9 Best Apps for Project Management

Apps for Project Management

A company, either it is huge or small, will want to save time and sweat for any project at all costs. On account of this, project management apps are the first choice of most project supervisors. If you are one of them and want to know a sustainable app for regulating your upcoming project, check out these powerful apps. Enjoy!

1. Asana 

People who are enthusiasts in productivity use Asana for managing their projects. The app is popular due to its flexibility, trouble-free utilization, and user-friendly design. You can even try its a free version. The app is accessible on the web, android, and iOS. Asana puts in multiplex templates and structures that allow you to guide participants as simply as possible. Due to the timeline, there is very little dependency to manage the entire project. The work track option is phenomenal that lets you know the particular task and the appointed person. Regrettably, Asana lacks a few features such as budgeting and expenditure tracking. But, it is still quite an effective project management tool anyway.

2. ProofHub

The app is well suited for a small to midsized team. ProofHub is simple and straightforward to operate, but the features are quite effective for most kinds of project arrangements. It is a grand tool for describing visual content as well. The app offers a live chatting facility with participants, reporting, managing your tasks, and setting milestones with minimal effort. Though the tool is well equipped, it lacks a budgeting option, unfortunately.

3. Trello

Trello is one of the best Kanban Software around the world that is equipped with unthinkable features. The app is particularly designed for accomplishing perfect teamwork. No matter how big your project is, Trello allows the collaboration of all members for combined tasks. The app is eligible for both professional and individual purposes. Aside from managing a project, you can also organize a day, track your time, pin your meal plan or reading list, track your budget, and more. Undoubtedly, Trello is a compact package for any kind of project management. 

4. Taskworld

If you need a facile and powerful app for effective project management, Taskworld is a great option. The tool offers visualization of tasks and designing the project. Each member will be able to communicate through live messaging for combined works. The tool also includes essential features like time tracker, notification, integrations, and more. You can test its effectiveness using the free trial. It is attainable on both android and IOS and can be used as web-based and cloud. The Taskworld team also provides training and online assistance for the best outcome from this app.

5. Basecamp

For clean and transparent project management, Basecamp is an unparalleled app. The tool is trusted and used by thousands of people because of its sufficient options and organized interface. Basecamp lets you put all of your works in one space so that others can involve in them and collaborate effortlessly. As a compact project management app, Basecamp offers specified discussion tools, file sharing, progress tracking, and planning tools. 

6. Casual 

Casual is great if you want simplicity with efficacy. This project management app seems unique in several aspects. You can organize your project and tasks in the form of a flowchart by quickly drawing them. The visualization is very easy to understand which helps you track dependencies as well. A great advantage of using Casual is you can re-use the process for the next projects. It is an absolute time-saver. In short, Casual is very efficient for an individual project as well as managing a small team.

7. Microsoft Project 

Software designed by Microsoft has had a reputation for years. When you find a project management tool from their product line, there is no reason to avoid it. Microsoft Project is a well-equipped and powerful tool for organizing all your tasks. But, you need to be careful that it is an advanced tool that works great for very specific projects. We mean this is particularly designed for medium to large projects. The tool is excellent to generate highly personalized reports. Besides, the platform offers the flexibility to show your data in different formations. Microsoft Project allows styling your reports in several ways and lets you export the final report in a presentation. However, you need to be trained to use the app since it may seem a little complex. Besides, the price seems higher compared with others. 

8. Scoro

Scoro is an easy-to-use and handy project management software. Users enjoy its combination of all essential features. It offers almost all the tools that a project manager truly needs. Thus, you don’t have to use separate tools for different tasks. Besides, all your tasks and project information is saved centrally so that you can easily find them and contribute anytime. The tool has a built-in KPI dashboard to track progress in real-time. Scoro is a complete project management software that suits any project. It provides features like collaboration with the team, billing, detailed reporting, and sub-tasks with deadlines. So, if you want seamless project management, Scoro is absolutely a good option. 

9. Workzone

This is perhaps the project management tool with the simplest user interface. Workzone primarily works with to-do list formats. Besides, you can create and check out sub-tasks and dependencies to have full control of a project. As a project manager, you can assign multiple tasks to someone at a time too.

Which apps should you try? 

Due to the technical advancements of such apps, it seems very confusing when choosing one among them. However, the usage of multiple apps may not be a good idea since it will enhance your cost, and your team effort can be disordered. Note that all apps are too good, but each of them is unique with special features. So, the first thing is to identify your requirements and match them with offered features. Consider your budget, the number of team members, and the size of projects as well. If you are a project manager, you can discuss with your team companions to have their opinion about a certain tool. Thus, you should find the best project management app effortlessly.