Biggest Telegram Channels: How to Get 1 mln Telegram Subscribers

Biggest Telegram Channels

Telegram has only 400 mln monthly active users, but it is already one of the biggest social platforms for sharing content with people. It’s comfortable for millions of users to be able to call and chat with friends, family and get fast access to unique and unmoderated content.  And yeah, sometimes the content is not legal.

it’s hard to tell for sure how many Telegram channels are already created, but the number is no lower than 500k… And there are only over 40 Telegram channels with 1 million subscribers and more. 

The biggest channel at the moment has 6 million members. If you wonder what may attract so many users? In this case – free Hindi movies. Entertainment channels with free content have easily become the most popular among Telegram users. Let’s look at the top 10 Telegram channels in the world.

Top 10 Biggest Telegram Channels

Channel Name Channel Link Subscribers
Bollywood Movies HD Hollywood New @Movies_Hindi_Hollywood_Bollywood 3.9m
HD Print Movies ✔️ AAAAAFJgqXFVNN0pQUKFog 3.5m
Proxy MTProto @ProxyMTProto 2.8m
Movies Temple 🎬 AAAAAE_uY-xy85eefQJJLw 2.3m
🎬 Netflix Movies Telugu Kannada TamilRockers @Netflix_Movies_Telugu_Kannada_Ta 2.2m
NEXTA Live @nexta_live 2.1m
آپـ ــاراتـــ 🎥 @Aparat_Tv 1.8m
MyPoroxy | مای پروکسی @Myporoxy 1.6m

The most popular categories of Telegram channels are:

  • movies;
  • tv series;
  • news;
  • music;
  • humor;
  • education;
  • trading;
  • betting;
  • crypto;
  • Telegram proxy.

Each largest Telegram channel with 500k members belongs to one of these categories. To make your own research of the biggest Telegram channels we advise you to use Tgstat is the largest catalog of channels and groups with open statistics.

How to research big channels on Telegram?

  1. Open
  2. You will automatically see the largest channels with short info: name, link, number of subscribers, growth, post reach, ERR, citation index.
  3. If you want to explore the largest channels on the specific topic (like movies), use Search. 
  4. Click the name of the channel if you want to see more information. You will be redirected to a page with full statistics. There you can do your own research and understand how the channel is promoted, what posts are popular, how often do they post something new, how many people view the posts, etc.

5 Secret Keys to Make your Telegram Channel Big

By a short research of the largest Telegram channels, we can say for sure it’s not an easy thing to bring 1 million users. Let’s look at the essential points from experience of top performers for a channel’s growth. 

  1. Use relevant keywords in the name

If you look at the top Telegram performers, you can see that almost all of them use keywords in the title. Before joining the channel, the user can easily understand what he or she will find there: Netflix movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies in hindi, Proxy addresses etc. It’s good not just for users to make an instant decision if they are interested in pursuing your Telegram channel or not, but to make your channel searchable too. at this moment using popular keywords like “Bollywood movies” won’t get you anywhere. If you put this keyword in the search of Telegram or even Google, you will be able to find only the most popular channels. To get on top, you need to find more unique and rare keywords for your channel. Maybe “French movies Hindi” will get you there? Don’t afraid to go too local. Look for the niche for your Telegram channel! Use Google search, AdWords, other Keywords tools to find something promising. You can learn more about keyword research.

  1. Constant promotional activity in other channels

If you look at least at one of the top channels, you can see how often it’s mentioned by other Telegram channels. For example, Netflix Movies Telugu Kannada TamilRockers Channel has 2269 mentions in the past 30 days! 

How can you get mentioned by other channels?

  • Buy advertising posts – It can cost you from $20 for a few hours publication in a good channel. Sure it will be hard to invest money constantly if your channel doesn’t bring you money yet. But at some point you will have to make it as the big part of your channel promotion. Most admins re-invest up to 60% of their Telegram income to the advertising.
  • Cross-promote with similar Channels – You can reach out admins of similar or not so similar channels and ask for a cross-promotion. Usually it means both of you should have channels of the same size. If you have a channel with 10k members, and the other admin has 70k subscribers, then be ready for a rejection. The cross promotion is a win-win situation for both admins. 
  • Create or join partnerships – You can start a new network of channels with other admins or join existing ones. In this case, channels usually support each other during their Telegram journey by forwarding and posting about each other. This method can be helpful as an additional one for your other tactics of growth. 
  1. Create exclusive and viral content

Posting new content to the channel is another type of art. You need to be the provider of unique and exclusive content. Even if you share movies or news (which are not that unique), you need to be the first one to share it. What’s the point to post links to a new season of Lucifer Netflix after one or two days, when other channels shared it a few minutes after the series were released? What is the point of publishing copy-pasted content from the Internet that everybody probably has seen? To make your content viral and see forwards you need to offer some real value – uniqueness, speed, quality, or something else.

  1. Have a team 

Riding this roller coaster alone and trying to make your channel grow up to 1 mln users all by yourself won’t bring much success. Let’s get this straight – you can’t do all things, perfectly and in time. You will for sure mess somewhere at some point. That’s why all big channels have a team behind them. You can be responsible for advertising and strategic growth, another person for content, another one – for partnerships, etc. In Telegram business, like in any other business, it’s better to delegate some responsibilities to other people. It doesn’t mean you need 10 people in your channels, no. In most cases, it’s enough to have 2-3 admins. The key is here to find truthful people with similar thinking to yours.

  1. Use third-party promotional services

It may sound crazy for you, but most big channels use Telegram members services, it means they buy Telegram members. Different admins do it for different reasons. Some are just willing to grow the channel without effort (let’s admit, mainating in-channel promotions is quite hard if you do it on a constant basis). Some are trying to balance their channels. Let’s talk more about it. A big number of subscribers in the Channel will lead to some problems: channels start losing their members in a big quantity. It happens because some users leave Telegram for good. It takes 1-6 month of inactivity before Telegram deletes these members from the system and from the channels. If you have a channel with over 1 million users, you can lose around 5,000 subscribers daily! Daily! For sure, some admins are not happy about it and they try to maintain some balance in the channel by buying new members. Losing a big amount of members daily can break the credibility of users, if they notice it. Imagine joining a channel with 1 mln users and within a few days it becomes an 800k members channel… How would you feel? Were you tricked into getting  in this channel? Maybe this channel was fake all the way and 1 mln users were never real? To avoid such judgments, admins have to act and maintain the image of the channel with the most subscribers. Or just:


How to get 1 mln subscribers with Buy Members Services?

To get 1 million subscribers for your Telegram channel you should take your Telegram business seriously. For instance, it means you should have a solid content strategy, a team to support you and a constant promotional activity. You won’t reach the target if you choose just one method for your promotion and stick to it. You need to look for new ones, experiment and combine tools. 

One of the most effective and proven ways to get constant growth is to combine classical paid promotion and buying Telegram members. Keep in mind we talk about buying real users, not fake ones or bots. Bots can only worsen your channel performance due to 0 activity. Real ones, on contrary, act like organic users. In the worst case scenario they can be less interested in your content, than organic members, but they will still generate views for you. Real members are usually sourced from unofficial Telegram applications on Google Play. The system allows auto-subscribing people to multiple channels with their consent. If the users subscribed to the channel through that app, if he or she comes back to use the original app – all joined channels will be saved. Real members can’t be targeted by interests, but they can be targeted by geo-location. If you need users from India, it’s not a problem. If you need members for your russian-speaking channel – it’s not a problem as well. The price for members can range from $10 to $30 per 1,000 users.