GelatoConnect’s Unveiling at Drupa 2024 and Its Implications for Businesses

Drupa 2024, a renowned trade fair showcasing print and cross-media solutions, is set to be a landmark event for businesses spanning various sectors. It serves as a go-to platform for companies to display their innovations, connect with industry professionals, and engage with clients. Among the standout participants is GelatoConnect, which has chosen Drupa 2024 to introduce its cutting-edge printing technology advancements. In this article, we will explore GelatoConnect’s involvement at Drupa 2024 and its impact on businesses.

1. Revealing Revolutionary Printing Innovations

As businesses all over the world get ready for GelatoConnect at Drupa 2024, the anticipation surrounding its presence at the event stems from its reputation as a trailblazer in printing technology. By pushing the boundaries of print solutions, GelatoConnect has earned the trust of enterprises seeking methods to enhance their operations.

2. Streamlining Print Operations

A distinguishing factor of GelatoConnect is its emphasis on simplifying print logistics compared to competitors. Leveraging software solutions, it has established a network of local printers worldwide, allowing businesses seamless access to a global print infrastructure.

3. Printing to Anywhere

GelatoConnect introduces the concept of “anywhere to anywhere” printing, enabling businesses to enjoy fast turnaround times and cost savings by avoiding expenses linked to shipping and transporting printed materials across borders. The user-friendly online platform provided by GelatoConnect allows customers to conveniently choose printers located closest to their desired destination without compromising on print quality.

4. Automation for Accessibility

Automation plays a key role in helping businesses optimize their operations and enhance efficiency across all departments. GelatoConnect understands this necessity and strives to offer accessible printing solutions by incorporating advanced automation features into its platform. By enhancing file processing speeds and providing real-time print cost estimates, GelatoConnect’s automation tools empower businesses to make decisions with insights during the print procurement process. This approach ultimately results in increased productivity and faster project completion times.

5. Environmental Awareness

In today’s business landscape, sustainable practices are more important than ever. GelatoConnect acknowledges this significance and ensures that its printing processes adhere to sustainability standards. Through the selection of printers committed to eco-friendly practices, GelatoConnect enables businesses to reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional printing methods. By choosing sustainable options, companies can contribute towards preserving the environment while still meeting their operational needs.

6. Reimagining Efficiency in the Supply Chain

Traditional supply chains for the print industry have been known to be intricate and costly for businesses, especially when operating on a large scale. Nevertheless, GelatoConnect has introduced groundbreaking solutions that tackle these challenges by transforming how printing procurement is managed. By utilizing a network of print partners across the globe, GelatoConnect has successfully established an array of production facilities capable of fulfilling orders promptly. This approach leads to shorter shipping times and reduced costs related to freight handling, enabling businesses to enhance their efficiency levels and significantly boost their speed-to-market strategies.

7. Advanced Customization and Personalization

Apart from the advantages mentioned earlier, GelatoConnect’s participation at Drupa 2024 opens up avenues for advanced customization and personalization in print services. Acknowledging the growing need for tailored marketing materials and personalized communications, GelatoConnect has developed tools that enable businesses to craft prints on a scale. Through integration with customer relationship management systems (CRMs) and cutting-edge variable data printing capabilities, GelatoConnect empowers businesses to merge customer data with customized designs to create targeted campaigns. This personalized approach not only enhances customer experience but also drives improved conversion rates and fosters brand loyalty.


The debut of GelatoConnect at Drupa 2024 marks a major stride in revolutionizing print logistics for businesses. Their innovative approach and dedication to making operations efficient present significant advantages, including greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness, eco-consciousness, enhanced automation, and better supply chain performance. In today’s business landscape, where the ability to adapt and innovate is key to success, it is essential for companies to embrace groundbreaking solutions like those provided by GelatoConnect. The upcoming Drupa 2024 event not only promises excitement for stakeholders but also beckons businesses from various sectors to explore new opportunities that can transform their printing processes for the better.