Buy YouTube Views 25 Sites’ Buyer Reviews

When marketing your business or brand on YouTube, one of the most important things you need to do is ensure that you have many views on your video content. This is because your videos’ number of views will directly affect how popular your YouTube account is and how visible you’re in YouTube search results. In other words, the more views your videos have, the more likely people will find and watch them.

Hi, my name is Shima.

I’ve been in the industry almost from the beginning, and I try to analyze what keeps YouTube going, and how everything goes viral with one click, and post. Due to my special interest in YouTube, I’ve been researching techniques to grow a channel and increase views. YouTube growth companies are the new hype of it.

Tested 25 YouTube Video Views on YouTube Channel for You

I bought YouTube views from each service below for each different YouTube account to track their results. And now, we will analyze these social media growth services to buy YouTube views, and check their customer reviews, growth packages, trials, refill guarantees, order tracks, social media tools, customer supports, and social media profile options if there is any. In order to create an even-handed decision, there will also be six criteria to find the best services possible.

there are 6 criteria to buy YouTube views.

Views4You – My Favorite

When you say the right target audience, Views4You is the first YouTube views service you must experience at least once in a lifetime. It is not a coincidence that they build such strong presence online. They put right moves, Views4You acquires Pinvolve which was once its service was provided for Pinterest. Now the website serves YouTube growth services to everyone with affordable genuine packages. They got a customer satisfaction award for their social media marketing. So, I did experience them too. Here is what I found:

They have a 5/5 Trustpilot customer score, and very convincing customer reviews on the page itself, claiming they are all organic views and Views4You increased their YouTube ranks. They also say that buying YouTube views affect their YouTube algorithm positively. For every service they have, there are unique YouTube users who have already bought YouTube channel views from them, and their subscriber counts are even indicated, which is something authentic.

What is more interesting is that there are three authors whose writing skills are in the limelight; Daisy Hoda, Sharona Walsh, and Mairead Fraser. Why this is important? These well-known authors’ presence on Views4You confirms that this is a real-people-business going on Views4You.

They have a pleasant website design that leads you to explore every corner of it. Therefore, I found that they have verified YouTube channels, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts to increase their own visibility online.

They offer different YouTube growth packages: subscribers, likes, and views. Even with each unique free trial! When you buy, they secure your order with SSL encrypted payment gateway. What’s more? They have YouTube tools to calculate earnings on YouTube (YouTube money calculator), download thumbnails (YouTube thumbnail downloader), and analyze YouTube insights (YouTube Analytics). It seems they really focused on the YouTube needs of their customers. This is not something social media services do nowadays. All they do is follow YouTube’s terms to avoid any wrong move.

I exercise a right to increase my social media engagement with this service. I purchased YouTube views from Views4You, and they are giving affordable prices.

They got 12/12.

views4you gets 12 points out of 12 points to be recommended as place to buy youtube views.


MediaGeneous stands out as a top site to buy YouTube views, offering 100% real views from active users. What makes it unique is its commitment to authenticity, ensuring that every view on your videos comes from a real person, not a computer or a fake account. This is crucial for the genuine growth of your channel. Additionally, MediaGeneous offers these services at the best prices, ensuring affordability. They’re also great at delivering these views on time, which is perfect if you need a boost for a specific event or launch.

Buy youtube views

Safety and quality are at the heart of MediaGeneous’ services. They firmly stand against the use of click farms or bots, practices often used by other services that can harm your channel’s reputation. Instead, they guarantee the safety and compliance of your channel with YouTube’s policies. Plus, they assure the best quality of views, with a minimum watch time of one minute, which you can increase if you wish. This longer watch time not only indicates real interest from viewers but also contributes positively to your channel’s performance metrics. With MediaGeneous, you’re not just increasing numbers; you’re enhancing the real engagement and value of your YouTube content.

