6 Reasons Why Your App Don’t Get Downloads and Installs

App Don't Get Downloads

In many ways, the app sector, which is one of the world’s fastest expanding sectors, is far different from “traditional” industries. The dynamics continually change the rules of the game. Since the application industry is such a specific enterprise, a person inherently needs unique characteristics and skills to be an “appreneur” — an entrepreneur centered on developing an app.

‘Appreneur’ in the digital space is a comparatively recent concept, and it involves digital investors or people who are interested in making innovative smartphone applications. These people dream big and build viral applications that they sell quickly and effortlessly for large sums of money.

App production is one of the IT industry’s fastest rising product development markets. It is very competitive and rapidly evolving as apps are developed for a range of uses or applications. It increasingly evolves and transforms the IT market’s ecosystem. Since the software development industry is a very specific field, you certainly need rare, unique characteristics and skills to become a successful appreneur. We will highlight some of the challenges android app businesses face today.


1. Poor Leadership

You may have taken every possible step to become a successful appreneur, and something has not yet fallen into place for some reason. You may not be able to put your finger on what the problem is, but it is time to ask yourself a hard question- are you the reason why your Android app company is failing?

There are many reasons why your Android app business may not be handled as effectively as possible, which is due to poor management.

How can your failure be due to poor management even when you are the only employee? Are you going to discipline or fire yourself? Of course not, but you need to set the same objectives that you would set for your staff (if you had any). You need to make sure you set clear expectations, deadlines, and milestones for yourself, and you need to stand by them, or your company will not succeed. It is so much easier for you to say, oh, I am going to do that tomorrow, or, well, that’s not exactly what I want, but everything will be just fine. Don’t go easy on yourself; make sure you write down your expectations, deadlines and milestones and follow them through.

Poor leadership is separated into three parts:

– Clear expectations

In your role as CEO of an Android app company, do you know what you expect from yourself? How many days a week do you work on your app business? What is the most appropriate time for you to work on the business of your app? It is up to you to set out your expectations in writing and decide whether you can stand by them. The questions may go on and on.

For appreneurs, the word creativity assumes a whole new meaning. If you believe the app industry is progressing rapidly, wait and see how it will look in a few years. Nowadays, it is not just about coming up with an innovative concept; it is about making sure that it is still important to the industry by finishing designing the product. Every day the app arena evolves, and creativity is not just part of the initial phase but a constant fight. Several mobile apps depend on other channels to thrive, and a big move made by one powerful player may contribute to a mobile avalanche, which is why appreneurs must be agile and still keep on their toes.

– Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines help you keep your business running according to schedule. If you do not set deadlines for tasks, they can run over and drag on, causing other tasks to be delayed and could ruin your Android app company without realizing that this has even happened. It can start with something really small, like emailing a business about their ad on your app. If you do not get the response from that business, you can not insert their ad; then you’re going to have to wait to find a new company to place and advertise in the space because they did not wait for you and spent their money elsewhere.

You may be wondering why apps don’t get downloads, but poor management, which can be revealed through your disregard for deadlines, maybe the reason. It would help if you had a detailed schedule for your app business everyday and ensure that all boxes for the day’s activities are checked before the next day.

– Milestones

Have you set clear milestones for yourself? Milestones are points in your journey where a set task has been completed, and that part of the journey is over. You can re-evaluate your plan at this point to make sure you are heading in the right direction. There are times when you need to modify your original plan, and once one leg of your journey ends before the next begins, this happens.

Your first milestone could be researching the applications of competitors. You may realize that your original idea for your app business is not suitable at the end of the research process, and you need to rearrange your plans accordingly. Before the research process is complete, you can decide to rearrange your plans. When you create your app, this process continues throughout your app journey; perhaps it doesn’t look as impressive as you had imagined it to look. But before you move forward with launching your app and marketing it, you need to assess the position you are in. It is easy to walk through the app making process without realizing that you are making some very simple errors that could stop your app career from success. Take control of your app business and be realistic about whether you are working on the guidelines you set or not.

2. Other Areas you may Need to Improve upon

– Versatility

Apps have different examples of products that started as one thing and then changed their direction. Apps can evolve, add new features, and remove unnecessary ones. The adaptive design of the app sector requires versatility for appreneurs to adjust and adapt app items accordingly. Apps that do not balance the evolution of the IT sector are made redundant.

– Advertising

Are your apps not getting enough installs? Then you may need to pay attention to your advertisement strategies. For mobile app development companies, the quality and strategy of marketing are what makes apps succeed. There is a relatively new mobile marketing industry that differs from conventional marketing. It helps appreneurs to pick target audiences carefully. You target potential consumers with interest-sensitive primed messages that resonate faster than TV advertising or billboard advertisements.

Search marketing and optimization of app stores are other important strategies to look into even though they are available when apps are not rated. Appreneurs need to be familiar with the strategy of business and marketing. Use the necessary resources to market goods effectively. For mobile apps developers, these are some of the potentially daunting potholes on the road to success.

– Monetization strategies

Monetization of mobile apps is very difficult because it is a paradox for even active mobile apps with millions of users. Even though apps are in high demand, consumers are not prepared to pay for apps, and this is a challenge for appreneurs who want to create great apps that cost them time, energy, money. Appreneurs must ensure that the technique of monetization is workable, whether it is downloads fees, in-app advertising, or premium model, and does not deter potential users.


Your app may not be getting enough downloads because of what you are doing or failing to do as an appreneur. You need to figure out what areas you can work and improve on. There will be a significant increase in the number of downloads and installs you would get after applying the above listed strategies.