6 Simple Steps To Create An Android App Blog For Free

Create An Android App Blog

If you own a blog and are looking for a way to continue to be relevant in the smartphone oriented world today, then you most definitely need to create a blog app. You might wonder, “my blog is already responsive, why do I need to create an app for my WordPress blog?’ Well, while having a responsive web design that can seamlessly adapt your fit just about any device screen is good and quite important for your brand’s survival, mobile apps, especially android apps have seen an alarming growth rate. They are now a great way to ensure you remain ahead of the competition. To help you on your way, here are a few reasons why you should create an android app for a blog.

Why you should consider making a blog app?

1. Smartphones hold an integral place as the current technology and its future

It is said that over 6.3 billion smartphones are being used in the world today. This outstanding number represents a large segment of the earth’s population. And that number is only expected to rise in the coming years. Apps are not made for just fun; the technology behind smartphones rely on them. 

Ranging from social media apps and clock apps to news and information apps, you can do just about anything you want on your smartphone via an app. It was discovered back in 2019 that 90% of the time spent on mobile internet is spent on apps. 

So, it can be quite exciting to know that about 70% of the globe would soon use a smartphone. This represents a large prospective market.

2. When you make a blog app, you place your site at the forefront of prospective and current customers.

Having an app provides you with two-fold visibility. The first is, having an app published can help bring attention to your work. Almost all the mobile apps used on a smartphone are gotten and downloaded via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Choosing to position your app in any of these stores, particularly the Google Play Store can push your brand into the awareness of thousands, if not millions of users.

On the other hand, the moment the app gets downloaded by the user, it becomes an aspect of their day to day experience. Try to imagine just how frequently you tend to scroll through the apps on your phone. It is unlikely that you use every single app on your phone every day, however, you do see the icon every time you swipe past it. Thanks to this familiarity, albeit subconscious you can have this brand front and center on the mind of your audience.

3. When you convert a blog to an app, you make it much easier for users to consume and share content

A key factor in the success of any application is the ease at which users can consume and share your content. Nobody wants to have to go through a tiresome process to get the information and value they require from your app. Simple things such as opening the address bar and entering the address in are all things that take out the ease of use, put in an effort and time barrier when searching for information. When you convert a blog to an app, you can cut out all the unnecessary aspects of the website. There is no need for any digital and mental gymnastics. Your content is just where you want it, right at your fingertips.

Having an app also makes sharing easier. When your app is optimized to work effortlessly alongside other renowned apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, you gain an advantage over your competition and another brand awareness avenue. With an app that lets users share content they like to social media platforms; you have the opportunity to drive traffic and even new users to your website.

4. When you create an android app for a blog you set yourself apart

When you make a blog app, you set yourself apart. Apps today hold the same significance that websites did 21 years ago. A quick search on the internet would show you that there aren’t many articles being written on why a blog or a website is essential anymore. Websites have long become a major aspect of conducting business in today’s world. There are thousands of templates and tools available on the internet to help just about anyone create a website.

Apps, on the other hand, are still only just coming into their own in the business world. Converting a blog to an app will definitely place you ahead of the competition. This is down to the fact that your brand becomes elevated and the app adds a unique factor to your site, whilst improving the readability and experience of your users.

5. When you convert your blog to an app you increase your audience retention and engagement

Any business in existence today owes that existence to the connection made between the proprietors and that customer. This connection is invaluable, and that connection has taken a new turn and is being fuelled by push notifications. Push notifications are perhaps one of the most invaluable tools out there, as they have an open rate of 90%. This open rate is a lot higher than any other form of communication. Thanks to push notifications, users can be informed of unique features or updates. You are also able to send customized messages. Every one of these reminders ensures your brand is kept fresh and present in your userbase’s mind which then leads to increased engagement.

6. When you make a blog app you get closer to your audience

When you create an android app for a blog, you provide a personalized experience for your user. While a website by design is meant to capture a broad array of interests, an app can feel more narrow and local. For one, the app is stored on a user’s phone alongside the corresponding settings, login information, and data. When your app has the potential to remember and track an individual’s settings and interactions, the user experience can be maximized the best way possible. This then provides satisfaction, causing the user to revisit your website and brand creating loyalty.

How to Create an Android app for blog for free

There are quite a number of online tools with free templates that can be used to create a free android app for my blog, however, the focus of this article is going to be on AppsGeyser. There are a couple of things you will need before starting out:

  • The app name
  • The app destination 
  • An image for your app logo
  • Your blog’s URL link

Now that’s clear, let us begin!

  1. Click the CREATE NOW icon
  2. Select the Website template
  3. Insert the blog’s URL
  4. Give your app a name, a description and upload your icon
  5. Select the CREATE APP icon and you’re done
  6. If you make a mistake, you can simply fix it by selecting the EDIT icon


These app templates for androids make creating apps quite easy. They also offer the perfect opportunity for those looking to convert blogs to an app for their business. There are quite a number of app templates available on AppsGeyser, so you can be sure to create just about any app for your business. What do you have to lose? Get out and create a blog app.