7 Reasons Why YouTube Is Essential to Your Android App Marketing

Why YouTube Is Essential to Your Android App Marketing

Let’s be fair. If you are using a free Android app making platform to create your Android app, then you are probably working on a tight budget. You are certainly not alone. Most people that start out in the app business do so on a shoestring budget, but it is not only the app creation process that you need to think about when starting an app career. You also need to consider your marketing strategy.

Today we are going to look at the benefits that the video site, YouTube, can offer to your Android app making business. Before we start, do a simple Google search on any topic you wish. Now take a look at the results. Can you see at least two videos on the first page of the search? YouTube ranks videos high in Google SEO organic searches. So, in case you are using any other form of digital marketing, adding videos to your app promoting tactics will improve your SEO results significantly. Besides, Youtube is now the second most visited website after Google, and reports show that people are spending at least 6 hours of their day watching video content. 

Have I convinced you yet? 

Let us continue with more reasons why YouTube is essential to your marketing strategy.

1. Global audience

There are no limits to how far your video can travel. If it is uploaded to YouTube, a person in Australia can search and view the video at the same time as a person in Kenya. YouTube can drive your app around the world in an instant.

2. Builds loyalty and trust

A useful video that educates an audience will showcase your expertise in your subject area. Your audience will begin to trust your voice and turn to you for advice. Trust goes hand-in-hand with loyalty. These viewers are 80% more likely to convert to purchasing your product or downloading your app.

3. YouTube is free

The icing on the cake. This user-friendly, search engine-friendly, and mobile-friendly platform, is free. Once you have uploaded your video to your channel, it is free to be viewed, shared, and loved by millions of YouTube viewers.

4. SEO friendly

As we briefly described above, search engines rank video content high in search results. Most high-performing websites tend to embed videos into their homepages in order to drive traffic to their website. Videos that appear on websites are most commonly uploaded to YouTube first and are then embedded into a website using the free code offered by YouTube.

5. Viral exposure

Videos are the most commonly shared content over the web, driving conversions to your app. Videos that are viewed are 10 times more likely to be shared on a social media page than a written piece of content. This exposure is priceless for any company.

6. Youtube is designed for a specified type of content

When people go to Youtube, they already know the kind of content they want to consume, and that is videos. Whereas you can talk or write about your app, creating a video demonstrating how it works gives life to the information you want to share.

7. You can monetize your content

It’s true that you created your Youtube channel to market your app. What if the app promotional videos you have been making have gained you a reasonable following? It won’t hurt to monetize the channel, right? Youtube offers various ways to make money out of video your content. For instance, besides selling your Android app, you can earn from Google Adsense when other businesses ’ adverts run on your videos. You could even promote other businesses for pay. 

8. Grow your community

You’ll get a chance to interact with people who love and can patronize what you do. This makes it easy for your app making business since from interacting with their comments, questions, and feedback, you can always tell what they are interested in. With this information, you can improve your app or create a new one that has better chances of selling. Additionally, your online community becomes your first prospect to sell your new app to.  

Now, let’s assume that we’ve managed to convince you, how do you promote your app on Youtube? 

Read on to find out how.

App Marketing Strategies – How To Promote On Youtube 

Decide the type of videos you will create

How? Do some research or find inspiration from other app creators. You may try checking your competitors. What kind of content are they creating to market their app? Does their content have reasonable views? Your target market is almost similar to that of your competitors. Therefore, watching your competitors can give you an idea of what your audience could be interested in. 

Some popular types of content for marketing apps include:

  • What your app does – people are curious to know what an app is likely to help them accomplish.
  • Features – In this type of video, strive to highlight the unique features of your app or its strong points. Probably,  there are thousands of other apps in the market with similar functions. So, the prospect is looking for that particular function that makes your app stand out from the masses.
  • Demo – In this video, you record yourself or someone using the app. Make sure to highlight the app’s special capabilities. 
  • Explainer videos – People go online to find explanations about terms, concepts, or subjects they don’t understand. If you are familiar with any technical subject, consider creating animated explainer videos.     
  • Tutorials – You can teach your viewers about a subject that’s related to your app or anything you know how to do well.
  • Promotional trailers – A promotional trailer can be the first video your visitors see when they come to your channel. The good thing is that Youtube makes it possible to create a promotional trailer for new and existing subscribers, separately. If you don’t know how to make a professional marketing video for your app, find a specialist video marketer. 

For any type of video you create, find opportunities to add a link where viewers can download your app or just call them out to try your app. Of course, there are clever ways of weaving your call to action to whatever topic you are teaching about so that you don’t make your video overly promotional. Nevertheless, you can use the tips below.

Including Your App In Your Videos

There are different ways of having your app mentioned or shown in your videos. In the previous point, we’ve talked about adding a link and a direct call to action. How else can you display or market your app on each video you create? Youtube provides numerous opportunities. Try these:

  • Create a splash screen – The splash screen can appear on your channel introduction video or at the beginning of any video you create. An effective splash screen should contain your app’s icon, logo, and release version. 
  • End screens – You add an end screen in the last 5-20 seconds of your video. You can promote your app on an end screen or add information about where viewers can download it. Think of it as a cool way to add a call to action. 
  • Cards – Youtube cards enable you to add a link to your app and display it to viewers as they stream your main video content. Viewers can also click the link and go to your app even without ending the video.
  • Watermark – You can insert some small transparent text about your app at the corner of every video you create.

Final Thoughts

By creating videos to market your app, you also unlock other marketing opportunities on Youtube. For instance, you can connect with like-minded social media influencers to market your app, share your videos on different online platforms, optimize the videos for search engines and use Youtube Ads. The opportunities are limitless and promising. So, go try Youtube today and have fun increasing your app downloads.