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Get Free Telegram Members

Recently Telegram has approached 500 mln users. It can be easily explained by the most attractive feature of the messengers – privacy and security. Since the main competitor, WhatsApp, is no longer can be considered as a private app, due to sharing all information and dialogues with Facebook, Telegram has seen the greatest boost of new installs. This trend is set to go further and there is no doubt Telegram can beat all competitors in the new future. 

With the growing popularity of Telegram, users can see a new wave of interest towards Telegram channels and groups. Even Telegram has announced its intention to add monetization for public Telegram channels through selling ads. Today the largest Telegram channels already include 5 mln subscribers. Will this number be doubled in the close perspective? Yes, we are sure of that.

The large emergence of new Telegram channels has imposed a new problem – how can you start your Telegram channel and attract first users? Especially if you have no budget, and the competition in your niche is huge. Let’s explore a few opportunities for Telegram channel growth without spending a penny.

11 Ways to Get Telegram Channel Members for Free

1. Manually invite friends

You can add up to 200 members to your Telegram channels from your own contact list. We recommend starting any Telegram channel promotion with this step, just by simply adding subscribers among your friends, colleagues, family members. Once the channel gets more people, your friends can leave your channel if they want. The only disadvantage of this method, as it was mentioned, is the limitation of 200 for users. However, some people won’t even have 200 contacts on Telegram among friends and co-workers. By the way, this limit is not applied to Telegram groups – there you can add any number of members manually.

2. Share an invitation link among friends

Another way to attract more free Telegram channel subscribers is just to ask your friends to share your link with their friends. You can assign a public link to your channel or generate a private one with a unique invitation URL. It may sound invasive for some users, but it’s still a working method. Asking 10 friends to bring another 10 friends each, can give you 100 free members. It’s not a lot if you already have thousands of subscribers. But it’s enough if you are just starting your Telegram channel.

3. Encourage word of mouth

Getting your channel being talked about is not an easy way to attract users, but it’s rewarding. So, how can you encourage people to talk about your Telegram channel? The most simple ways are to create competitions or offer rewards. For example, if you sell premium content in your channel (access to betting tips, for example), you can offer a free subscription for a few months in a contest if they bring the biggest amount of new members. The main idea is to make subscribers share your content among their friends and communities. If you have probably seen a lot of contests on Instagram or Facebook, why not use the same techniques on Telegram? Think of what you could offer to your members as a reward for bringing new free subscribers. 

4. Create viral content

Another way to make people talk about your Telegram channel is to create viral content. Probably it’s the hardest way to get free subscribers, but it can make you popular just in one day. You can look at TikTok where just one short video can make you a celebrity. Of course, Telegram has a different audience and atmosphere, but it is still worth trying. The key to making viral content is being consistent at making original and creative content. You won’t go viral if you just copy-paste the content of other authors. Risk, try new formats, add humor, and be sure, one day it will be appreciated by your Telegram members.

5. Create original content

As was said above, it’s hard to attract new Telegram members by just copy-pasting the content created by other people. You need to offer people something new, something they haven’t seen before. Yes, you may not get viral and don’t get thousands of free subscribers. But one good post can make other people share it with other Telegram users, it’s first. Second, why would new subscribers join your channel if they can find the same content on the larger channel? Yes, the content is the cornerstone: you can either gain new Telegram subscribers for free or lose even existing ones. By providing original content step-by-step you can build a solid community.  

6. Cross-Promote

Once you have an established audience, you can cross-promote your Telegram channel with other owners. It means you can get free promotion in someone’s Telegram channel in exchange for promotion in your channel. One thing to note: you can only cross-promote channels within one size category. If you have only 2000 members in the channel, don’t even hope to get a cross-promotion in the channel with 12000 subscribers. If you look for channels to offer the cross-promo you should target the channels with a similar amount of members. To get better results, you need to think strategically and offer cross-promotion to channels, where you can find your target audience. For example, if you have a Telegram channel about stock trading, it may be a complete waste of time to promote your content in the channel about traveling. You better look for channels related to financial news, economics, crypto, or may be career, education, etc.

7. Get on Telegram catalogs

Being published on online catalogs of Telegram channels is quite easy. And good news, it’s free. Yes, all popular catalog websites are free. You can leave your link on tlgrm, tgstat, telegramlist and other platforms. The main trick here is to create an attractive channel description and post your channel in the right category (avoid posting your channel in crowded categories). This way you can get at least 10 free Telegram subscribers per day.

8. Share a link on Quora

Quora is the main platform for Q&A on the Internet. And it’s more popular than you think. Every week you can find new questions related to Telegram channels, where users ask for advice for channels to join. They can look for specific channels (movies, crypto, betting, etc) or general ones. The key to getting free Telegram members from Quora is to be the first one to post the answer. So, for example, someone is asking for the best channel to find shopping deals and you have such a channel. In your Quora post you need to point out the benefits of shopping Telegram channels and what unique content can you offer. You can even add images and screenshots to make your small advertising more convincing. The most common mistake made by Telegram channel owners is posting just the links to their channels in Quora answers. It looks spammy and doesn’t give any useful information to people surfing on the platform.

9. Share a link on Social Media

Channel promotion shouldn’t stop just within the Telegram platform. Go beyond the messenger and spread information about your Telegram channel on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok. You can share links on your own groups and profiles, on groups created by other people, or even try to get the attention of a small influencer.

