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Build your android-supported wallpaper app in 10 minutes without coding on AppsGeyser

You can now create wallpaper apps in less than 10 minutes without code or paying any fee on AppsGeyser. Share online or captured images as attractive and innovative wallpapers for mobile screens. Use AppsGeyser to make your custom wallpaper App for free today!

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Free to Create and Use

AppsGeyser allows you to create a wallpaper app for Android for free without coding. It is also free to download and share the App.

Easy Management & Editing

Effortlessly manage your App from the admins’ Dashboard without rebuilding or reupload your App on Google Play or other app markets.


100+ Images

You can add as many images as possible to your App to make it maximally exciting and engaging to your users.

Ready-for-Distribution App

You’ll receive an APK immediately after creating your wallpaper app. This APK can be uploaded and shared on Google Play and other top digital app stores.


Build a Wallpaper App with Many Features for Free

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Live Wallpapers with HD quality

Your App will support images of various qualities, including Full HD, HD, Ultra HD, and 4K quality. It also supports different formats, including live wallpapers, gifs, and videos.

Large Galleries

Include an extensive gallery of wallpaper-worthy images. You can upload as many pictures as possible.

Editing Tools

Use essential and innovative tools to make your wallpaper very exciting: blurring, cropping, and more.

Online Management

You don’t need to rebuild your APP file to add new wallpapers and organize your wallpaper collections. You can do this on your admin panel.

Push Notifications

Let your users know when you add new wallpaper collections.


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How to Make a Wallpaper App for Android for Free?

Build your custom wallpaper app using the following simple steps

  • 1
    Use the Wallpaper App Template
    Visit AppsGeyser’s official website,, and select the Wallpaper App Template or simply click the “Create App Now.”
  • 2
    Create your Media Collection
    You can use free stock images websites, such as Pixabay, FreePik, Unsplash to create your media collection.
  • 3
    Upload Images and Arrange Them in Various Categories
    Upload the media files and divide them into relevant categories to aid user navigation.
  • 4
    Name your App
    Give your wallpaper app a name. Ensure you include relevant keywords to make your App discoverable by potential users on app markets.
  • 5
    Upload the Icon
    You can either use the default icon provided by AppsGeyser or submit your app logo.
  • 6
    Publish App
    Download your APK and AAB file and publish it on Google Play and other app stores for Android users.

Create A Wallpaper App in less than 10 minutes

You can create a Wallpaper App for Android Users with AppsGeyser. Think out of the box to make your wallpaper app as creative and interesting as possible.

Research various images and collections of various themes and settings, including animals, live wallpapers, sports, and others. However, ensure your images don’t violate Google Play regulations.

Build a wallpaper for Android now.

AppsGeyser - Free Wallpaper App Maker

Make, Download, and Share Custom Wallpaper App for Free

AppsGeyser will help you build an android wallpaper app, making it user-friendly and accessible for everyone. There’s no need to know how to code to use AppsGeyser for your custom wallpaper app. You can explore over 30+ ready-to-use templates with free features you can use to create your Android App.

Why You Should Make a Wallpaper App

Wallpapers significantly contribute to device personalization, mood changes and even boost work productivity. Create a wallpaper app to help people find their desired wallpapers to customize their Android devices with just a few clicks. People now use wallpapers to organize their apps, focus on more important tasks, and enhance the aesthetics of their android devices.



Android Wallpaper Apps Already Created

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a custom wallpaper app for Android?

Use the Wallpaper App Template on AppsGeyser to create a custom Wallpaper App. You can also click on the "Create App Now" button to create your wallpaper app. The whole app creation process takes less than 10 minutes.

Is the wallpaper app free?

It is free to make the wallpaper app with AppsGeyser. You can also purchase premium features when creating your App to enhance the user experience with zero hidden charges.

What do I need to create a wallpaper android app?

You simply need to prepare media content, including backgrounds, images, videos, gifs, icons, and your app name. Select the “Create App Now” to start creating your wallpaper app.

What type of images can I use for my custom Wallpaper App?

Technically, you can upload any type of image in your wallpaper app. However, ensure your images have the best quality, such as Full HD, HD, 4K picture quality. However, ensure your images do not violate Google Play regulations.

Can I monetize my Wallpaper app?

Yes. You can enrol in the monetization program and start displaying banner ads to your users.

Can I add more images or delete them after developing my wallpaper app?

Yes, you can add, delete and replace any media content on your App. Use the "Edit" menu on your Dashboard to make the necessary or desired edits. You can also edit your website app name, icon, description, or design.

How can I upload new images to my custom Wallpaper app?

Login to your wallpaper app admin dashboard to manage your collections online. You do not need to rebuild from scratch or reupload new APK and AAB files on Google Play to upload new images.

What other Android apps can I create on AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser has over 35+ Android App templates for creative app development: games, video streams, websites, guidebooks, YouTube channels, eBooks, Facebook groups, educational apps, messengers, browsers, and more.

Why should I use AppsGeyser App Maker?

AppsGeyser is simple to use and free of charge. To build an app, you need to fill the forms and move with our step-by-step guide. There is no need to understand how drag-and-drop works, no need to pay to get access to your APK file. Everything is free and straightforward.

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