How to Recover Deleted Data from Android

These days, there are 65% Android users worldwide and everyday people deleting their cherished and expensive data or files. Miserably lots of people think retrieving the data from android is impossible and they let it go. 

But don’t panic because android brings a lot of facilities for recovering deleted data. I will specify how to recover deleted data from android faultlessly in very simple ways. So you can fix this issue without facing any extra effort. 

How to recover deleted data from Android

It seems a worst-case when you accidentally deleted your memorable and precious information from your android. It is a downhearted moment for everyone when we already lost them and can’t do anything. 

Fortunately, there have some easy and extraordinary ways to recover the data from android. Now you may be wondering how you can do that.

There are many ways to recover deleted data, such as via android apps, taking data recovery service, recycling bin, cloud backup, and more. Indeed, all are pretty efficient and works magnificently. 

You can choose any type of method whatever you feel comfortable or check for a clear vision. Let’s talk about the techniques with more specific and clarify what the exact process is.

Top 4 android app to recover deleted data  

For recovering deleted data, google play store already has some great useful android apps. Not only can these apps help you to recover your deleted data but also they will secure them. 

You shouldn’t use all four apps in one time instead only one app is enough for recovering your data. If one app doesn’t work for you, then you can install another one.

Dumpster Image Video Restore

When you accidentally deleted important items like images and videos. You can usee the dumpster for recovering all data very effortlessly. Usually, dumpster promises one chance to whenever you deleted something from your android phone. 

Also, it will provide you one chance for APK and other document files. When you click the dumpster restoring button, it will renovate that file.

GT Recovery – Undelete, Restore

Talk about the most effective recovery system for android phone is GT recovery android apps. Basically, this app will scan your device and find out the deleted files with AT, EXT3, EXT4 format systems. 

This app can recover the massive files like MP3, MP4, PDF, DOC(X), AVI, MPG, APK, EXE, PPT(X), EXCEL(X), JPG, MOV, WAV, ZIP, RAR, GZIP, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats. Interestingly, you don’t have to spend a penny for using this fabulous recovering app.

Undeleter Recover Files Data

This undeletes a very special app to recover the deleted data. It can recover those important files that other apps can’t do. You can get this app from the Google play store without spending any money (Free). When you start this app it will scan your internal and SD card utterly and find out the deleted file data.

Recycle Bin

We both have a basic idea about recycling bin on the desktop, but the android phone literally does not come with a recycling bin. For instance, you have to install it from the play store. Whatever file you had been deleted recycling bin will store that file. That means you can recover it whenever you want. 

You have to scan the media and no media folder with “More by RYO software” for recovering purposes. After that, it will deliver you the exact deleted files list.

Other methods you can use for the recover

Not only the android app is the solution of recovering deleted data from android but also there have countless alternative ways to recover them. These are actually alternatives methods when you realize apps can’t recover your lost file.

Android data recovery service

Well, android data recovery service, you should at the last level of trying. The reason is, this service is a little bit costly to have. You can go to any local phone shop or other recovery service shop that provides these services. They will apply some code and recover your missing file. For taking this service, you need to spend 5-20$.

Cloud backup checking

A free and convenient way to recover deleted Android files is cloud backup. Nowadays, every single android phone has a cloud backup option. When your Wi-Fi or data is switched, one cloud backup will restore all files data so you can restore them anytime while facing issues.

File restoration

This is another costly way you can use for recovering the deleted files. You will also get this service provider near your mobile shop. Unfortunately, if you have the original and small-sized files, only those could be retrieved.

Android recovery app for pc

Microsoft and android jointly create an app. With that, you can connect your whole mobile with your pc. In fact, your pc will have all the data on your android phone. 

That app name is “YOUR PHONE COMPANION”. Also, you can link up your Pc with your phone with this awesome app. Just set the app on both pc and the mobile side that is it.

Retrieving Whatsapp photos

Like not others, but Whatsapp has their own backup system. Whenever you enter any documents, images, videos, it will restore them on its own database. It doesn’t matter you deleted it or not. You can retrieve your files whenever you want.

Contacting the developer

Particularly, this is the last way to retrieve your deleted data from your android phone. Your android branded developer always keeps your data as a very secure format. So, if you already deleted your data and didn’t find any proper way to fix this issue, you can take help with contacting the android developer.


So, recovering the deleted data from android isn’t tough stuff to do. It’s very simple and there have multiple ways to bring back your complicated or essential files. I hope you understand all the methods and how to use them with your android phone.