How to Make a YouTube Android App in 5 Minutes

Make a YouTube Android App for free

YouTube has became the main platform for video streaming and sharing. It has more than 2 billion active users. 79% of Internet users have their own YouTube account. It’s not a suprise if you look how to convert YoutTube Channel, Video or Playlist into mobile app.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing website that was created to allow users to upload, view and share their personal videos. It is possible for anyone to view this site without having to be registered to YouTube. Creating an account with YouTube is very simple if you want to load your own videos there. You can create an account here.

make Android app from Youtube channel

Why would I want to create an app using YouTube?

Web video is a massive attraction. Web videos are easy to embed into your website, they encourage brand awareness and they build trust in your brand. By using a link to YouTube, you are not using your own server and therefore the size of the video does not slow down the server. If you have a DIY business, you can create mini videos of various project showing the process, or if you have a hairdressing salon, you can create videos of various hair styles being create. The options are endless.

How can I create a YouTube app for free?

You have few different ways to make a YouTube app and all of them are simple. You can create a feed from your own You Tube channel URL or your favourite You Tube URL account, such as AppsGeyser Official Channel. The other option available is to create an app for a any playlist or video. All you need to do is to copy the URL of channel, playlist or video and paste it to AppsGeyser App Builder.

You don’t need to know coding or programming to do that. And it’s absolutely free for everyone.

6 Steps to make YouTube app for Android

1. Click on “Create Now For Free” button

Create an app on AppsGeyser
Open AppsGeyser and choose to create an app

2. Choose Website App Template for Android

Choose Website Android app Template
Choose Website app Template

3. Enter URL of YouTube channel, playlist or video. Click “Save”

Insert URL of Youtube channel, playlist or video
Insert the link of Youtube channel, playlist or video

4. Type the name of your app

Type the name of YouTube Android App
Write the name of YouTube Android App

5. Upload an icon for YouTube app. You can choose a default one or upload your custom image.

Upload an icon for Youtube App
Upload an icon for YouTube App

6. Click “Create” button to build YouTube Android App

build YouTube Andoid app
Click on Create button

With a few clicks you have now created you YoutTube. Now you can edit the app on your Dashboard, publish it on Google Play and other app markets to share it with billion Android users. Don’t forget to write a catchy description for your app!