Android App Making – 4 Ways to Create the Right Content

Creating the right content for your pending app is something that you should take seriously before you begin to create an app. The app content is not only about what text is inside the app but is more so about the style of the app and making sure the style of the app suits your audience.

android app making
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1. How can I know which style I should use for my app?

You need to think about the range of app templates we have and which would best suit your audience. Do you need to create an app that is visual to help take your users through a step-by-step guide to something? Then you may consider using our photo app or YouTube video streamer app template. If you are looking to promote your latest sales, maybe you can create a one page HTML app which would be simple, quick and also available off line. Look at more of our app templates on our app template pros and cons series.

2. How much text should be in my app?

You need to consider a number of issues when you create the text to your app. Who will be your audience? This will determined the amount of writing you should include in your app and also the level of text. If you are aiming for international app success they you may need to consider really simplifying the text. If the age range is for the younger audience you may need to ensure that text is kept to a minimum.

3. What images should I include?

You need to ensure that the images you choose to include in your app are suitable for the age of your potential audience, you don’t want to be rejected from GooglePlay due to an image being unsuitable for a younger audience. Also all images that you are considering will be portraying your brand and the impression that you want to get across to your audience.

4. Always get your app proofread

Once you feel that you have the content for your app, always get at least three different people to proof read the content, including the images and the text to see how the app feels to them before you continue with your Android app making. If a friend is unable to understand the message you are trying to convey then a perfect stranger will have no chance.