Android App Network: Building Trust As An App Maker

Android App Network

Many app makers make the mistake of focusing so much on their apps alone and making them worthy of being noticed. But when you do this, being noticed is probably where all ends. Downloading an app takes much more than seeing that the app is good. It takes trust. Therefore, finding trust is totally important to your business as an app maker.

How do you do this?

1. Have An Android App Network

A very important way to build trust as an app maker is to have an android app network. This will be discussed quite exhaustively.

Unless people know the app maker, they take an unconscious decision to not download an app from someone that has only one app. A single app will hardly turn you into a successful app maker, no matter how great the app is. People simply have to trust you. And a quick way to earn this trust is to have multiple apps. Creating your Android app network, by linking together a range of apps, is not as difficult as you may think. All you need is a theme to work with, and the rest is simple. For instance, if an educational institution has various apps on different subjects, they will be at more advantage with app users than if they had only one app.

An Android app network will increase your success as an app maker because a network will build loyalty and trust for your brand.

How do you create an Android app network? We will give some examples of how you can make an Android app network.


A web app is a website that is designed in such a way that it responds to being viewed on a smartphone. Website apps function like downloadable mobile apps, the difference being that website apps work from the comfort of your phone’s browser. They need an active internet connection in order to run and although mobile apps have the advantage of being faster and more efficient, they do require the user to regularly download updates while web apps usually update themselves.

Creating a website app will enable your business to be available on all mobile devices without the trouble of users opening their web browsers and having to type in the URLs. This will give users an idea of what your mobile app looks like and may be a good step to making a persuasion.


You can use this app to highlight products that are on special offer, show why these products are special and how they use them. This is a great app to show short videos about some of your products that are on sale.


You may make this app a simple one-page that will show your business details including your physical address, website address, opening, and closing address, special offers, and bonuses. You should also consider adding a link to your online store.

2. Create Novelty Mobile Apps

Novelty apps are those related to a holiday season or a selective event. They are short term apps and are aimed at increasing your audience size rather than your income in the short term. At some times of the year, people search for novelty apps and this is the time to grab hold of new users. In the long run, this is good for your brand and your income.

Many people wonder if creating Novelty Android apps are a waste of time. We believe that the answer is that it is not. If you are looking to build trust in users about the products you offer, you should take advantage of building Novelty apps. Novelty apps are only for the short term but there are good reasons for you to consider including them in your App network.

Firstly, no app user will take you or your app seriously if you have only one. If you have many apps, you must be experienced in app making and so they can consider you. This means that having multiple apps is a proof of your experience and knowledge and a reason for anyone to trust your brand.

Secondly, app users are likely to download an app from you if they have previously used an app from you. Building novelty apps increase the chances of more people using your apps. It builds your audience size and helps you have some loyalty amongst app users. Once some people have found your apps to be fun or beneficial to them, they are likely to come back when you have other things to offer. Once you build membership from short-term Novelty Apps, it is easy to convert that to a long-term membership.

3. Push The Best About Yourself

One way to encourage users to trust you is to talk about yourself. By this, we mean that you should project your best features. If you have built other apps, you should boldly state this. Knowing that you have multiple Apps to your credit is a plus for you with potential users. Wherever you can, you should show your credentials. Apart from being an important part of creating a trustworthy corporate identity, it can also be useful when implemented in getting traffic to your App network.

Also, depending on what you offer on your app, you may have to ask users to reveal sensitive information about themselves. The smallest signals can make all the difference to an app user. Whenever users have to reveal sensitive information such as their credit card number, they are taking a huge step. Therefore, it is essential to show them why they should trust you that much. If you have been approved by some objective third-party, indicate this. Whenever you have the relevant certifications, try to indicate this to show that you have been evaluated and approved by a trusted organization.

4. Be Professional

Being professional is the cornerstone of building trust in every business.  It is not different with app makers. Make sure that you demonstrate expertise as you create your app network. Quality designs, great content, speedy performance, all are important to ensure that your user is not left in doubt as to what you have to offer. In building your app network, no detail is too small to be ignored. A small typo in your app’s text can strongly influence a user’s perception of your app

Also, having great app reviews is very important. Seeing a lot of positive reviews about a product influences the minds of people generally, even if they did not intend to get the product. The same goes for apps. Impress users when they read what others have to say about your app.

An important part of professionalism and a good way to build trust also is to be very responsive. Remember that you are trying to build an audience. You cannot afford to ignore them. For instance, if your app has a problem, then this is the most urgent thing for you. Ensure you respond to your users and then solve it.

Another huge part of professionalism is to avoid running annoying ads. Many app users try to get extra revenue from their apps and then drive customer loyalty away as they do so. If you monitor the content and the frequency of your ad, you are surely on the path to building trust in your mobile app.