because your app will be easily discovered and downloaded.  You will be able to build your brand name, app and create the right awareness with your audience.

It is an impressive feature of the Amazon Appstore. The revenue per user is way higher than that of the Google Play store. It’s interesting to let you know that it is close to the profit of an active user on iOS. Though the customers are fewer, it’s a promising venture.

  • More people will preferably buy an app through Amazon than Google Play because the quality is known to be better. If you have access to all store and download an app, the user must have an existing Amazon account, making the purchase a one-click process.

Another brand that will be a competitor is Google Wallet. But, Amazon’s trust and history will always encourage app developers as it has already provided an audience that’s ready to spend their money on the quality app.

  • Amazon Appstore is a big market, and it’s growing very fast, with millions of United states audience downloading apps on their phones and tablets. International distribution is now available to other parts of the world.

It’s now available in about 200 countries. This expansion includes various enhancements of various features like one-click purchasing, the free app of Day promotion, and In-App purchasing API.

  • Another feature about Amazon Appstore is that you can make a paid app free compared to Google Play Store that doesn’t allow you to put a paid app free.

It prevents you from doing promotions, which are necessary to give you the exposure that you need. With Amazon Appstore, you can put your app anytime you want and make it a paid app. They also have their free app of the day promotion that you can apply.

The  Disadvantages Of Using Amazon Android App Store

There are lots of reasons why using an Amazon Android app store may not be favorable for you. These include:

  • The cost that is needed to upload your app on the platform is expensive than that of Google Play.
  •  It can be discouraging for those that do not have enough money.
  • The app may not get published on the platform immediately.

There’s a mandatory review process, which is a good thing, but it indirectly reduces the processing time of getting your app onto the make. You must put this into consideration if you have a timeframe in mind.

Usually, it takes about six weeks for an app to be fully approved. However, this period can also be less.

  • There will be a limit to the number of people that will be accessible to your app. As we pointed out in number 5 of the above, the lesser audience and competition you have can be highly beneficial to you.

ASO Productive Practices to Implement on Amazon App Store

According to researchers, Google Play is in control when it comes to the number of accessible apps. Since the beginning of June 2017, they reached a climax of three million apps builds by 968,000 developers, defeating the Apple App Store. Whereas, Amazon App Store has 455,000 apps, built by 75,000 developers.

Despite its popularity, like other stores, Amazon App Store developers still need to use the best ASO practices to ensure that their app appears on Amazon App Store.

 The following tips will help your apps get more download on Amazon App Store.

  • App Title – Use a unique and catchy app name. It will attract new users. It’s useful for search results (Amazon indexes the title of the apps). A unique name can create a long-lasting impression.
  • Keywords – it’s optional. However, on Amazon App Store, you can set keywords upfront. It will allow your app to be labeled and easily found in the ranks.
  • Creative Description – Ensure that the app description is creative, concise, and unique. Let your users know what your app does and the features.

And other features include a product feature bullet that is only available on the platform. You are allowed to add five unique features that will be visible on the app’s page. You must showcase the best. Also, add images and multimedia to your app.


So, that’s all you need to know or at least have knowledge about of Amazon App Store. Amazon App store can be the platform that you need to launch your app. The features and benefits it provides will be a stepping stone in your career as an app developer.

And, for Amazon App Store, it keeps getting better every day. You should enjoy the privileges.