How People Search for Android Apps – 7 Ways Users Find Apps to Install

After creating an app, the developers publish it on the Google play store for making it public for the general audience. Publishing an App over the Google play store will make the app visible to the target audience. An app that is published means that it is open for the users to download it on their target devices. Different people use different types of keywords to search the names of the app in the play store. Keep reading this article to know about the details of different methods that are used by the users of the Android platform to search for Android apps in the play store. An app can be found on the Google play store by several different methods. Different developers use app store optimization for making an app more visible to the target audience and making it available. By using App Store optimization, the organic searches for an app increase dramatically. Although, organic searches are not the only way by which people search certain apps on the play store.

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How people search for Android Apps in Google Play store

Usually, around 53% of the Android users say that they use the app store’s search engine for searching the apps on the play store. As a developer, if you want to make your app successful then you should do some research about how exactly people type in the play store search box for searching about different apps. According to statistics, an average user has around 80 apps installed on their Android devices. Therefore, users are always picky about searching for new apps. They want the apps to have captivating names along with unique functionality so that the space on their own devices will be utilized properly by installing new apps. Different App Searching optimization tools are provided by third-party apps. By using these tools, the developers can get a great insight into different analytics of the keywords and different searching trends that are used by the people for searching apps on the play store. Usually, the majority of the end-users search about branded keywords while searching for an app on the play store. According to research, 9 people out of 10 use branded keywords for searching apps on the play store. It means that mostly the apps that are famous in the play store are provided by different brands. Almost 86% of the keywords that were used by people for searching apps belonged to branded companies that release different versions of the apps frequently on the play store.

What type of users are present on the play store

Before getting into the detail of how the users find apps, the developers should learn the detail about the different types of users that are present in the play store and how they search for different apps. Generally, there are two types of users present in the play store.

  1. The first type of users are the people who already have general information about the app and its functionality. This type of person directly searches for their required app on the play store.
  2. Other type of people are the users who do not know what they are searching for. These types of people usually go through the ranking of the apps before downloading the apps on their target devices. These people usually search the apps by typing in different keywords. By using the different suggestions provided by the Google play store along with recommendations and reviews of the people, these users download apps on their mobile phones.

There are two types of searches by which people find apps in the play store. These two types of searches include

  1. Categorical searches: The categorical searches can be considered as a general term for using free versions of the app.  
  2. Navigational searches: The navigational searches are made by typing in the exact keywords or exact names of the app in the play store.

7 methods by which apps are found over the Play Store

Down below is the deal of some common methods that are used by different users for searching app on the play store.

  1. Organic search

This is one of the most common methods that is used by the users to search apps on play store. Almost 58% of all Android users use organic search for apps. Different app searching optimization software are based on Organic search. Therefore, whenever you will plan your app, it should conform with the ASO software.

  1. Personal recommendations

According to statistics, almost 41% of all the people that download the apps follow recommendations provided by other people. This method of downloading the app is considered as one of the most effective methods of marketing. People believe the opinion and recommendations of other people around them. Therefore, the most common way by which people download the app is to follow the recommendations provided by other people around them.

  1. Top apps rankings and lists

I always emphasize on the importance of high ranking of the app. An app to become successful on the app store, it must have high rankings so that it can be featured in the top highest-rated apps. Almost 25% of the users download the app on their Android phones because of its presence in the highest-rated apps.

  1. Default apps in Android phones

Whenever a user buys a new brand new Android phone, some apps come preinstalled on the phone. These are the basic Android apps that are used by Android users. A user will use those apps and then search for similar apps on the play store in order to enhance the functionality of apps on his mobile phone. In this way, the preinstalled apps give an idea to the users to download apps from the Google play store. A variety of apps are present on the play store that are similar to the apps that come by default in Android phones.

  1. Browsing the Internet for famous apps

Many users before downloading the app on their mobile phones search for popular apps over the Internet. The Internet provides several different resources that show the most popular apps on the play store along with the usage and rating of the app. Almost 15% of the apps that are downloaded on smartphones are recommended on the Internet first.

  1. Recommendation from blogs and influencers

People visit different technical blogs regularly. These technical blogs provide different reviews and opinions about successful Android apps. In this way, almost 6% of the downloads of the Google play store are done after reading the recommendation about apps on technical blogs. 

  1. Advertisement

Advertising can be considered as one of the most important marketing tricks. Developers usually create advertisements for their apps and then publish them on social networks. In this way, different users when view the advertisement are prompted to download the app on their smartphone. Advertisement plays a key role in searching the app on the play store and then later in downloading it. Advertisement can be considered as a traditional method of marketing. This method helps in searching the app on the play store and as a result, increasing the target audience of the app.


Hundreds of Android apps are published on the Google play store daily. The publication of an app makes the app available to the public. People use different kinds of searching techniques for searching for their required app on the play store. Generally, there are two types of users for an app. Some users know about the app name and its features whereas other people search the app by using different kinds of keywords to see the recommended results. Generally, the keywords play an important role in searching an app on the play store. The majority of the apps that are downloaded from the play store belong to branded companies. The name of your app should conform to the app searching optimization software. In this way, you will increase the organic search for your Android app in the play store. Other methods by which the users search the apps are using recommendations of other people before downloading an app, installing an app after watching it in the list of top-rated app, browsing the Internet for top-grossing apps, searching the play store for similar apps that come preinstalled in your mobile phone, Downloading an app after watching an advertisement, and reading about different apps that are recommended by technical blogs on the Internet.  By reading the information provided in this article, developers can get a great insight into how people search apps in the Google play store. Create your application with all the recommendations in mind. It will help in your app being searched on the play store and it will increase the ranking of the app.