MediaGeneous got 12/12


As my colleague suggested them as one of the best sites to gain more exposure on YouTube shorts, I bought real YouTube views for my YouTube channel. All I can say is that they are really making your videos worth watching by the users. Although this is the last one I’ve tried, my experience with them is pretty good. The thing I liked the most about their services is that they offer a very high number of YouTube views in a short period of time. Also, they have a wide variety of YouTube growth packages.

I would recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a reliable and affordable way to gain more exposure on YouTube. Thanks for the great work!

They got 10/12.


They claim that once you buy real YouTube views from them instead of other sites, their genuine service makes people watch videos of yours since they are already real users. It means that when you get views for one video, there will be more views coming from other YouTube users organically. It is because YouTube will promote your videos to more users as it becomes popular.

YTNotics also says that they have a refund policy in place where you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the results. This is something that not a lot of other companies offer, so it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re considering using their services.

They even got the “Cheapest YouTube Views Selling Platform” award in 2022.

They got 8/12.


First things first, the website has no authentic customer reviews. Check the image below, there is a comment made on the site, and there are screenshots taken from several different platform’s comment sections. It seems there is a fake identity crisis from spam accounts.

there are lots of matches given in the search engine to this profile photo.

It doesn’t create a trusted profile! So, I am sure that there are no real customers who really buy YouTube views from them. If they had purchasing customers, they would put their comments, wouldn’t they? They are one of the worst YouTube video views services ever.

Yet, when we look at the website’s YouTube views offers, they vary from 500 (for $2) to 1.000.000 ($1.800). And, they also have growth packages for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Spotify, but there are still the same four “loyal” customer reviews. Think about the rest for yourself. Where are the original users who really purchase YouTube views or else?

The page design also looks dull, like a Word page of a junior designer, which is important to mention because it is the first thing people see on promotional services, then they’ll decide whether to buy YouTube video views, or not. To add more about them, their payment option is also not secured, even with a “secured” logo.

They got 0/12.


Out of 45 ratings, they got 5/5 which is an incredibly high and convincing number of comments to get. Because most people do their business and leave, it is the “just a few clicks” thing they do. And mostly, psychologically, they leave comments if something unsatisfied happens. Yet, their customer reviews are all five stars, but it looks sus to me because of the positivity that comments spread.

You can check Federal Trade Commission’s customer advice to avoid scams, and understand what I mean by “sus.”

Additionally, its YouTube views range from 100 (for $0,70) to 1.000.000 ($2.200), which is higher than its competitors. So, you can choose more affordable solutions.

And, they have growth services for 16 social media platforms, including other services such as backlink service, which is something you don’t want. Don’t you think it is too much to handle instead of focusing on YouTube services? They probably boosting fake engagement. Although they keep saying it is “organic” they don’t explain how they provide that.

But, worth to mention that they have 20 free tools for different platforms from hashtag generators to thumbnail downloaders which can get more customers’ attention.

They got 4/12.

altough this page has a good website design to buy youtube views, they are not reccommended.


Based on 63 good customer reviews, this service got 5 stars, but all the comments were written in the same structure to make the page stunning. But, I don’t see much to claim “a discovery, fantastic business, finest YouTube views, excellent quality, or such”. Do you get it already? They boosted themselves with affirmation comments. So, there is no clear identification that they’re getting real comments for their services.

Yet, they continue to lead you to buy YouTube services as trackable YouTube views from 500 (for $4,99) to 100.000 ($374,99). The given price is higher than it should be. It is one of the critical things to consider when you decide to invest in something, the price. No one wants to pay more for a service that others can do and offer at a lower price. It doesn’t hurt to always compare the price of something. But do not forget to evaluate the price in terms of quality.

It’s also better to mention that they provide 8 different social media growth on the one hand. And they have a lot of text to be read when you want to go blind. But, I read them all and did not see any “guarantee” to confirm they provide organic views, refills, or something to be guaranteed. So, it is up to you to decide.

They got 2/12.

when you want more views on Youtube, they are not the best place for a video boost.