10. Spread info in communities

Apart from sharing your Telegram links on Facebook or Instagram, you can join other communities related to the topic of your channel. There are tons of forums dedicated to shopping, trading, crypto, sport, movies, etc. The best strategy is to join them, be active in discussions, and offer people to join your Telegram channel for some unique content. But note, there is a thin line between inviting people to join your Telegram channel and spamming. Speaking of the spamming, there are special channels on Telegram for promotion, where everyone is free to share links to their channels. However, there is a big doubt about the efficiency of this method. These channels are full of spam and are visited mostly by other channel owners. We wouldn’t expect free Telegram members from spam messages across platforms. 

11. Create a video review

Making a video review for a Telegram channel is not a popular way to get free Telegram subscribers. But it’s for sure the most underrated one. YouTube is a great platform for content searching. It’s getting more and more common for users to search for something on YouTube first, before jumping to Google. Strangely, it’s not yet widely used for the promotion of Telegram channels. So, you can be a pioneer of this method. Just record a video – screencast, review, educational speech about the value of Telegram channels in some industries with a smooth invitation to join your Telegram channel.

Other ways to get telegram members


Another option is offering free subscriptions for a shoutout or link-back. This method works best if you already have many followers and want to get more followers. Ask them to share your channel on their social media accounts, preferably with a link to your channel page so they can easily find it again! This method will also help increase engagement because people will be interested in seeing what kind of content you post and why others would like it so much.


If you want to grow your Telegram channel, then it is time to run ad campaigns on your channel. You can create an ad campaign for free in just a few minutes. You can increase the number of subscribers and views on your channel.

You can also use different ads such as the Promoted Post, Video Ads, etc. Choosing the right type of ads according to your target audience is important because this will help you get more subscribers and views on your channel.

1. Use Promoted Posts. This type of ad is perfect for those with a large audience base, and it has been proven that it leads to higher engagement rates than the regular subscription rate. Here are some Ads tips that can help you get more subscribers:

2. Use Video Ads. A video ad will help you reach out to more people as compared to any other form of posting, which may not have been clicked by many people outside your niche or audience base as well as the target market or group of people who are interested in what you are offering or sharing on Twitter or Facebook.


The best way to get free Telegram Subscribers is by writing guest posts on other channels. Guest posting entails making content publications on other people’s websites and blogs. This strategy is used by many bloggers and marketers who want to increase traffic on their websites by sharing content from other sources.

You can also use this strategy to promote your Telegram channel if you have a large audience on other channels and websites. For instance, you have a blog with over 100k subscribers and want to promote your channel. You can write a guest post about how Telegram is better than WhatsApp for those using it as a messenger app or how it helps you stay connected with friends and family worldwide.

Guest posting doesn’t require any extra work from your side — provide some valuable information to the website owner or blogger, and they will publish your post on their website.


The Channel trailer is the first impression of your channel. It provides an overview of your channel, its contents, and its purpose and target audience.


1. Title. The title should be catchy and memorable so that it can easily be searched for on the internet. Channels with good titles get more views and clicks than those with bad titles.

2. Description. The description is where you can tell people about your channel’s format, topics, and how to get started with it. It also includes a link to your telegram channel web where users can find more information about your channel’s contents and services (if applicable).


We have always been Telegram fans and have covered some of the best ways to get Telegram subscribers. So, whenever you are looking for a way to increase telegram subscribers, follow the above steps.

Summing Up

We have explored only 11 ways to get free Telegram channel members, but they are even more. You can use traditional digital marketing strategies for your Telegram channel, because it’s not very different from any other business. But note, getting new subscribers for free is a hard job that needs consistency and creativity. You shouldn’t expect thousands in one day. You need to combine all your efforts to grow the community: create unique and possibly viral content, spread your link online on social media and communities, leverage cross-promotion, and never stop looking for new methods to attract subscribers in your niche. 

Real Telegram Channel Members

However, if you meet difficulty in getting free Telegram members, there is an option to use a paid promotion. Let’s be honest, it can take even years to see 1000 members in your Telegram channel. One of the most popular and effective ways to promote a channel is to buy Telegram followers. This way you get your first Telegram users in the shortest time possible with specific country targeting for a reasonable price. It will save you time and give more chances for strategic growth of the community just by delegating promotional activities to someone outside your business. Learn more about getting real Telegram members in the official Telegram bot by the link below.




Frequently Asked Questions

How to get free Telegram channel members?

To get free Telegram channel members you can add users manually, invite friends of friends, share your link on social media, Quora, online communities, post your channel on Telegram catalogs, create videos, original and viral content, encourage word of mouth.

Can I get Telegram subscribers for free to my group?

Getting Telegram followers to groups is not different from attracting them to channels. You can invite people manually, spread the link on social media and communities, get featured on catalogs, create viral content, etc.

How hard is it to get Telegram channel members for free?

It takes a lot of effort and consistency to grow Telegram channel for free. You can spend a year and still have less than 500 subscribers. Or your content can become viral and you will get thousand of members withing a few days.

Is there a simple way to get free Telegram members?

No, there is not. If you see some advertising about free Telegram subscribers, most likely these users will be low-quality and leave your channel within a short time. Don’t let yourself be scammed or fooled.