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Best Android App Templates

Developing an Android app consists of various challenging steps. If you don’t pay attention to even a single step, all the hard work goes unrewarded. Now you have thought of making your app business successful. Having a handy list of apps in your product line is a must.

Surprisingly, we have come up with a list of best Android app templates by AppsGeyser that will inspire you more towards your goals. It just automates the entire process of app development for you. Even you can get a lot of help after launching your app on the Android app stores as well through our robust platform.

Our app templates are thoroughly tested and can bring your app business into life. During the process of Android app templates development, we care about the technological advancements and embed them to provide you a flawless app development experience.

Why Should You Use Android App Templates?

Android app development process seems like an easy one, but it involves a lot of complexity and challenges. Even if you are going to develop a simple app, there are a lot of things you should need to take into consideration.

For example, if you are developing a simple app that shows an image on the screen, you need to consider various things like how the image will look like on the screen and if the user will have any controls over it. Somehow, you completed it and have launched it on an app store, suppose Google Play Store.

After a day, you saw a lot of users placing bad reviews on your app. Most of them are complaining about the picture is only shown on half of their mobile screens. Others are complaining about the image is not being uploaded on your app.

How a simple app turned into a complex one within a day! That’s because Android app development is not just a game; it’s the aggregate of continuous efforts from requirement gathering to app testing. If you forgot to do, only one step suppose testing, all of your efforts are not going to be fruitful for you in the long run.

Here comes the importance of Android app templates, which help you succeed. Templates are pre-built app structures open to be modified according to the requirements of the users. Through these templates, you can smartly develop your apps.

If you are a newbie to the app development world, templates are just lifesavers for you. AppsGeyser provides such templates that are comprehensively tested and passed all the mobile app quality tests. You just need to have your content in your hands, and things will go really smoothly.

Another significant advantage of using the Android app templates is speed. You can literally develop an app through a template within minutes for which you might have to wait for more than six months through conventional development processes. Another benefit is the accuracy and quality of the app that you get through these Android app templates.

What are the Best Android App Templates?

There are a lot of templates on the market, but you should always go for the best Android app templates as they will assure quality. That’s what AppsGeyser provides to its users. As app development industry experts with experience of over a decade, we have come up with a lot of fully-featured, customizable, and robust app templates for you.

Some of the famous and best android app templates of AppsGeyser are as follows. You can start using these app templates and develop powerful apps from here.

1. Free Video Calls and Chat

Video calling has not been so easy until the Free Video Call and Chat template comes in. It’s one of the most widely used app templates. Through the app template, users cannot only make video calls to their friends, but they can also send voice messages and even text messaging through the app.

It will be a great and admirable addition to your product line. Since video calling and chatting are quite popular these days, there are strong chances of your app being a trendy one. Name your app and start inspiring the audience within a few minutes.

2. Photo Keyboard

Users also love the Photo Keyboard app template as it provides various features. You can create your own unique looking soft keyboard application. You can also add cool backgrounds and even sounds. You can figure out its customizability by the factor that you can change the fonts, buttons, and the entire appearance.

Users of the app can use an image from their phone gallery and use it as the background of their mobile keyboard. It offers excellent personalization to them. It’s a fully-featured keyboard that has the potential to be a trending app on the app store.

3. Book Reader

Are you fond of book reading? The new Book Reader app template is not an ordinary book reading app but has various unique features. Currently, it supports books in epub and PDF formats. Users can make book library in it and add as many books as they want. You can make it attractive by uploading books of a specific genre.

For example, if you are going to target kids, the book reader app template can be used to add numerous exciting books for children. There are huge chances of it being on the top charts if you make if genre-specific and target a single set of audience.

4. Photo Editor

Photo Editor is one of the best Android app templates which can be used to edit pictures flawlessly. Since photo editing apps are trending these days, we have not made it just to fill the gap but with the extreme quality and competitive features. The app template comes with full-scale editing capabilities.

Users can choose from various icon and editor designs that make the app even more unique and attractive. The most interesting fact is that you can create the Photo Editor app by just three simple steps within a couple of minutes. Your photo editing app will be fully-featured and backed by the expert team of AppsGeyser.

5.  Media Player

Now you can make free audio and video playing app by using the new Media Player app template. You can name it a unique one and will see the shocking results within a couple of weeks after its launch. Media Player is a necessity of almost every mobile phone, and if your users get a versatile one like this, they will surely love your app business.

You can target a specific audience by using the app by presenting it in one particular language. Since people don’t usually focus on targeting small audiences, there is a massive potential for you to attract them by launching your app in their native language. You will see the fruitful results after that.

6. Mobile TV

Create a TV App with your favorite TV channels or streams within just a few clicks. Mobile TV is one of the best Android app templates in our product line. It has been admired and loved by the audience because the users can watch their favorite shows through it just flawlessly. The idea here is to create a Mobile TV app with the goals to reach a specific audience by showing some personalized channels or live streams.

7.  Messenger

From WhatsApp to Facebook, it is undoubtedly the era of messengers. People love to see new messengers on the market as it helps them to send texts to others with innovation. You can choose your own theme and style from our provided styles or even can bring your own into the app to give a personalized experience to your app users.

Through the app, users can send not only text messages but also images, videos, and files to their contacts. Name your app, an engaging one, and see the fruitful results.

8. Wallpaper

Wallpaper App Creator can be placed at number four when it comes to the best Android app templates. Through the template, you can make an awesome background app that can show albums of images as wallpapers too. You can create the app with your own set of images. Make it a unique one and for a specific audience like you can name of app “Cars Wallpaper” and provide car-related wallpapers to the users.

9. Guide Book

Organize information in the most effective way by using the Guide Book app template. From manuals to entire guidebooks, you can make a step by step guide on how to do stuff like changing the vehicle’s engine oil or how to cook. You can create how-to’s as well with easy to use interface.

10. Quiz

Make one of the most customizable quiz apps on the market by using the Quiz app template of AppsGeyser. Within just a few minutes, you can have your own quiz app. There are a lot of ways through which you can add questions and answers to it, and your users will not have seen, such as a versatile app on the market ever before.


The App development process is a challenging one, but we have made it just as easy as pie. Just use the best Android app templates by AppsGeyser and make your apps perfectly within a few clicks. Start generating ultimate revenue and make your app business a successful one.

Have you used some of these app templates and turned your app business into success or just thinking to start using them? Tell us how your experience was by reaching us at Facebook or contact us page of our website.