They got 29 reviews with 5 stars for their YouTube views. Although they all have positive comments about their service, they don’t seem so fake to admit. So, I went deep to check if they were real internet users, or not. 

Check this out:

no response from support, views and subscribers disappeared.

It is not my thing to judge a thing based on one little negativity, but I’ve seen more like this. Who doesn’t want to be taken seriously after buying YouTube views which is something considered as “already suspicious” activity by YouTube? No one. So, take this review as a note to remind you that somebody already warns us.

When it comes to buying YouTube views, they offer 500 views (for $3,99) and 250.000 views (for $1.4989,99). Also, note that the prices are again rather higher than it is expected to buy YouTube views. Additionally, they have two view packages called “high-quality views” and “premium views”, but I don’t see a difference at all.

They got 6/12.

they have 50% points to buy youtube views.


“Excellent 4.5 based on 300+ reviews,” they say! Wow! It’s a great number of purchased YouTube views if they really reviewed this much. But, I want to ask a humble question right now: where are they, then? Where are the 300+ reviews? I only see 6. They could at least direct us to prove that they’re actually getting comments for their excellent service.

Ups, here they are, the 300+ reviews with comments like this:

they have fake comments given to lead people to buy more views from them.

Fake accounts bother to leave “.” “nice” or “very good” comments to five stars. I hope these kinds of examples help you to eliminate how “.” they are in buying views.

Yet, they have a clean website to lead people to buy it and leave it policy. They offer YouTube views of 1.000 (for $0,72) per day. But they have a different kind of view package systems with over 50 mixed social media packages which create confusion. They give minutes-based retention. So, it is too complicated to decide which one is for your YouTube channel.

Now, it turns out to be a “keep people going crazy” policy.

They got 2/12.

when you want your videos to be boosted by them you may get wrong package since they have many other social media platforms to deal.


It is claimed that they have 5,000+ customers and there are even reviews in French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese on the page full of 5 stars which is great! I also checked Zeru online and found out that they have Instagram, and Facebook accounts to be visible on social media. But they are not actively posting content to create their channels’ promotions.

Again, I checked if there was any news about their video views services, but I couldn’t find anything more than two or three articles that mentioned their name in a positive way. However, they claimed that there are many places that mention their name.

Although they have services for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, people do not find their extra services much as the comments indicated.

Again, they say there is a free trial, but there is no such thing.

in order your youtube videos to be visible you need to buy youtube views.

Finally, this website offers YouTube views from 500 (for $1,3) to 1.000.000 ($2.599) and they have three view packages called “starter”, “standard”, and “pro” based on user’s social media presence.

They got 2/12.


It has a complex website design that does not direct you to the “buying” page right. You need to click everywhere to find where you actually buy YouTube views. Finally, the page says that you have to sign up for the platform to see what their offers.

It’s an interesting way of keeping customers away from themselves. So, I simply don’t sign up to see what they hide from me. Sorry, Veefly, maybe another time – I mean never.

They got 6/12.

you can create channels worth watching to avoid fake engagement.


Who names the website as “views”? It seems someone thought it would be a clever idea to name it like that since they sell YouTube video views. But, they didn’t think about the page design so well. It looks like a make-up niche page with a lady shocked, and you can’t be sure it’s a platform for YouTube growth, or not. Also, the animations also look cheap which leads you not to trust them.

Pages that have selling issues are supposed to appeal to customers first. But unlike other sites, views’ learned its lesson wrong.

Ironically, they provide services to almost all social media platforms. Who is going to find all quality services? While it’s quite a risky thing to find organic viewers for YouTube, how do they find “all supposed organic user engagements” on the one hand, right?

They got 2/12.

social media platform like youtube needs cross promoting.


It has a clean blog-like YouTube growth service to buy YouTube views. They don’t even bother to use many colors to design the page. They put all the prices and options: min 1.000 views (for $3,49) and max 100.000 (for $349.99) to buy views, and give some frequently asked questions about YouTube views. But could not see any customer support team to carry my questions.

