How To Promote Your App for Free And Get 1 Million App Downloads

Get 1 Million App Downloads

Developing an app is an opportunity to interact with customers. It’s a platform in which your audience can have undeniable access to you with just one click. It is a space that’s duly dedicated to meet and suit their needs. However, the challenge is not always the app itself. This delicate step gets omitted after the app gets launched – Promotion.

You have invested so much time and energy in building your app. It is irrational as the inventor is to be careless by not promoting your app. For example, you opened a new restaurant in your environment. And, you open the restaurant without telling anyone. Inside the restaurant, you have expensive cooking equipment, lip-smacking dishes, and of course experienced and warm staff, but no one knows about this restaurant. No doubts, all your dreams as an owner will not come to fruition. You’ll eventually have to close down the restaurant.

As an app developer, you should never make such mistakes. You have to exhaust all available options for getting your app known to the world.

AppsGeyser is glad to give you free app making tools for your app, but since we know that app making is not entirely free, it’s expensive to distribute your apps to its target audience. But, this is not entirely true, as there are lots of free ways you can use to create apps and make your apps known to millions of users.

The challenging part about Android app making is the distribution or marketing process. The fear that people will not download your app may become real. This article will teach you about the various cost-free ways to get your app out there and get 1 million app downloads.

How to get 1 million downloads for your Android app?

1. Excellent ASO

ASO  means App Store Optimization. There are techniques that you need to use to ensure that your app is easily seen and stand out in any app store. When you want to optimize your app, you need to consider some criteria. These factors are your app name, app description, a screenshot of your app, and the brand’s logo. If they get implemented effectively and efficiently, they will help you rank better than other apps when in searches. 

Immediately after your app is available on any app store, you need to keep it on top in the app store search results. It is essential that you also update your app frequently and get as much feedback from your audience about the app.

2. Use A Different App Store

The Android app market is dynamic. It keeps growing yearly. Currently, there are different app stores available for you to upload your app. An example of the popular alternate app stores is the Amazon App Store.

Amazon is better than Google Play. If you want to attach a fee for downloads, the users have a credit card that they use for their existing account. It makes the downloading easy and fast. If you need more information or insights on the alternate app store, kindly check our app store blog post.

3. Use Influencers

You need to develop mutual relationships with influencers to get the help you need in promoting your app. Influencers are people with authority and power to influence the buying decisions of individuals.

People love them and enjoy associating with them. Most companies use influencers in promoting their services. It’s a good marketing strategy.

You can leverage their popularity to get your app to those that need it, to be aware of its existence.

4. Email Marketing

You need to devise all means of marketing, including email marketing. Emails are productive tools, as long as you use them rightly. About 92% of people check their emails every day. Ensure that you add your app links to a newsletter, customer service emails, and always make it a habit to use it in email signatures.

 As a business, you will send out countless emails, and not including your app in each of those is a missed opportunity.

5. App Network

There no better means to promote your app than your app network. Because Internal marketing is very cost-effective, it builds confidence and trust in your brand. 

App users are more confident to download an app from a brand that has multiple apps and will download more different apps from the same app developer.

 Typically, an app network helps to promote the main app, which is sometimes always the premium app.

An app network usually uses the same techniques as upselling. As soon as you have your customer, then you need to push the next item. Remember the last time you were offered a muffin with coffee? That is called upselling. Take some time to find out more about app networking.

6. Use A Website

It is one of the easy and popular ways to get your app noticed. You can highlight your app through your website. AppsGeyser provides an option to link people to your app. There is a code on your dashboard. When you add the code to your website, it offers a pop-up for the users to click and download your app when they check the website from a phone.

You can find the code here:

7. Showcase Your App In A video

Videos are one of the quickest ways to display why your app offer. People enjoy watching videos. Create a unique 30-second video. Work with a team in putting things in order. When the video is ready, ensure that you use social media platforms to promote the videos as much as you can. You can also use a blog post, websites, and Youtube channels for the promotions.

8. Connect

Strive to increase your visibility on all social media platforms, including groups and communities. Join developers and entrepreneur groups on these social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Engage with the members and ask for their feedback on your app. On some occasions, you can give out a free promo code.

Use social media to your advantage.

9. Use The App To Promote Itself

You can use your app to promote itself. All you need to do is to integrate social share right within the app itself. By doing this, you increase your app’s visibility and create a better platform that users can always use in expressing themselves.

10. App Reviews

Most app developers shun review because of the negative feedback. But, it is necessary to get reviews because it will help you know the mind of your audience.

It is another result-producing networking ideas. If you make some moves, your app will get the attraction that it needs to grow. If you are confident with your app, it’s advisable to allow some famous bloggers to do a review of the app. By doing so, you are creating more awareness for the app. The name of the app remains in the mind of people.

Also, reviews will be a learning curve for you.  Reviews help to reveal the issues you need to improve.


As an app developer, your success can only be attainable if your app is accepted widely. It can only be possible when the right measure and strategies are out in place or implemented.  A known rule is that you spend as much time promoting your app as you do to create it. The more promotion, the easier and faster the process becomes.