6 Steps For Creating Matching Pair Games for Android Easily (FREE)

create matching pair game

One efficient activity that you can rely on to keep your brain active is by playing brain games or matching pair games. There are hundreds of mobile apps developed for adults who want to improve their intellectual abilities. These applications are designed to give a good exercise to your brain. There are many online games that you can play individually or with other players as well.  Brain training games and computerized cognitive training consist of programs of games that are particularly designed to exercise brain, memory, speed, and flexibility, etc. Such games are becoming very much popular in recent years. These sorts of games claim that they can help ward off cognitive decline by keeping your brain active and sharp. Playing these games have proved to be very much helpful in this regard. Matching pair games are getting very popular in today’s age. These types of games are equally loved by people belonging to different age groups. In this game which is a memory-boosting brain training game, the player tries to match the pairs. The pairs can be of any two similar or closely associated things. It can be of something which is having the same denominator, rank, value or it just can simply be a set of objects as well. These games are becoming popular but there are not many apps created on the concept of matching pairs.  

If you are an ardent lover of matching pair games but you are not able to locate any app which is up to your level. Create one! Yes, you can create your matching pair app and this is not a big deal. All you need to follow is a few steps and you can easily create your own matching pair game. Your own created game will sound like a customized product because you will add the things in your game that you found missing while playing other matching games. So if you are eager to know how to create your matching pair game, do read the article and we will guide you from the very basics.

First of all, we will help you to know what is a pair anyway? And a matching pair game should be of what pairs? So pair is a set of two things that are specifically designed or meant to be used together. Matching pair games can be of matching cards or it can also be of matching and combining images with words.

Create Matching Pair Game in 6 Steps

Before we dive deep into the types of matching pair games, we first let you know how you can create an app, specifically a matching pair app on your own. The steps are so easy to follow and there is nothing to be apprehensive about. All you need to have is a good amount of dedication. And then nothing can act as a hurdle on your way to success. Below is the guide from the first step to the last:

  1.  Select a Pair App Template from Appsgeyser platform

First of all, you need to think of a smart app template for your pairing game. A template is basically a form, model, or guide that you can mold or reproduce according to your app. The main purpose of templates is to guide the developers at the beginning when they are already tensed about many other things. So templates will help you to get a nice start.

  1. Set Background and Design Logo

The next step should be selecting a background and designing a logo for your matching pair game. Make sure that you select a background with less vibrant colors so that it will not irritate the eyes of the players. Even if you are creating this game for yourself, you need to go with light colors as it will not hurt your eyes when you look longer on the screen. Designing a logo for an app is no more a headache for app developers these days. Every app company starts with proper branding so you start on the right foot by using the logo maker which meets all of your needs. The availability of several app logo maker sites makes it easy for app makers to create a logo for their applications.

  1. Upload Tiles and Buttons

Every developer must add the tiles and buttons to their app whether it is a matching pair game or not. So your third step would be adding tiles and buttons to your matching pair game. As it will prove to be a nice impression over the audience. Here are some examples of titles and buttons that you can use in your Application by using the Appsgeyser platform sample template. For example:

play button for matching game
Play button ( 128 X 128 )                 
back button for matching game
This is a Back button ( 128 X 128 )
sound button for matching game
This is the button of Volume Sound Button ( 128 X 128 )
like button for matching game
Rate button is to stay updated about your app’s performance ( 128 X 128 )
cancel button for matching game
Cancel Button ( 128 X 128 )
menu button for matching game
Menu Button ( 128 X 128 )
time bar for matching game
Time Bar (252 X 82)

You can also get your button tiles in a unique and customized way from different online shops. You can use the above-mentioned features in your application to make it visually attractive for your audience.

  1. Add Levels to Your App

When there are certain levels in a game, the players get intrigued to make it to the last level and win the game. In this attempt even if players fail at some level they won’t stop because there will be excited to get to the highest level of the game. The players will keep playing your game and your application will eventually result in great revenue.  So your fourth step should be adding levels to your matching pair app.

  1. Give your app a name

This is the step without which neither you nor people will recognize your app. Add the name to your app. And try to give a different name to your matching pair game so that it will not be lost among so many other apps. A nice app name will make your app stand out among the other games.

  1. Publish your app

The last step is to get your app published in an application store. Without publishing your app, it will remain private. Only you will get benefitted from what you have created. But if you do a little more effort and hard work you can get it published. This will help you and your app business in many ways. By publishing your app it can be reviewed by several people along with you. Try to update your app every day. This will make your audience stick to your app because they will not find anything disturbing when you will keep on updating your app. And when you will have potential users for your app, you will certainly earn great profit in the world of apps.

After introducing this pairing game in play store you will feel like your childhood memories are somehow restored. Because once again you can enjoy the pleasure of playing a pairing game that you had in your childhood.


Creating a pairing game is very easy as you have seen with the help of templates provided by the Appsgeyser platform. With this simple thing there comes an endless glee for the pairing game lovers. Also, you can add variety to your matching pair games. Pairing games are not just limited to pairing the same pictures or matching a word with an image, there is more to that. Like with each level you can give a tough competition to yourself and your audience. Instead of locating identical pairs, you can ask to find combinations. For the next level, you can ask to pair words that are opposite in meanings. For even tougher levels, you can add more twist by asking to pair the presidents of countries with the prime ministers. You can also add some sports in your list to enhance your knowledge about it. You can ask which sport is played in which player. So there are so many ideas that you can add to your matching pair game and make it more and more engaging with every passing level. And then playing will become more exciting. Also, the more tricky the level will become the more room will be there for you to improve and lift your intellectual. All you require for now is to follow the steps and be a little more passionate about pairing games and you will introduce yourself as the best pairing game inventor in the app store.