They also sell YouTube subscribers, likes, watch time, live stream views, comments, social shares, favorites, and comment upvotes for YouTube channels.

They got 2/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


It is another site that sells various growth services for social media platforms. Their YouTube growth services include YouTube views, likes, subscribers, shares, watch time hours, dislikes, favorites, and comments for channels interested.

They claim that they have 4.9/5 stars from 91 customer reviews. But, when I check the reviews, most of them were from the same person. It indicates that reviews are not from real users but are given as a boost to make the service’s credibility high.

All I can say about their page design, they put lots of text and keywords to drive traffic to the site rather than explaining what they provide.

They got 4/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


This growth service is very much like YouTube Market but somehow retrospected version of it. There are so many social media platforms to boost, and they decided to give a hand to boost them all. But you all know what I can say about this kind of multiple social media platform service boost. I don’t recommend it at all.

Also, rather than telling their customers there are organic views, and options to drive more traffic to their other social media platforms, they immediately tell their customers that they can buy real YouTube views for cheap with MasterCard, visa, apple pay, google pay, bitcoin, or even with crypto.

Worth to mention that, there is no customer review given on the website to help us decide.

They got 2/12.


Unlike socialboss, there are customer reviews, even posted on Trustpilot as it is claimed. But, when I click to see all comments on Trustpilot, the page makes this error:

the profile can't be accessed.

So, there is not something worth mentioning rather than its comments being banned by Trustpilot.

They got 2/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


What a welcome “it’s time to become famous”! Who doesn’t fall for that? I’m warning you now boy, any funny business, any at all, begins with buying YouTube videos’ engagement from this place. There are no such people as it is claimed in the customer reviews such as Max Don, the singer. Who is he, anyway? I searched for him on YouTube, and there is no people named like him.

a comment by max don the singer.

Also, it’s quite fascinating that all their clients made comments on November 12 or December 1, 2017. I think that they all waited for the same day to make a comment, or there is something strange is going on with this YouTube views service. Check these spam accounts’ buying views rush on the same day:

these are the comments made on the site.

One bonus that they might have been because they created a YouTube money calculator tool, but they don’t explain how it works, how to gain money on YouTube, or such things. Go back to Views4You to learn more about the YouTube money calculator tool.

They got 2/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


They have a really professional website for users to find target audience. At first, you feel like you will buy real YouTube views and that YouTube’s terms do not be harmed. So, I purchase YouTube views, too. Everything went perfectly for the particular video content that I used to buy YouTube views. Those content got more traffic than ever before, I rank on search results, other users start following my channel, and thought that’s it my YouTube presence is going to be secured, and I will save time by not worrying about user watches. But then this happened:

this account has been terminated due tp repeated or severe violations of out community guidelines.

I can’t completely blame them. Still, I need to tell you everything I experienced. Because as I said before, there was no other activities to mislead the account for violation. Again, their prices are double than many other places to buy YouTube growth. They require $5 for 1,000 YouTube views.

They got 6/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


This is one of the websites that I love the page design at first sight! Yet, I don’t understand why such well-designed services have no customer comments to prove their clients are buying YouTube views legal way only.

They say, they have helped over 450,000 customers and made them get more views. Yet, there is no a single review made by them.

So, I’m not sure if there are people who keep buying YouTube views to increase YouTube watch hours but they are promising 50 free Instagram likes if you’re interested.

They got 2/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


When I first opened the page, I thought I had found a really good YouTube subscribers service instead of views, and I asked the customer support team for a free trial of it. But, they simply say “free follower trials are currently unavailable, if you would like to test the Service, you can order the cheapest option to see the quality of Services“. It is a good trick to lead people to try YouTube subscribers by paying for it.

Also, I don’t see any “dedicated customer support” all I can get is auto-replies saying that their YouTube view is something simply to buy. They don’t say there are organic views, target audience engagement, rank guarantees on the search engine, or even how many YouTube account has been tested their service. Oh, there is one. Note to read that one typical comment to make the service look like one of the best sites ever.

