5 Ways to Improve an App Rating Android Market

Improve an android app rating

App Rating is the most important element when it comes to getting your app on the top charts. There are various factors involved behind it, and you should take care of them to become successful in the Android app market.

You may observe that trending apps do always have a good app rating. Figuring out how many factors are taken under consideration when app stores evaluate the app ratings is quite a challenging task. Especially if you are new to the app business, you will not have the prior experience of which things should be more important for you.

Being an industry expert, AppsGeyser has come up with 5 proven ways to improve app rating Android market-specified. However, some of them can also be applied to other platforms. Without any delay, let’s get straight into why it’s that important and how we can win an outstanding app rating for our apps.

Why is App Rating Important?

App rating plays a vital role in determining how likely your app is being loved by the users as well as app stores. It is like a parameter of your success, and when it falls, you need some serious changes. At first, people come with different mindsets on the app stores, and most of them search for apps they need to solve their problems.

If they found a number of relevant apps on the android market, they start exploring them one by one. Research shows that a good app rating attracts the audience, and there are more chances of you to have new users through maintaining a good app rating.

Users will most probably download the app, which has the best app rating than its competitors, and that’s a lot of competition already. App rating doesn’t only attracts the audience, but it also helps you make a good business reputation. If you have several apps under the banner of your app brand, and all of these apps have healthy app ratings, you are lucky enough to get your business goals soon.

So far, you would have observed that the app rating for the Android app is the building block that can make or break your entire app business. But, you don’t need to worry anymore because AppsGeyser is here to help. Focus on app quality and be a friendly business to your users despite being greedy because, in the end, you will get a lot of revenue and business success.

Ways to Improve App Rating Android Market

We have come a long way and found how the app rating in the Android market is essential. Undoubtedly, it’s quite challenging to have an excellent Android app rating, but you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Luckily, after handy research and analysis, we have come up with some proven ways to improve app ratings in the Android marketplace. Let’s get straight to these ways now!

1. App Crash Analysis

App crashes prove to be one of the main reasons for significant declines in the app ratings. Even it is better to launch an app with fewer features than an app with a high number of crashes. App crashes are attention seekers from the app stores and found to be very problematic if not addressed on time.

The entire process of app development should be free from bugs-generation. While debugging/testing your app, try to eliminate all the crashes. If, at the time of testing, you have removed all the bugs, stick to what users are responding about your app.

It’s always good to tackle all the app crashes just before the launch of your app. Being active on app stores and other social media platforms where the users are telling you the app issues is always a great strategy to cope up with these challenges.

If you found a crash report on an app store, suppose Google Play Store, you should immediately respond to the corresponding user and fix that right away. Showing pace while responding to users and fixing crashes can save your app from being disrespected. Of course, there is always room for improvement in your app.

2. App Ratings by Users

The app ratings that the user gives you influence a lot in the aggregate app rating on the Android marketplace. Positive app ratings result in a good score. Therefore, you can prompt your app users to provide your app feedback in terms of app rating.

You can ask your users in many ways, and the most effective one is to notify them through the same app which they are using. The notification or prompt could be shown to them through the app. The most common practice is to show the app rating bar in the settings button.

Usually, app stores show most positive alongside the most negative feedback of your app to the users while downloading your app. Surprisingly, the negative one could not be much harmful to your business, but there should not be a huge row of bad app ratings. Continuous bad app ratings can also affect your aggregate app rating on app markets.

For the prevention of bad app ratings by the users, there are various ways. One of them is to maintain a friendly relation with your users and try to be caring for them. They will love your app business and share their positive experience with others.

3. Reaction to User’s Feedback

User feedback is the most critical factor that influences the aggregate app rating on Android marketplaces. Users put their questions or issues relating to your app typically on the app store from which they have downloaded your app.

There should be a sense of urgency when you have been notified about some issues posted by a user. Always respond quickly and efficiently to the user’s feedback. Even if the user has responded to you positively, you should admire and be thankful to them. In this way, users will feel honored.

The users will love to download the updates of your app and will always look forward to installing more apps from your product line. Without any doubt, the user’s feedback is the first parameter to success. Even if some users are abusing you, give them positive feedback, and they will eventually admire your ethics, and become your brand representatives.

4. Keep the App Non-Controversial

If your app is politically controversial or offensive to some groups, the ratings of your app will be impacted severely. Research the market and the audience specifically and try to adhere to their standards. Learn about their culture, norms, political and social values, and behaviors at first.

Keep your app content away from all the things they hate to see. When you become familiar with them, it’ll be effortless to reach up to top charts and get a sound app rating Android marketplace-specific. If you value their culture and traditions, they will surely appreciate your business.

For instance, a mobile app, “Is My Son Gay,” was so upsetting for some audiences that Google took it off from the Play Store. Although it hasn’t been breaking any rules or policies of Google, it wasn’t very respectful for some users. They preferred pulling it away because it was causing violence.

When it comes to app rating, controversies can impact significantly because it directly relates to the audience’s behaviors. For example, if your app is against some political party, you can never be on top because there will be many admirers of that party as well.

5. Be Easy to Reach

As an app business owner, there are many things to consider before you aim to reach the top of the app market. After a successful app launch, now it’s time to be active on every platform where the users can interact with you. If some user has written a bad review for your app and waiting for a response from the side, but you are making it too late, things will not work.

Always be easy to reach wherever you can. There are a lot of platforms on which you can interact with your app users. Social media is also a great way to interact with your audience. People usually love social media, and you can use it to provide a positive image of your business by giving responses urgently.

If you are unable to respond on a specific platform, guide them the right way. You can also put some contact information, for example, social media profiles within your app. Tell them how they can contact you if they are having any issues. For example, if you are unable to reach the audience through Twitter, convey them to contact you on Facebook instead.

But the recommendation is to be present on almost every platform where the audience can reach you. And when they do, respond to them quickly and appropriately. You can also take a lot of help from the blog of AppsGeyser for having researched insights about your app that can actually be successful within a limited time.

Just follow our social media channels and tell us about your experience. Suppose you have ever received a bad app rating on the Android app and how you have responded to that. Get in touch if you need any help.