They got 0/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


Here we go, another good website design to chill. They have Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, TikTok, Resident Advisor, Facebook, Music Blog, and YouTube services to check. But, how can you trust a website that uses the word “hackable”? They simply say, “fame is hackable” but we don’t want it to be fake it! We want the actual fame! Don’t you so?

We are searching for organic growth where we can be famous but, a real one. Moreover, YouTube does not support unreal engagement so, it is unlikely to be suspended on the platform.

Also, they have only 10 customer reviews made in 2020, and there are no more comments made today. So, it is better to keep them away from your channel boosting process.

They got 4/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


It is again one of the best-looking websites ever for a video views service. They have even a good amount of “customer stories”. But wait, where the starts? There is a place to give stars to the service, but there are no stars given. I think there is something to be careful about while creating fake comments. They missed their own option to mark.

They also claimed like many other services, they have seen on Entreprenur, Yahoo, BusinessWire, and Inc. But wait, where are the articles? I researched them on search engines, but I couldn’t find a mention at all.

The only bonus they have except the design, they claim that they give a free trial if you sign up.

They got 4/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


Look at the prices! I’ve never seen this kind of expensiveness! For 1,000 views they require $12.95. Hey, hey! Views4You is offering 1,000 for $2.49 Just remind you to be aware of how much you’re going to pay.

They could have at least offered a free trial for us to decide, but I don’t think it is something that everybody is ready to pay for.

It is also strange that their all-customers comments date back to 3 months ago. Notice these things when purchasing YouTube views because proving they have daily customers is important. Otherwise, you could invest in something old. Still, I cannot fully claim that they are fake or, not.

It is also funny that every time I refresh the main page, “followers provided” and “likes delivered” numbers gather steam, but “resolved issues”, “happy customers”, and “cups of coffee consumed” are still the same. They really work on “fake number increaser”. I bet they also work really hard on YouTube growth, but a fake one.

They got 4/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.


Before even checking their web page, I received this warning below:

visiting an untrusted website has been blocked.

Still, they have 14 customer reviews for their recommended YouTube growth services. But, actually, who recommends 1,000 views for $14.99?

They say it is “like buying banner and advertising space online for your video”. What do they mean by that? It is not something like they say. It is actually something “spammy” if you’re buying YouTube views from somewhere that you do not know or cannot be sure if they are fake or not. When I tried to contact them, with a site message system, I couldn’t get any response. So, be sure you’re dealing with a responding company when you buy YouTube views.


I really liked the page design it completely led me to buy YouTube views from their quality services. But, we don’t get easily tricked by the look. So, let’s take a look at if there are any customer reviews. It seems, they got almost 5 stars but where are the actual reviews?

Anyone can easily handle the stars while designing the page. We cannot simply trust this process. I wanted to ask customer support about the reviews to read them, but “live support” is not live. They are not responding to many other YouTube growth companies. There was a message claiming to email me back, but they did not! How about that!

They offer a minimum of 3,000 YouTube views for $15, and on the checkout page, there is a lot of information required from a client. People want privacy not to be found by a YouTube service.

They got 2/12.

this is a 6 criteria to be recommended by an expert.

Do Social Media Platforms Really Need a Hype?

As we all know, social media growth platforms are one of the most popular places on the internet where people think they are doing something unlegal. It is a given that there are a lot of people who are using it for various purposes. Whether it is for entertainment, connectivity, or business, social media growth has something to offer everyone.

With that being said, do social media platforms really need hype? The answer is no if you want to build something that takes years of yours. Social media platforms have been around for quite some time now, and they have proven their worth.

People have been using them without any problems. However, there are still many people who believe that social media platforms need to be hyped up in order to be successful. They believe that by doing so, more people will be encouraged to follow them. While there is nothing wrong with this line of thinking, it is not necessary if you’re just a user, not a creator.